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February 2018
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Kri Zsun

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PostSubject: Toki    Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:32 pm


SL Username:Kri Zsun
SL Display Name:Kri Zsun
Character Name: Toki
Age:19 (Must be 18 and older, or race equivalent of 18+)
Race:Fae (If Applicable)
Origin: Fae Hedge Realm Of Shadow
Occupation: Sculptor, Whore
Affiliation: N/A yet


Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • Bold
  • Curious
  • Forgiving
  • Empathic

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • Stubborn
  • Greedy
  • Misunderstands people alot
  • Forgetful


  • Ice Cream
  • Magic
  • Sex
  • Baubles/trinkets


  • Rudeness
  • Organization
  • Flute music
  • Yard gnomes


  • Hording trinkets
  • Art (sculpting, bodyscaping, graffiti )
  • Watching horror movies
  • Engaging in the oldest profession

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • Excitable - Given his empathic nature he is pretty easy to excite on touch
  • Has nightmares about dark, fluting forms chasing him, trying to drag him away somewhere
  • Has been seen on the streets looking like a female...maybe it is a sister?
  • Has been seen in the red light district...and not as a customer

Sexual Orientation: Bi (Male preference)

Personal Inventory:

  • Carving knife
  • Brass pocket watch, broken, complex internals, only 11 hours on faceplace, 4 hands and smaller display areas.  This can store up to 4 fae points
  • Hair brush, nail set, battered color card
  • 2 old coins, unknown markings


Combat/Noncombat Abilities:
Magic: For Toki magic is like a flow of water, massive and endless, it is The River.  Mages stand on the banks and 'dip' into the river to invoke spells.  magical constructions are fed trickles of power from The River while they run.  A fae like Toki is more of a rivlet, tied to the river and the power runs thru him.  A tiny flow, fueling his nature, but he also has a small 'pond', his inner reservoir to conduct more proper magic, represented as Fae Points.
He can store up to 8 points in himself to be used for his abilities.  These recover naturally at 1 every 3 hours.  When asleep he regains them 1/hour (so can recover from a full night's sleep).
Note: when isolated from the magic flow by cold iron, he cannot use anything that lists a "Cost:" line.

Supernatural Empathy
Cost: 1 points
Can sense a touched plant or creature's mental and physical health, in example fatigue, if hurt/damaged, in bad health, stressed or mentally imbalanced. He can sense where the problem(s) are and generally what they are (broken bone, kidneys shut down, lacks nutrients, psychotic) but not how to correct the problem medically.  Each symptom discovered takes at least 2 posts of constant contact.

Shared Senses
Cost: 1 points
He can allow others to share his senses, any of his five or supernaturally provided senses (like Supernatural Empathy or Supernatural Sensitivity).  Range is touch.  This would allow him, in example, to share what he perceives with Supernatural Empathy to a doctor who may know what to do about an ailment.  Toki hates being touched after using this as is very invasive.  In this state language is no barrier either, some universal core tongue shared allowing for mental conversation.

Fae Aged
Like other Fae, Toki does not age very easily. These beings can live for lifetimes, centuries even millennia without seeming to age another day.  When encountering time related powers, Toki can spend an equivalent cost in Fae points (agreed upon OOCly with the caster), drawing on his nature, to negate the effects.

Cost: 1 Fae Point
Fae are naturally fluid critters and Toki has learned how to cosmetically alter the natural form. With this gift Toki can change hair, ear shape, skin pigment, eyes and eye color, nails, draw/erase tattooing etc.  It takes time, much like a grooming session, and due to his inexperience with the power it he needs to use props and actions to guide the grooming. He uses a hairbrush or finger motions to cut, grow or adjust hair, a touch of cosmetic pigment to alter skin tone, and the like. He can do this with plants too, altering color or grooming their growth, the changes being permanent and do not register as magic after an hour. It is possible to use this power against the target's will though with no degree of success (must have OOC approval or it just fails, no reason needed)

Cost: 2 Fae Points per sculpting session
For 2 points he can change gender, muscle tone (but not underlying strength), cleavage, 'endowment', wing characteristics, most any physical characteristics though not to a point of actually giving new capabilities (so wings could not allow flight, gills would not be functional, etc).  Like Bodyscaping it requires props and actions.  Changes to himself do not fade, changes to others will slowly revert after 3 days, the original characteristics restored during the 4th day.  It is possible to use this power against the target's will though with no degree of success (must have OOC approval or it just fails, no reason needed)

Supernatural Supersensitivity
Being a natural conduit of magic, Toki is very sensitive to it's presence.  He is able to almost 'see' the threads of magic and their purpose when he focuses, at times able to make a guess what the purpose is based on those threads.  He can see/sense active magic, nexuses of power, and anything which may 'leak out' magic power.  

One With Nature
Cost: 1 Fae Point
Range: Touch Casting Time: 1 post per original damage level (interruption cancels spell)
Toki's empathy with nature allows him to draw from it or share with others to heal. Each application lets Toki  reduce inflicted damage by 1 level, filter out toxins, alcohol, impurities, disease, addiction, or poisons (any 1 affect.  if the impairment being 'filtered' is strong, it may take more than 1 post, each post reducing the effects).
If he is in contact with a large body of nature (large tree, in a pond/seaside/etc) he can do this at no fae point cost, 1 application per 5 uninterrupted minutes (basically out of combat long term healing)
Does not work on unliving or constructs but does work on someone who has died. Limbs can be reattached at a cost of 2 points in addition to healing costs.
Healing non-damage effects such as tattoos, scars, piercings can be done at no cost as long as the effects were not impairing (no actual damage levels).

