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February 2018
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 Abigail Greycloak

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PostSubject: Abigail Greycloak   Wed Dec 28, 2016 5:09 pm

[Abigail Greycloak]

SL Username: Crystalee Rhapsody
SL Display Name: Crystalee Rhapsody
Character Name: Abigail Greycloak
Age: 19 (Must be 18 and older, or race equivalent of 18+)
Race: 3/4 kitsune, 1/4 vampire (mutt)
Origin: Isolated forest cottage
Occupation: Hooligan  (dabbles in extortion and blackmail)
Affiliation: Yokai


Personality: Curious, aggressive alone, shy in groups. tends to seek out those who are alone
Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • ----Independent
  • ----Curious
  • ----Cheerful
  • ----Loyal

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • ----Greedy
  • ----Disrespectful
  • ----Picky
  • ----Unreliable


  • ----Chocolate and coffee
  • ----Magic
  • ----Family
  • ----Books and games
  • ----The blood and tears of those she's brought to their knees


  • ----Crowds/lots of people
  • ----Spicy things
  • ----over serious people who can't take jokes
  • ----Unnecessary physical activity


  • ----Reading/gaming
  • ----Graffiti'ing things.
  • ----Knitting
  • ----Hunting
  • ----Shoplifting

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • ----Mercurial
  • ----Inexperienced
  • ----Easily Swayed with the right treatment
  • ----tends to not care about someone's physical appearance

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Personal Inventory:

  • ----Some laces she found in her pocket.
  • ----likely a chocolate bar
  • ----piece of cloth


Combat Abilities:
able to detect and visualize magical aura's (requires OOC consent, obviously.)

minor transformation magic (simple objects to simple objects, any weapon created using this does at most minor damage, has learned to  small physical changes to a person) but only temporarily (1-2 hours), and requires physical contact and consent.

minor illusion magic: limited to a static object 5m by 5m by 5m Or two humanoid creatures that can move and talk, requires constant concentration (dispels when concentration is lost, or the illusion is interacted with, or if she leaves 15 meters), allows for projection of an image and sound that is intangible, up to 5m by 5m by 5m in dimensions at a range of up to 15 meters from her. has no affect on anyone who can use a visual sense other than standard light, shows up as magical to anyone capable of aura's.. has no physical presence, can be walked straight through.

Foxfire/frostfire: magical fire (Moderate damage, 10m range) that unlike most kitsune's isn't really fire, a cold fire, able to freeze targets... imbued with unholy magic due to her lineage and affinity. (does not freeze target solid unless prolonged exposure (2 rounds))

Cold body: (cold damage scaled down by one level, double damage from heat) her body temperature is naturally colder than a human or normal kitsune's. she's not room temperature like undead, but cold doesn't bother her at all, until around -50c.. below that her body will start to freeze up like anyone elses.

Fox Form: can turn into a fox, looks like a black fox with dark blue markings, has no real advantageous attributes other than she can move faster, and fit in small places.. no opposable thumbs, so holding things requires oral work

Combat weaknesses:

Bloodlust, Isolde's vampire lineage makes her yearn for blood, she's gotten over the cravings for the most part, but any sight or smell of it makes her want it, crave it to the point where she can't think of anything else, cast magic, or even look away from it immediately she doesn't require it for sustenance, but the cravings are real

Light Sensitivity: Can only cast 1 spell in direct sunlight before needing to go someplace dark and 'recharge' for at least two rounds, where she'd have access to all of her magic again

Cold Body: her body temperature is naturally colder than normal, meaning that high temperatures, even a hot coffee are enough to scald and burn her. she can mitigate this with occasional applications of her frostfire to her body or the offending object. (double damage from heat based attacks)

Light Magic, Holy Magic, Lightning Magic, Fire Magic all affect her doubly due to her lineage


Character Backstory: Abigail is the product of an unlikely pairing between a kitsune (Alex Greycloak) and a half vampire kitsune (Isolde), she spent much of her life in a protected and specially enchanted home, mostly reading manga, watching tv, anime, reading novels, magical theory, she's entirely home schooled, but her curriculum was surprisingly diverse, she's got a knowledge level of at least first year college in most subjects, and has read a lot of fiction (mostly sci-fi and fantasy, but some crime, romance, manga..) she knows how people are SUPPOSED to act, but she doesn't quite understand why and tends to mess things up. she enjoys getting close to people, physical contact, hugs, kisses, cuddles, are all something she's used too as a matter of course, so she doesn't mind. she came to Hajime city at her mothers insistence.. she's interested to see what sort of place she can make of HC for herself..
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Abigail Greycloak   Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:49 am

♥♥♥ Oh man~ Isolde Baby~ Welp... This should be fun! Welcome to Hajime! ♥♥♥
Tier 5 - Health Pool: 1 Heavy
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Abigail Greycloak   Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:40 am

GUESS WHAT! There was an update! Go ahead and just change up your sheet according to the new format listed Here! Best of luck! Hope to approve soon! Just respond below to let us know you're ready to be checked!

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PostSubject: Re: Abigail Greycloak   

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Abigail Greycloak
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