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February 2018
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 Teagan Mac Maghnuis (Awaiting Approval)

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Solomon Setzer


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PostSubject: Teagan Mac Maghnuis (Awaiting Approval)   Fri Jan 20, 2017 11:17 am

[Teagan Mac Maghnuis]

OOC Info
SL Username: Solomon Setzer
SL Display Name: Solomon Setzer


Character Info

Name: Teagan Mac Maghnuis
Age: 371
Birthday: September 20th
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Height: 4’7”
Weight: 100 lbs
Classification: Yokai
Species: Alraune
Origin: Nagiyaka
Occupation: Owner of The Petalphile (Flower Shop)
Affiliation: N/A


Character Story

Teagan sprouted within the forest of Nagiyaka. Upon their discovery, they were brought closer to the yokai village and planted in a location that would allow them the ability to interact with others and learn about life. Any time the alraune sought to move they would simply be uprooted and relocated by helpful yokai, allowing Teagan to bit by bit learn and explore. In their youth they were quite the shy individual, but often found much attention due to their sweet scent and beauty. As the years rolled by, Teagan began learning more about their own natural gifts and talents, like the nectar they secreted and the ability to produce and grow and seed they desired, allowing them to bring exotic and extinct species of flora to the village. Life was delightful and joyous for many years.

During adolescence, the alraune began to seek new places to root. New species of flowers for inspiration. Word of other realms enticed the flower, but they had yet to find a proper way to leave due to their need for rooting and assistance. Instead of traveling though Teagan turned to magic, curious about how they could do what they did. After a century of studies and learning of different magics, Teagan settled on dealing with the fey since their magics seemed the most akin to each other. This led to the discovery of Leyline Magic. Teagan was delighted to learn about their power and the source of it and decided to use this knowledge to better the land. Areas once barren and scorched were brought back to life and glory by the loving alraune. Corruption was removed and new life made to replace it. Darkness and disparity were short-lived.

When the incident that brought the yokai realm and the human realm together occurred, Teagan's desire to travel realms returned stronger than ever and so they petitioned to join the yokai that were traversing the barrier so they could see new things and help heal the land from the cataclysmic event. With their help, Teagan ensured the shrine and forest near the city was preserved, always to be full of life and remain right and prosperous thanks to the combination of many magical energies. At first things seemed to be going well and despite the initial shock of their worlds colliding and some dissenting individuals, the humans and yokai seemed to work together.

As Teagan was moved around the city, trying to bring new flora and life to the humans, they were attacked by a radical group that opposed the yokai. Their petals were torn off one by one, body beaten and cut up, and then finally they were burned along with the plant life they created to try and bring beauty to the human city. Their seed was found by a sympathizer and brought to the yokai, who then planted the alraune back in the soil of their realm. Eventually Teagan was reborn and requested after some time to return to the humans and resume their job at healing the land and bringing life and light. With much apprehension it was granted and the alraune took to the city once more. However, this time they were prepared for the worst. The humans that previous tormented them returned and Teagan turned their magic on the weak humans, slaughtering them and stealing their mana. Then the bodies were buried and beautiful flowers planted over their grave.

The rush of stealing the life and essence of living humans enthralled the alraune and so they waited and left themselves open to be attacked, only to take more lives and more mana. This process went on for many years until another yokai caught Teagan in the act and reported them to the head yokai. Teagan was returned to the village and thus had their body cursed and roots destroyed. Teagan was never allowed to root and draw life from the leylines anymore and without the constant supply of mana it was believed that they would eventually perish on their own time. Then they were banished from the village forever. Broken and seeing this as betrayal and unjust, Teagan vowed to show the yokai that the humans could not be trusted and that those who were bad deserved to be killed so they could live on.

After being banished, Teagan took to the city once again, banished and desperate for redemption. All yokai who would listened would be told that the humans could be very dark and cruel. They hurt yokai and blighted the land the owned, tearing down the flora and replacing them with stone and steel and pollution. And the yokai simply had to take it or else they too would be thrown out. Teagan saw the head yokai as vile and in need of being replaced with a yokai who possessed a stronger will and desire to survive. Humans needed to be replaced. The world needed change. Slowly, the stress and heartache ate away at the alraune. Still determined to bring about a pure nature to the humans, Teagan stayed alive, draining the mana from yokai and humans alike, willing or unwilling. Spite and determination fueled the yokai forward.

