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February 2018
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 Taiga Aizawa [W.I.P.]

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PostSubject: Taiga Aizawa [W.I.P.]   Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:13 pm

[Taiga Aizawa]

SL Username: Seiryuu Savira
SL Display Name: Hayden Tachibana
Character Name: Taiga Aizawa
Age: 19
Race: Human
Origin: Hajime
Occupation: (Your character’s job via backstory or even acquired in Hajime. Try to be semi-specific. Example: Don't put 'Business Man'. Try "Corporate member of [Enter company name]" or not just Scientist but "Bio-engineer")
Affiliation: The Blue Skulls

Personality: (this is the only part that NEEDS to be filled out in this entire section, the rest id there because we feel it would help with your development of the character.)
Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • Hand To Hand Combat -Ever sense Taiga was a child he was always finding ways to get into fights which eventually got him a one way ticket to the delinquent school known as Sozen. During his years at Sozen he was no stranger to a fight.
  • Driving - While away from school Taiga was partial to drifting finding the style of driving as freeing and transcending compared to normal movements.
  • Firearms - Taiga always put personal growth first and knowing his path would take him into the life of crime he spent a good amount of his free time working on his accuracy.
  • Constitution - Having spent so many of his days completely bloodied and broken from constant fighting his resilience his through the roof.

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • Extreme Thalassophobia
  • Lung Complications
  • Damaged Right Leg Tendons


  • Those Who Are Strong
  • Cars
  • Racing
  • Brawling


  • Those Who Are Spineless
  • Conversing
  • Being Stared At
  • Large Bodies Of Water


  • Working On Bikes And Or Cars
  • Shooting Range
  • Sex
  • Working Out At The Gym

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • Taiga Founded The Sozen Faction, Front of Seiha During His Freshmen Year
  • Hates The Direction The Blue Skulls Have Taken Over The Years
  • Actually Respects Order Over Anarchy
  • ----

Sexual Orientation: Strait With Suppressed Bi Sexuality  

Personal Inventory:

  • Butterfly Knife
  • Wallet
  • Cell Phone
  • Pack Of Cigarettes
  • Car Keys
  • 625-8 .45 ACP REVOLVER STAINLESS 6 SHOT (Pending)


Combat Abilities: None As Of Yet

Combat weaknesses: Human Weaknesses


Character Backstory: Taiga Aizawa has just graduated from Sozen a all-Boys High School, an institution infamous for its population of violent delinquents. It's reputation even roars in other prefectures as scouting grounds for well established syndicates and gangs. For generations The Blue Skulls scouted potential youth from within Sozen watching carefully as they raise through the grades and once graduated they offered worthy students a place within their ranks. Usually Sozen is divided into many factions which over the years have included Taiga's very own Front of Seiha. Sozen All Boys High School's history is filled with fighting, internally and externally, spanning over generations it has a reputation as the ultimate delinquent school with only the worst of the worst entering their freshmen year and only the strongest of the strong sitting at it's top. It was also infamous for never having a single man rule the entire school, always having multiple faction heads at a time who tend to war with each other for control. Taiga Aizawa like many others joined Sozen as a fearsome freshmen and within that very same year began challenging and recruiting the schools strongest fighters to form a new faction by the name of Front of Seiha. Taiga was determined to conquer the school for his own reputation by any means and had no interest in uniting the schools many factions under one flag. This was ultimately his downfall during his senior year. His lack of interest in anything other then becoming king of fighters made his subordinates weary and hesitant thus when it came time to take out the schools last faction Taiga was overwhelmed and defeated before graduation. This of course was a major blow to his pride but he knew that during his years in Sozen his talents were being recognized by gangs such as the Blue Skulls and sure enough Taiga was taken in to start his adult life in Hajime's growing crime syndicate and hence given another chance to rise to power once again. Though Taiga always had aspirations to join the Blue Skulls he would soon come to resent the change brought on by The Blue United Trust and Tristan's Aggro Tech finding the whole thing to be too organized for his tastes thus Taiga stuck to the darker channels of TBS while secretly loathing members who become consumed by corporate greed.
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Taiga Aizawa [W.I.P.]
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