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February 2018
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 Sidera Cruor - The Lost Queen

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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Sidera Cruor - The Lost Queen   Fri Dec 16, 2016 12:02 pm

OOC Info
SL Username: AmaiOkami Resident
SL Display Name: Amai Fade

Character Info

Name: Sidera Cruor
Age: 2670
Gender: Female
Race: Alien
Species: Sugiuran
Origin: Realm of Sugiura
Occupation: Head Nurse at Hajime City Hospital, Advisor of the Nagiyaka Shogunate
Affiliation: Nagiyaka, Hajime City, Hajime City Medical and Nagiyaka Shogunate


Character Story
WARNING: It’s Long



Positive Traits:

  • Protective:If it wasn't obvious enough, Sidera claims someone as her own and from there will work her hardest to protect and take care of them. They are spoiled, practically, by the Sugiuran queen. Her mindset is that of any pack-driven animal, in this case. Her pack is her life line as she is theirs and thus she must protect them.
  • Nurturing: Another trait of Sidera'a that is incredibly hard for others to see besides her sister and their companions is her maternal instinct themselves. She works hardest for the sake of being the mother-figure that herself and her sister never were able to keep. Thus, she take on the role of the hunter, the protector and overall, the Den Mother of her small pack.
  • Peace Keeper: Though many wouldn't expect such to be true, Sidera merely wishes for peace for herself and her small pack. She wants there to be no worries for any of them even as they live their lives in such a chaotic state. While many would see it as odd, Sidera is quick to speak and fix a situation as it gets out of hand before actually grabbing something to slit the opponent's throat.

Negative Traits:

  • Survivalist: Primal and very instinctual, Sindera acts and reacts based on what is best the survival of herself and her younger sister. She will often make decisions that seem spontaneous or even reckless but in the moment, they seem best suited for the sake of her and her sister coming out on top and getting the things that they need. With this includes the manipulation of others as well as poking around in the minds of others, attempting to figure out how to best reply and shift situations for her to get exactly what she needs or wants.
  • Self-Satisfaction: Though she is out to protect her loved once, of course, Sidera needs to come first. If she is out always putting herself on the line to get hurt or caught, she needs to get something out of it. With being someone as playful and flirtatious as she is, Sidera will always taunt, tug and play with her food only because it makes her more excited or because it fills her up. When it come to meals, she will always make sure she has enough for her own fill before hunting for her sister. After all, her sister is the glutton and it takes more to feed her anyway. Sexually, there is always something to hunt for. Sidera is never completely satisfied and will always go out of her way to fill her desires for just about anything.
  • Lustful: One of the most primal instincts of any being is the urge to reproduce. However, Sidera isn't interested in children. They just take up resources. Thus, she just enjoys the taunting of others with her body, and if they are seen as 'Properly Trained' then maybe they will have the pleasure to lay in her bed.
  • Deceitful: Everyone is a resource. This remains true for every individual which encounters Sidera, though it will always seem otherwise. The young woman is good at showing one thing but meaning another almost entirely. She plays sweet, kind, playful and innocent to gain the attraction she needs, luring men and women into false securities and tugging at their temptations until they realize they have walked into their doom. Sometimes, they don't even get to realize such.


  • ----Eating
  • ----Self Satisfaction
  • ----Meeting New People
  • ----The Smell of Unknown Races
  • ----Making New Chevalier


  • ----Sewing
  • ----Hunting
  • ----Teasing
  • ----Eating


  • ----Races Deemed as Dumb
  • ----Ignorance
  • ----Rudeness
  • ----Lack of Attentiveness
  • ----Insubordination

Facts and Quirks:

  • ----Loves Sweets {Especially Strawberry Sweets!}
  • ----Speaks Many languages including Latin, French, German, Russian, Abyssal, Aquan, Draconic, Sylvan [Language of nature], English, Japanese, Traditional Japanese, Japanese Sign Language, American Sign Language, Mongolian, Spanish, and Gaelic.
  • ----Snacks a LOT throughout the day
  • ----LOVES Golden Eyes [Due to Upbringing]
  • ----Fawns over Heterochromia [Due to Upbringing]


Personal Effects

Personal Inventory:

  • ----Cell Phone
  • ----Nail File
  • ----Change of clothes {In Bag}
  • ----Shampoo and Perfume {In Bag}

Personal Property:
(What items do you have locked away at home or somewhere else?)