Return To The River
Cost: 8 Fae Points
With this Toki opens himself to the river of magics, the source of all power.  He uses a large natural source (large tree or body of water) as the gateway and can take 1 person with him.  Optionally, if the watch is fully charged that can be used as the gate.  When there, they are displaced from reality, immersed and cleansed.  All ailments and disfigurements are healed for both, Toki able to freely sculpt the shape of either person (under those powers' rules) prior to exit.  Toki can even take 1 dead person there and, as long as their soul is not caged somewhere, bring that person back to life though there will likely be a strong psychological trauma associated with the rebirth.
Minimally those who return to the river are out of the game for a full game day and how they interpret what they see is up to the player.  Toki guards this power since it is so incapacitating and would be in too great a demand if word got out.  A person does not regain consciousness in The River if they enter unconscious.

Street Scrapper
Toki is pretty scrappy having been into fights on the street. When fighting defensively (no attack action) he is hard to hit and ripostes, deflecting/avoiding some damage while doing some of his own. When attacked he reduces damage down by 1 level and ripostes H-H for Minor damage (if he has a weapon). This style also keeps him from being grabbed in most cases, able to slip away from the hold. He can do this against 2 opponents as long as he is aware of their attacks. It cannot be used against area of effect attacks.

Combat weaknesses:

Nimbleness and alacrity come with a price. His fae body lacks any serious muscle making it hard for him to cause serious damage or lift heavy things. Someone collapsing into his arms would most likely collapse him to the ground. If he is held, pinned, there is very little chance of him breaking that hold. Damage he inflicts from any weapons including handguns (the recoil causing poor aim) and from unarmed combat is reduced by 1 level to a minimum of Minor.

Girly-boi again!
Being a lightweight he is easily picked up (when caught), thrown about, knocked further from explosive attacks.

That Cold Iron
Toki, like many fae critters, has a susceptibility to cold iron. Alloys like steel are not a problem, that process breaks the weakness that fae have but contact with regular cold iron will not only instantly drain away all of his Fae Points and keep him from regenerating them, but makes him even weaker than normal.

Supernatural Supersensitivity
Being a natural conduit of magic is bad too.  Very powerful magics (like a portal opening, large display of power) can leave him nauseous, uneasy in the stomach, give a headache, or even make him light headed. Touching a supernatural entity can leave him a bit off balance too, somewhat befuddled, confused, or coerceable. It is also possible to 'steal' his fae points during intimate moments to be used for one's own magic.

Those Damn Flutes
His Dislike of flute music is more of a psychological trauma.  If those are playing, especially without any other instruments to muffle their noise he will try to flee the area in a panic, terrified of every shadow.  Even if he knows it is a recording or the like, his terror is not reduced.

Fae Affinity
All fae have an attachment to their origination and because of this, nature is always a treasure. Distruction of such can easily cause Toki to look away from a fight with the yearning to mend the harmed location of life, be it a plant or an animal

He has no real aptitude for technology beyond the basic usage.  He can use a cell phone, simple apps, but not drive a car, a motorcycle, a computer (past finding porn), or any other semi advanced technological device.
In addition medical assistance which relies on non natural origins (like actual herbs) work at half value.  Technological examination devices...get confused when reading him leading to low value to health aid.


Character Backstory:
Toki is a fae, a creature of magic in physical form who awoke here bloodied, centered in a chalk drawn glyph, dead bodies all about.  He does not know if he was a victim, a sacrifice, a survivor among the slain or the subject of the ritual.  Terrified and with little knowledge of who he was Toki has lived on the streets for several years, gaining an understanding of where he was, ideas on what he was, and trying to make enough money to stay alive.  He has had an innate understanding of his abilities from the start though not sure how to strengthen his capabilities, lacking a teacher.  Toki has had dreams about a dark though not sinister landscape, a place of nature which he believe may be his home.  Lacking actual professional skills and a seeming inability to pick up on technology other that at a novelty level he has resorted to using his appearance and abilities to get small jobs here and there.  He avoids the law like a plague, at least one of the dead bodies having a cop badge.  While he certainly has skills that would be sought after, his uneasy dislike of organizations has kept him low on the ladder, he himself too disorganized to take up a proper contractor status.

Concepts pull from WOD Fae material along with Mage: The Hero Discovered

Last edited by Amai Fade on Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:42 am; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Added some details on concept of magic, which things are cut off by cold iron)
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Toki    Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:21 am

Wonderful! Im so glad we worked through this! Welcome to Hajime!
Tier 5 - Health Pool: 1 Heavy
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Toki    Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:27 am

GUESS WHAT! There was an update! Go ahead and just change up your sheet according to the new format listed Here! Best of luck! Hope to approve soon! Just respond below to let us know you're ready to be checked!

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PostSubject: Re: Toki    

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