As the years continued to tick on by, Teagan developed a plan and found the human's technology to be useful in order to take them down. They poured a lot of time and energy into learning about biological-technology and how to hybridize life and machine. Their attacks and outright hatred of humanity seemed to dull and they even began working towards setting a shop up in the city, while also using the Order of Equilibrium's temple as a home and safe haven. They even started seeking out other banished yokai and befriending them, hoping their alliance would one day lead to yokai equality, and possibly superiority. Teagan still desires the overthrow of humanity and the head of the yokai, wanting to return to their original village and home as they please, while also working towards destroying what the humans have and bring nature back to full and total glory. Now their shop is finally set up and Teagan is poised to move forward with their plans to destroy the city from the inside out.



Positive Traits:

• Knowledge - Flora: Teagan has intimate and advanced knowledge about all things plant and can easily tell any and all information about care, species, hybridization, etc. Can even recreate extinct and brand new species of flora.
• Knowledge - Bio-Organic Tech: Teagan is by no means a master in the field and can barely be seen as intermediate even, but over the years has come to understand some basic principles involving the incorporation of plant biology into the workings of technology.
• Knowledge - Leyline: Teagan knows a great deal about Leylines and can even sense their location and knows how to tap into them. Is capable of teaching others about Leylines and Leyline Magic.
• Fiercely dedicated to Yokai equality.
• Fast-learner.
• Extremely organized.
• Works best with Yokai.
• Compassionate to those who earn their trust and respect.

Negative Traits:
• Eco-Terrorist
• Their fierce dedication to Yokai equality often makes them act in opposition to cohabitation goals.
• Quick tempered.
• Can be a bully.
• Resistant to human help and interactions, but does it out of necessity.
• Stubborn.
• Despises authority of all kinds.
• Will go out of their way to protect and preserve nature.

• Flora of all kinds.
• Excessively sweet and decadent foods and drinks.
• Magical essence.
• People who respect nature.
• Music of all kinds.
• Dancing, Art, and Poetry
• Technology
• Soil and Fertilizer
• Sweet fragrances

• Creating hybrid flowers.
• Floral arrangements.
• Bio-organic Tech
• Natural magic
• Herbal remedies
• Runes and Galdr - While Teagan does not claim to have any power or unique gift with runes and galdr, they do believe in the meanings they hold. Often times the songs Teagan hums and sings to themselves and their plants are runic galdr. It's uncertain if it actually does have an impact, but the faith in it brings Teagan joy and peace.

• Humanity.
• The Head of the Yokai
• Meat.
• Fires.
• Unpleasant scents (cooking meat, garbage, dirty people, etc.)
• People who dislike flowers and disrespect nature.
• Spicy foods.
• Alcohol.
• Winter.

Facts and Quirks:
• Vegetarian.
• Loves Fey and can sense them due to their vast time learning with them.
• Sings to self to promote growth and healing.
• Always wants to go to a spa.
• Can produce seeds from any species of plant in the palm of their hand. This requires a minute amount of mana at their expense, but builds up with easily if they are producing multiple seeds at a time or attempting to grow them from their body. Seeds are almost immediate to be produced. However, growing flowers on their body requires at the least two days and 1% mana per flower.
• Produces a multi-purpose nectar. Makes food sweeter, Smooths skin and removes blemishes, Doubles as an aphrodisiac.
• Is extremely interested in bio-organic technology and combining it with flowers.
• Upon death, Teagan leaves behind a single seed. This seed is the pure core and essence of Teagan and it cannot be destroyed. When it has had contact with water and soil for three days it will sink into the soil and take root. Over the next week it will grow at an accelerated rate, reforming Teagan's body until blooming the yokai back to life. This process can be prevented by simply taking the seed and keeping it away from water and soil, effectively 'killing' Teagan until such a time that the seed has found water and soil.