Specialized Equipment:

  • ----Sacred Weapon - Lora Rubra: From time to time as a small child, Sidera's mother would find the small child wrapped in thing red string which seemed very soft and delicate but it took untying the child slowly rather than cutting the string to get the small girl out. This was Sidera's sacred weapon, they later realized. The thin red strings seem almost invisible to the naked eye due to just how thin they are. However, their strength can be compared to that of Adamantium. If one is cut by these flowing strings, they'll quickly find themselves taking a strong dosage of Prolicio Prolixi. This Strong Dosage being 20% but will not take effect until AFTER battle due to the high level of adrenaline in the individual at the time. [Unless someone wants to RP the battle turning due to the strings]
    Damage Type: Slashing and Piercing
    Damage: Moderate
    Special Effect: 20% Prolixi Injected into those Slashed or Pierced



Racial Abilities:
Tier 5 - Universal
Aliens, being not from this planet, are gifted with knowledge of the Universal tongue which allowed for trade across the galaxy. Due to this they are able to process and learn other languages with ease as well as Speak and understand the Universal Tongue with ease.

Tier 4 - None

Tier 3 - None

Tier 2 - None

Non-Combat Abilities:
Gift of The Chevalier
Sidera, like any other Sugiuran, is able to create individuals which are able to protect her. In order to get to this point, however, there are multiple prerequisites:

  1. Must, of their own will, ask to serve as the Sugiuran's Protector
  2. Have a strong Bond to the Sugiuran that is NOT due to the Prolixi.
  3. Must have Sugiuran's Absolute trust
  4. Must take in the Sugiuran's blood at the time of acceptance
  5. Must be at 100% with Prolixi at the time of acceptance

Once all of these prerequisites are met, the Sugiuran can connect the bond in their way of choosing but it must be of physical contact with the soon to be Chevalier. Chevalier, once made, get the following perks:

  1. Protective Force:
  2. Gift of Life:
  3. Brutality

As one of Sidera's Chevalier, due to her being of the Royal Family, Chevalier get the following:

With becoming a Chevalier, there are draw backs, as listed below:

  1. Forever to Serve:

Combat Abilities:  
[Passive]Prolicio Prolixi: With her constant desire to protect and feed her loved ones, Sidera quickly began developing her unique abilities. Most effectively passed through liquids [including blood, tears, saliva, sweat, et-cetera] Sidera passes on small particles, almost naked to the natural human eye, which slowly enters the pores of a being. Unfortunately, these small particles do not live long outside of the human body and thus transfer best in liquid for the sake of protection. As the particles enter the target's being, they will aim to reach the blood stream and travel peacefully through the blood stream.

As these particles travel through the blood stream, they are recognized by the body as a type of lymphocyte or white blood cell, like t-cells. With the more contact an individual makes with Sidera, the more Prolicio Prolix will enter their form and slowly begin entering their mind. Once there, the Prolicio Prolix begins doing what it does best, continues to protect the body at which it is originally from. With such, the person who is infected will begin wishing to do the same as the particle increases adrenaline and slowly begins fluctuating the emotions of the individual which is infected. This will slowly bring the individual to wish to protect Sidera and soon, even her desires with the more powerful she becomes.

Prolicio Prolixi will not completely force someone into submission, especially if it is weakened by other sources of viruses which eat away at them or extreme levels of heat, like any other bodily virus. It is not possible to destroy the prolixi just via heat as one needs to heat the spores to 275 degrees Celsius [500 degrees Fahrenheit] in order to finally do damage to its core and destroy it entirely. Anything below will slow it's process in getting to the mind

Different actions which Sidera does will have different levels of potency which enter the body.
At base:
Standing Near Her [10M] is 1% per three rounds [Full rotations]
Holding hands is 3% per three rounds [Full rotations]
Kissing is 5% per round [Full rotation]
***For these Three:***
If the person she is Standing Near, Holding Hands with or Kissing has open wounds, they take double the percent for that rotation.

