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February 2018
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 Character Sheet: Boudicca

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PostSubject: Character Sheet: Boudicca    Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:28 pm


SL Username: thezydratezombie
SL Display Name: MeeloMalware
Character Name: Boudicca
Age: 2001, looks to be 20
Race: Autumn Fae
Origin: Mid European region (earth)
Occupation: Trades goods and/or services, mainly reagents and trinkets. Performs ritual magics for clients.
Affiliation: Yokai


Boudicca dislikes boasters, braggarts, and babblers. Meanness, rudeness, and selfishness are unpopular with her, as is slovenliness, cheating, ill-temper, and bad manners. Gloominess is shunned, and to thank her for a gift is a breach of etiquette. However, the worst crime of all is to infringe on her privacy. She hates anyone who betrays her secrets (like her true name), and she also hates inquisitive people who spy on her.

Boudicca expects people to be generous and fair in their dealings, and to keep their promises. Truthfulness in word and deed, and gentle, courteous manners are all esteemed, as is readiness to perform an act of kindness to others, such as feeding a stranger, lending a coat, or offering directions. She prefers people to give straightforward answers to straightforward questions, and she expects appreciation for the gifts they bestow. Open, loving, free people are dear to her, and she cherishes merriment, cheerfulness, celebration, and good fellowship.
This does not mean she expects the same of herself, or to other fae.
Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • Find
  • out
  • via
  • RP Smile

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • Find
  • out
  • via
  • RP Smile


  • Clever gifts
  • Clever people
  • Purity in others


  • See
  • the
  • personality
  • section


  • Brewing
  • Alchemy

Sexual Orientation: All over the place

Personal Inventory:

  • Belt with a front pouch
  • Empty vials
  • Shrine Badge (Trophy from another land)
  • Necklace with several shards of red, glowing crystals (Trophy)


Combat Abilities:
You Roll a 1-
Quick Stats:
Damage Rank: Heavy, cannot be resisted or reduced below moderate
Range: 5m AOE
Cast time: Instant
Cool Down: Two posts
Damage Type: N/A

A small AOE attack that curses those around her with a short-term, but potent amount of bad luck. Those hit with it, in their next post, will take heavy damage of their choosing. It's up to them entirely how they take this damage. Trip into their own sword? Fine. Their spell backfires? Fine. However, despite their own resistances, they cannot completely resist damage, but it can be reduced to a moderate (Example: They have a resistance to fire, but were casting a fire ball- spell backfires and is reduced to a moderate due to their resistance to fire, etc).

Fae's Ire-
Quick Stats:
Damage Rank:
   1st & 2nd Posts- Moderate
   3rd- Heavy
   Total- Severe
Range: Melee
Cast time: Instant
Cool Down: 1 Post
Damage Type: Poison
Note: Each combat encounter has limits. Once per enemy, three times total.

This ability can only effect a person once per combat, and only three persons total per combat. The effect is given the first time someone takes damage from Boudicca's claws in the combat encounter, the 1st and 2nd posts ticking away one Moderate damage each, and on the third and final round of this ability, they take Heavy damage. This totals to one Severe, but gives them time to do stuff before it hits them completely.
They say a fae's ire is a dangerous thing; it's something that sticks with you and you're never truly free of it. When concerning fae... it's best to just stay away!

Quick Stats:
Damage Rank: Moderate
Range: Melee
Cast Time: Instant, but only one slash per post
Damage Type: Slashing

Kitty's got claws~ And while they may be long and wicked looking, they only cause minor damage. Pretty straight forward, one slash per post (no berserker multi-slashes) , melee range.

Quick Stats:
Damage Rank: None
Range: 30m
Cast Time: Instant
Damage Type: Status Effect

This one is shot at the target as a projectile, so it can be dodged, miss, or hit someone else by accident.
Effects are decided on by a die roll.

1. Joint Stiffness, this could affect character's movement
2. Sniffles/Runny/Clogged Nose
3. Sore/Dry Throat
4. Cough (Actively coughing, would not go away without rest/fluids/etc. Aka not just ONE cough or clearing of the throat)
5. Fever
6. Cold Chills
7. Hives
8. Nausea
9. Weakness (General physical weakness)
10. Cold sweats
11. Rattling Breath (Fluid in lungs, like mucus), could affect a character's stamina
12. Cold sores around mouth
13. Pounding Headache, may affect character's reaction time
14. Pink Eye
15. Blurred Vision
16. Earache, could affect a character's hearing
17. Toothache
18. Diarrhea
19. Vomiting
20. Roll again, next roll's effect is doubled (cannot be stacked again)

Like a Constellation Map-
Quick Stats:
Damage Rank: 1st two targets Heavy, last two Moderate
Status Effect: 'Nova'. First two targets get the status effect, details below.
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: One Post

A chained light ability that spreads to four targets under the right conditions. Each target must be within five meters of the last target to be hit. First two take Heavy damage and get slapped with the status effect, 'Nova'. This status remains on the targets until they are touched by another character (this can carry out of combat and doesn't go away until they are touched by someone).