Personal Effects

Personal Inventory:
• Coin Purse: Following items within
• Flower-wallet: ID, Back-up Business Licence, Credit Card
• Cell Phone

Personal Property:
Extra money in a safe at work, various flowers across Hajime and Nagiyaka.

Specialized Equipment:




Racial Abilities:
[*]Sweet Scent: Always emits a faint fragrance that induces lust in others who are around it for too long. The aroma is always within 5 meters of Teagan. If standing still, the aroma will expand to 10 meters after three posts. If out in the open it does not grow anymore and may dissipate given strong winds. If inside an enclosed space it will keep expanding to fill the room or area every three posts. The aroma can be overpowered by stronger scents or odor-eliminating devices, leaving it ineffective. Breathing in the aroma compels feelings of lust and desire but can be fought with a strong will. It does not affect beings without a sense of smell or who have their faces covered. It does not affect people who posses similar abilities or are under a stronger compulsion.

[*]Mana Storage: Teagan has learned to store mana, or magical essence, into specialized flowers they created. These flowers emit a faint glow in the color of the person who's mana is stored within, a unique signature that alters the actual flower based on the magic type. They are detectable by magic sense abilities and spells. The flowers store mana when in contact with a source, willing or unwilling, and can even fill from magic in the area or on a person, weakening spells, curses, etc., slightly as they absorb the magical essence from the spell. Sources fill the flower by 5% per two posts, or by 10% if the subject is willing. Teagan must be able to meditate in order to commune with the flower and the magic within. Recharging their mana with a flower is determined by 5 mintues per percentage. (5 minutes = 1% mana restored, 10 minutes = 2% mana restored, etc.) If a flower is touched by its original mana source then all the stored mana will return to said source.

Non-Combat Abilities:
[*]Self-Rejuvenation: When out of combat, Teagan self rejuvenates at the cost of mana. Naturally they will self repair by spending 5% of mana every two rounds to heal 1 point of Minor Damage. They can expend 50% of their mana to lessen total accumulated damage by one damage threshold. If they are suffering Major or Severe Damage then they can expel all their mana to form a chrysalis around them that will repair them over the course of three days as well as restore their mana entirely. Once in a chrysalis, Teagan cannot leave it until the three days have passed and cannot protect themselves from harm should they be found.

[*]Mad Scientist: Teagan is not well versed in bio-organic tech yet, but often studies it in their spare time. Due to their lack of training and following along with various books on the subject, Teagan at times creates very remedial and bastardized devices and creatures that incorporate plants and technology together. When creating and working with an invention there is an 95% chance of failure which renders the tech and plants involved worthless and unsalvageable. The other 5% produces a successful hybrid tech. (Tech trying to be created must be presented to administration for approval at attempting to create something. Success is incremental and must be repeated multiple times to ensure the creation has no complications. A failure after any success destroys the device and the whole project must be started anew, however each success increases the percentage chance that the device will be made. The percentage, attempts, and how many In Character days it will take will be determined by administration. Completing a tech successfully does not guarantee that it can be recreated until the same tech has been successfully created from scratch 10 times.)

Combat Abilities:  
[*]Spiral Needle: Using their natural defenses, Teagan whips themselves around in a circle while extending two thorned vines from their body. The range is a 2 meter circle around their body, meant to repel being ganged up on or flanked. The vines cause Heavy Damage as they flail up and down in an attempt to hit anyone too close. This may cause bleeding and tearing of the skin, broken bones, or limb dislocation, your choice should you choose to be hit by one of these baddies!

[*]Leyline Magic: Teagan's personal magic is known as Leyline Magic. It uses the natural energies flowing under the ground as a source of power. Leylines have many proposed names and uses in various cultures (spirit ways and death roads, feng-shui, etc.) and are often associated with fey magic. It is believed that when multiple leylines met in one spot it acts as a sort of beacon for the preternatural to gather, knowingly or unknowingly. Teagan believes that this is why many things have happened to Hajime City and Nigiyaka, because they are both points where multiple leylines cross. When Teagan reaches 30% mana, they become unable to tap into the Leyline, cutting them off from casting magic.