Strings are 20% potency upon causing blood to spill and entering the blood stream. [Instant]
Taking a small bite or small drink of Sidera's blood is 30%
Taking a medium bite or medium drink of Sidera's blood is 40%
Taking a large bite or large drinks of Sidera's blood are 50%

Effects of Prolicio Prolixi on an individual is based on the percent they are infected at during the scene:
5% = "She's kinda pretty"
10% = "Okay so yeah... She's pretty"
15% = "Can I just... Get closer?"
20% = "I want to touch her."
25% = "Maybe I can hold her hand" -Major milestone, Strong Desire for Physical Contact
50% = "I want to kiss her." - Major Milestone, Romantic Yearnings Strengthened.
75% = "Im going to kiss her and touch her all over." -Major milestone, Strong Desire for Constant Contact
90% = "Yes Ma'am..." -Emotions Equal to Falling in Love
100% = "Anything you say, Lady Cruor." -Absolute Devotion to Sidera

Anyone who reaches 100% Potency level of Prolicio Prolixi in their being reaches a state of obedience to their new master, Sidera. Those of a higher will/tier than her will remain in the thread to fight along side her until 7 posts have passed. Those of lower will/tier will remain by Sidera's side until the end of the thread/topic. [This is, of course, OOC Consent]

To Serve and Protect:
Sidera is very adept in protection and healing magic. In doing such she uses her prolixi to either heal or make the shield which exists in the person or from her own self, causing a large drain of her being. All spells must use incantation if there is one present.


The Tempted Protector - Sedari Cruor:
Sidera's mind, after the battle of the Black Moon, has been split in two. Sidera Cruor being the main holder of the body, the original whom tries her best. Then there is Sedari Cruor, the added influence whose being and soul bound itself to Sidera's body since it was almost the exact same as her original. The two remaining at odds causes quite the difference between skills. Not only does Sidera's physical attributes change, as her eyes turn a bright blue, but her accessible skills change.

Protected Creature
Only available when as Sedari *The Tempted Protector) Gets a damage mitigation of +1 tier. Meaning, instead of taking +2 tiers extra damage, she'll only take +1. However, her physical attacks strike for a minor each, instead of a moderate. She loses the ability to use her prolixi strings as a weapon and instead has to focus on hand-to-hand or used the strings to tie up her target.



Racial Weakness:
Primitive Technology: Aliens are not used to the simplistic technology of Humans and thus are both unable to use it as well as avoid it due to pride. If they do happen to use a Human’s weapon [Anything that is not Plasma or Laser based], they will not be able to use it proficiently and the damage goes down by 1 tier.

Combat Weaknesses:
Glass Cannon: Sidera is VERY weak, physically. She is not able to to protect herself besides her magic and thus isn't able to take much. She is the existence of a Glass Cannon. Strong attacks but very frail in body. Anyone to hit Sidera will cause her to take +2 tiers of damage, meaning a Minor will hit her for a Heavy.

Piece of "Cake": Nicknames with the word 'cake' cause a strong spike or irritation from Sidera and Sedari. Neither of them liking such in the slightest and thus causing a quick reflex to snap towards whomever does such. Normally, by attempting to take a bite out of them. "If I am just a piece of cake then you're just a piece of meat to me."

To a Fault: Being so protective, Sidera is UNABLE to stop herself from caring for anyone that has been infused with 50% prolixi. She is compelled to take care of them, no matter if they are good or bad or have tried to hurt her for she begins to see them as part of herself.

Irresistible: Golden eyes and Heterchromia are both signs of divine beings for Sidera and her people. Golden eyes are direct Divine bloodlines and Heterochromic individuals are messengers of such and thus she is compelled to get closer to them. She cannot help but wish to keep them and be near them. Even if they physically hurt her, she will NOT strike them. Ever.

Split in Two: Sidera has two major mentalities. The Nurturing Temptress and the Tempted Protector. If she is in the state of Nurturing Temptress she CANNOT use ANY of her Serve and Protect skills, meaning No healing magic or shielding spells. She can only use all of such when in Tempted Protector mode.

Unmending: Sidera cannot heal herself with her magic and prolixi at all! In order for her spells to work, they require the burning of prolixi which fully builds her being. Meaning, to do such, she'd have burn her own insides to heal something else. In other words, she'd not be healing at all thus she can't heal herself.

Tether to the Past: Sidera's Tethers, her Lora Rubra, are a very strong tether to herself and anyone that could ever become bound to her. Because of this, she's unable to forget those who have ever become her chevalier or what she had done to hurt them in any way. She remembers every death of theirs and is plagued by such. Due to this anyone that is a recently made Chevalier cannot be hurt by her in any way. She is not able to strike them. Anyone that resembles a past Chevalier, has Golden eyes or Heterochromia will also all not be able to be hurt by Sidera.
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Sidera Cruor - The Lost Queen
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