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February 2018
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 Halycon [waiting for approval]

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PostSubject: Halycon [waiting for approval]   Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:59 pm

[Halycon L'ail]

SL Username: ggwolfguy
SL Display Name: Halycon
Character Name: Halycon, L'ail
Age: 18 (much older in avali years, due to their extreme mergence with their technology.)
Race: Avali
Origin: Avalon (avali home planet)
Occupation: A freelance scrapper working for any company willing to pay, even if the scrap was off-world
Affiliation: N/A


Personality: the number one thing to note about Halycon, is that she is anxious. she finds herself being startled constantly by small things, and when she doesn't understand something or she is surrounded by people that aren't avali like her, she feels closed in, but once you get to know her, she is a respectful avali, heavily involved and passionate about everything she comes acrossed. she cares deeply about being presentable just to simply shows that she cares, even when it may be pointless, and she cares to be welcoming and friendly and never wants to be the aggressor when it comes to rough situation, always taking a cautions, passive-submissive attitude to such situations and avoiding fights where she can.
Positive Traits/Strengths:
[*]as an avali she is able to withstand extreme colds with ease
[*]as an avali her skeleton structure is light and nimble, as well as artificially reinforced, giving her a substantial ammount of extra mobility and stability
[*]as a scrapper, she has intense long-learned knowledge of anything generally industrial and mechanical, and knows her way around heavy equipment. a mechanic at heart.
[*]as an original civilian of avalon, and having been born there, she has a great knowledge and finesse for tech, as she's been brought up through a world where tech was everything, and everything had tech in it.

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:
[*]she is extremely sensetive to heat, and may get heat strokes easily, even when in a climate normal to humans.
[*]she is anxious and therefore is very hard to anger. most would thing this is a positive trait, but when it comes to a fight, she may choose to flee 9/10 times, unless she feels that without a doubt the world would be better off without her opponent in it.
[*]she has light bones, and though reinforced, she can still have her bones cracked much easier than a humans. the reinforcments only help to slightly make them stronger, and keep them in place when they break.
[*]as an avali, she has a less-than-average eye sight.

[*]as a carnivore, she loves a mix of foods from different places that have spicy flavores and heavier protein contents.
[*]she enjoys music, as do most avali, as their culture is more based on musical art than visual.
[*]she enjoys spending time with her friends, including through the nexus.
[*]she enjoys being surrounded with memories, or heavy equipment which reminds her of her earlier days

[*]she dislikes extremely loud noises...
[*]she dislikes sweet or bland food, or food that she can't take a full bite out of.
[*]she dislikes being around alot of humans, as she has been called savage, or tribal by them before.
[*]she hates getting in fights or seeing someone angry. she becomes extremely uncomfortable.

[*]playing with tech, specifically laser cutters, or mental augmentations.
[*]making music, and talking to her pack.

Fun Facts/Quirks:
[*]she sometimes can try to understand something, more than it was meant to be...
[*]where she lacks common sense she excels in general knowledge and interest.
[*]she hates jokes @~@

Sexual Orientation: Bi/Pan

Personal Inventory:
[*]a small cube that orbits around her body. it serves as nothing but a small music player and bauble.
[*]a scarf, black and orange stripes.
[*]a small aerogel sword, and aerogel tower-sheild for self defense.
[*]bits and peices of various old junk tech and scrap metal. only enough to put together a very small device if needed.


Combat Abilities: nothing in particular, as she is entirely dependant on her own body and her tech.

Combat weaknesses: same as abilities.

Character Backstory: for the most part halycon was more mentally involved than physically... she took up a job as an avali and attached pack would be expected to do. she grew up with her pack of her and three other avali, the standard size for a pack at birth. as she grew, she and her pac constantly took a road towards technology, and specifically heavy machinery. when they were all chosen as mechanics, and given their jobs, they continued on, talking to eachother through the avali nexus, but ever since then they haven't seen much of eachother in person... through the years that she had been a scrapper though, she found herself, even though alone, confident and proud of herself, just simply being able to think to herself... for hours on end... when she wasn't working, and even sometimes when she was, she would work on herself mentally and she finds pride only in her ability to be a good avali... she doesn't want to be known for doing a good job, or running fast, or being strong, but rather, she would like to be a spectacle. something people can enjoy being around, and someone that everyone can trust... she would never lie to someone to make them feel better, rather she would find a real reason. and her passion is the paramount of the favorite thing about herself... eventually though she found herself without work. as the universe evolved around her, there were no more things needed to be cleaned up. and so, with the sturdy and stable, respectable support from the avalonian government, and her name as an avalonian citizen, she took to explore new worlds, cities, and cultures. and thus, she's landed on earth, in hajime.
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Halycon [waiting for approval]   Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:03 pm

What kind of tech do they have? This is so it's not like "I CAN DO THIS!" but it's no where on your sheet.
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PostSubject: Re: Halycon [waiting for approval]   Sat Mar 04, 2017 4:48 pm

Amai Fade wrote:
What kind of tech do they have? This is so it's not like "I CAN DO THIS!" but it's no where on your sheet.

well they just have access to general tech from the avali race. it's hard to describe it all. but i'm not so sure exactly what is being asked @~@ for the most part she doesn't have access to too much tech. she has access to armor, and has an integrated prosthetic skeleton to help with lifting and such, she has access to small simple avali tech, and that's pretty much it. the simple avali tech would be things like, hover bikes or boards, and small tools made of avali-grade aerogel.

also P.S. am back
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Amai Fade

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Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Halycon [waiting for approval]   Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:16 pm

Welcome back! Okay so the question is "What tech do they have?" because the abilities says based on their Tech and their body. So what can their body do and what tech do they have?

Do they hit harder?
Move faster?
Is the tech weapons?
If so, how much damage do they do?
Do they have scanners?

We need detail~
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PostSubject: Re: Halycon [waiting for approval]   

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Halycon [waiting for approval]
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