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February 2018
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 Villian/Raidboss: Freya Gunsche

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Ume Kawakami

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PostSubject: Villian/Raidboss: Freya Gunsche   Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:52 pm

Freya Gunsche]

SL Username: Freya Kanashimi
SL Display Name: Freya Gunsche
Character Name: Freya Gunsche
Age: 85 (Looks 19-20)
Race: Wasp Fae
Origin: New Berlin
Occupation: Member of the Gunsche family of assassins, bounty hunters, and mercenaries. Freya specifically is an assassin, currently on contract to the Blue Skulls.
Affiliation: Blue Skulls


Personality: Raging Asshole
Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • Highly Intelligent, particularly when it comes to Tech.
  • All about efficiency.
  • Decent artist in terms of presentation, theatrics, and the like.
  • ----

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • Greedy
  • Money driven (she will do just about anything for the right price)
  • Fairly two faced, sometimes literally.
  • Delights in slaughter and collateral damage.


  • Money!
  • Dogs (or parts of their anatomy at least)
  • Lasers and explosions.
  • Vodka


  • Bills
  • Rain
  • Mages
  • Flak/AA


  • Inventing new and sadistic weaponry
  • Meeting new and unusual species, and fucking them.
  • Being an asshole. (Sexism, racism, general douchbaggery)
  • Hate crimes.

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • About 60% Cybernetic.
  • Enjoys Techno music.
  • Enjoys Beastiality.
  • Enjoys high places such as roofs.

Hit (in conversation):

  • Lucky Boots
  • Money
  • Guns
  • Fire

Miss (in conversation):

  • Shock weapons
  • Rain
  • Family
  • Humans

Possible Drops when Defeated:

  • Assorted mesh pistols.
  • Assorted mesh knives.
  • Assorted clothing/armor.
  • Jewelry
  • Explosives
  • Robotics and Cybernetics

Sexual Orientation: Dicksexual? Not sure what to say here, basicly anything with a penis, including dogs and random animals.

Personal Inventory:

  • IEDs
  • Twin Pistols
  • Assorted Gear drops.
  • Assorted robotics


Combat Abilities:
Freya uses twin laser pistols in a way that mixes hand to hand and shooting. The pistols shoot high powered beams capable of striking out to 20 meters. Freya can use these pistols in the following ways. She can make two separate attacks, one with each pistol, if she uses both pistols to attack the same person, damage DOES NOT stack.

Pistol Whip:
Pretty much what it sounds like, she can smack people around with her pistols in melee range. This also applies to hand to hand
Damage: Moderate
Damage Type: Blunt, Physical

Freya can use her pistols to parry incoming melee blows that would deal Major damage or less.
Cooldown: 1 round

Standard shot:
Fires the laser pistols, self explanatory, does moderate damage
Damage: Moderate
Damage Type: Energy, Thermal, Non-physical

Overcharge Shot:
Freya charges her pistols to fire one extremely powerful shot from each pistol.
Damage: Heavy
Cooldown: 1 round

Bouncing Betty or Claymore:
Places an anti personnel landmine.
Aoe: 3 SL meters (Total area 6 meters)
Damage: Heavy
Ammo: 3

Wasp Wings:
Can be used out of combat for high speed flight. Or along the ground, mostly as a way to boost her travel speed, allowing freya to act as soft of an interceptor. In combat it can be used for hasty retreats, fast dodges, or simply kiting. She can use this to cling to the sides of buildings as well.

As a Rigger Freya is able to take direct control of her drone . The drone can be used as a scout to find people she's currently hunting. The drone has night vision and thermals. It carries two missiles. The drone can take 1 Major, 2 Moderates, or 4 minors before it is destroyed, electrical damage does double to it.
Drone Ability: J.E.S.T.E.R. HE Missile
Obtained through criminal connections, the J.E.S.T.E.R. Missile is a dumb fire direct support missile. It explodes on impact.
Damage: Major
Damage Type: Explosive
AOE: 3 SL Meters (From point of impact, total diameter is 6)
Cooldown: 1 Round
Total Ammo: 4

Combat weaknesses:
Dump Shock:
If Freya’s drone is destroyed, she goes into dump shock, because she is mind linked to it. This lasts for a few hours, and so all cooldowns are doubled for freya, and she can no longer fly.

Weakness to magic:
Freya's lack of understanding of magical things has grown into a full on weakness... all spells in general are more effective on freya, this can include anything from destructive magic to charm spells. (+1 level of damage from any magic sources, ooc consent abilities always succeed)

Short Circuit
Freya has a huge amount of cybernetic enhancements, electrical attacks cause her to suffer an almost EMP effect if hit. (Drone is stunned for 2 turns when freya is hit with electrical attacks. And +1 Damage from electrical attacks)

Scattershot/High impact:
Scattershot or high impact weapons or abilities can knock her out of the air, or off the side of buildings, this generally results in fall damage which scales with the height she falls from.


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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Villian/Raidboss: Freya Gunsche   Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:06 pm

We worked through ehr together! You got this! ♥
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Villian/Raidboss: Freya Gunsche
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