    Touched by someone WITHOUT the status: The one doing the touching takes one moderate damage from an explosion of light (small, effects only the person touching the affected).

    Touched by someone WITH the status: Both targets with the status will become stunlocked for one round.

Last two targets merely take one minor damage.

Quick Stats:
Damage Rank: N/A
Cast Time: 3 Posts
Cool Down: Once a Day

Once a day, Boudicca can rise again after being downed in battle to full capacity, with a Phoenix-like ability. She can either continue to fight, or, this can be used to ensure that I can slip her away to possibly continue an RP that progresses someone's character development (IE, the ritual magics and trading she does with people).

Quick Stats:
N/A on all

Boudicca drops loot!

Non-Combat Abilities:

Good Luck-
Bestows good luck on a single target, lasting for half a day. This would allow the target to find things like money, or that darn lost phone. It's up to the player how they choose to play this good luck, and it should be noted that their good luck doesn't carry over into them entering combat. If they try to say they were blessed with 'good luck' to get the upper hand in combat, they would need to refer to this sheet- and I am making a clear note that they can't do that. No cheatsydoodles.

Bad Luck-
Bestows bad luck on a single target, lasting for half a day. This would allow the target play their character more clumsy, or hurt themselves to land them into the medical office (some people like that kind of rp I hear idk). It's up to the player how they choose to play this bad luck, and it should be noted that their bad luck doesn't carry over into them entering combat. If they try to say they were cursed with 'bad luck' to dodge an attack by 'tripping' or something in combat, they would need to refer to this sheet- and I am making a clear note that they can't do that. No cheatsydoodles.

Ritual Magic-
Obviously cannot be used in combat, but making that a clear note right off the bat. This 'ritual magic' would allow Boudicca, as a fae, to perform magicks for other people/players so that their stories can progress. Boudicca would need the reagents required, and depending on what's asked of her, time to perform this magic.
Anything that would improve someone for combat though, REQUIRES that the person's sheet already be approved. This is for story only.
Some examples would be-
Want a dick? Bouds can do that.
Want a floating book? Bouds can do that.
Want a charm that would make you invincible? Bouds would tell you to fuck off.

Also she can summon shit with spell circles she already has like a table or chairs or her cat. No weapons, though, she can summon event fodder for events.

Influence Fertility-
This is entirely decided oocly, Boudicca has the ability to stunt fertility or boost it (birth control or contraceptive).

This is for storytelling and physical aesthetics and to make Boudicca come across more like the uncanny fae that fae are supposed to be like.

Calling Cards-
Bouds can carve or punch holes into any organic matter, to put runes on it's surface, and give to it another. Depending on what it is, use of the item will call Boudicca to the person or inform her that they are requesting her. Not a summon.

Combat weaknesses:

Quick Stats:
Damage Multiple: +1
Iron, especially cold-wrought iron implements (which are created by beating raw iron instead of melting and casting it), she will flee from. +1 to damage taken by objects made of pure iron if she's hit with them

-Superstitious; can be held at bay by religious objects or rituals.

-People being chased by Boudicca can leap to safety across running salt water. This is an escape option for those wanting to leave a fight or an option to render Bouds vulnerable. This will slow down Boudicca, taking her two posts to cross the water when chasing 1-2 people, and one post for 3-+. While crossing, she is vulnerable to attacks as she will feel ill and weak.

-Her true name, if discovered, can be used to control her (like in traditional fae stories). A command like, "[True Name], pull out your eyeballs!" would force Boudicca to follow the command immediately and totally. Her true name, if discovered, will change after time (to ensure she doesn't get trapped unable to do anything on the sim). Time will vary, but will always at least last a week. Clues to her name are in the Yokai Village, if someone wishes to discover it, they need IM me and I can DM their looking for it!

-She cannot tell a lie. She can twist the truth by omitting details, and she can deflect things with clever speech, but she cannot out right lie, even if it would save herself or another.

Character Backstory:
Boudicca is a member of the Faerie Gentry, meaning she is not an aristocrat nor is she one of the folk that are rustic and more animal-like in behavior. She grew up under the mound in Europe, but being that she was not a nymph or a Dryad, she wasn't tied down to the land that bore her.
This has enabled her to travel and experience the world, Japan and Hentai High being a temporary stop along the way of her long life.
Autumn fae are one of the types of fae that are door-openers... or closers (along with Spring fae). They have the power to shut the door on summer, and after a short time of rule of the land, open the door to Winter. Generally, then Winter is late, or Summer is long, it's by doing of the Autumn fae! This makes them less brazen and ego-heavy than the 'main' Season fae, because though their own season do not last long, they still have considerable control over the main Seasons with their ability to grant or deny the changing of such seasons.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet: Boudicca    Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:55 am

Well Hello There, Bouds! So lovely! Excited to see what she does. Welcome to the team!
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Character Sheet: Boudicca
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