[*]Leaf Shield: Using Leyline Magic, Teagan can summon two Teagan-sized leaves that encircle their body. Each leaf can only block 3 Minor damage, or 1 Moderate damage before disappearing. This does not block Fire Damage, which will immediately disintegrate all leaves and still hit Teagan. This requires 10% of Teagan's mana and two posts to cast.

[*]Flower Dance: Using Leyline Magic, Teagan can summon a swarm of razor-sharp flower petals to an area. The petals swirl about in a 5 meter area, slicing anyone caught within it. The petals inflict Minor Damage per round for three rounds and have a chance to disorient anyone trapped within for one round upon initially entering the area of effect. This requires 20% of Teagan's mana and two posts to cast.



Racial Weakness:
Warded Against: Yokai are mainly spiritual creatures and thus they are susceptible to Holy or Purifying magics, even those considered to be “Holy” or “Pure” in affinity. Thus, all Yokai take +1 Moderate damage from Holy or Purifying damage.

[*]Glyphosate: You might be asking yourself: What is Glyphosate? Well my friends, it is a non-selective herbicide, meaning it will kill most plants. It prevents the plants from making certain proteins that are needed for plant growth. Glyphosate stops a specific enzyme pathway, the shikimic acid pathway. The shikimic acid pathway is necessary for plants and some microorganisms. If you still aren't following, high doses of your everyday weed and plant killer that you can get at a store can actually 'kill' Teagan. Within 24 hours Teagan will wither at the point of contact with Glyphosate substances.

Combat Weaknesses:
[*]Mana Consumption: Teagan requires mana, the magical essence of a living entity, to maintain their own life and work spells. After being banished, Teagan's ability to root themselves and gain nutrients from the soil was lost, leaving them to feast solely on the mana of others to maintain life. Without proper mana care, Teagan will start to wilt and and decay. If under 20% of mana, Teagan will become desperate for it and attack the nearest source in order to replenish their own life. To restore mana, Teagan must touch a being with a magical essence. Small thorns will inject into the target at the point of contact and drain 2% mana per round. Subjects can be willing or unwilling and will be left will small nicks where the thorns made contact. Fresh seminal fluids that make contact with Teagan will fully replenish mana.

[*]Elemental Weakness - Ice: Minor. While not entirely life threatening to Teagan, Ice damage does affect their biology and magical abilities. Every attack or ability that causes Ice/Cold damage to Teagan adds a stack of Hibernation, up to 5. 1 to 2 stacks of Hibernation slow Teagan down and add 1 and 2 posts requirements, respectively, to all abilities. 3 stacks prevents Teagan from casting spells and using any ability. 4 stacks disorients Teagan for 3 rounds, making it harder to escape a scene. 5 stacks completely immobilizes Teagan and puts them in a state of Hibernation until they are thawed out. While in Hibernation, mana does not deplete nor does it return, and effectively leaves Teagan 'asleep'.

[*]Elemental Weakness - Fire: Major. Fire is extremely dangerous to Teagan. All attacks and spells under the Major Damage Tier count as doing Major Damage to the alraune. Major and Severe Damage will render Teagan knocked out and non-combative. Further attacks or spells will wither and 'kill' Teagan.

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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Teagan Mac Maghnuis (Awaiting Approval)   Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:55 pm

Oh Flower-Butt... Dear Flower Butt. ♥

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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Teagan Mac Maghnuis (Awaiting Approval)   Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:25 am

GUESS WHAT! There was an update! Go ahead and just change up your sheet according to the new format listed Here! Best of luck! Hope to approve soon! Just respond below to let us know you're ready to be checked!

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Solomon Setzer


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PostSubject: Re: Teagan Mac Maghnuis (Awaiting Approval)   Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:30 pm

YAY~! 2 DOWN!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Teagan Mac Maghnuis (Awaiting Approval)   

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Teagan Mac Maghnuis (Awaiting Approval)
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