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The Important Stuff

April 2018
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 !IC Rules!

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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: !IC Rules!   Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:51 pm

The Laws of Hajime City

A quick out-of-character statement: the following rules exist purely on an in-character basis and may be broken without OOC penalty. However, where there's overlap, OOC rules take precedence. That means, for example, attacking another individual with a magic spell that hasn't been approved on your character sheet would be an OOC violation. Please understand that this is all about fun but there are consequences to one's actions ICly if caught too many time breaking the law.

  1. Laws Exist To Protect The People. Follow Them And There Shall Be Peace.

  2. The Mayor may pardon any crime which an individual has been convicted of.

  3. No one will convicted for the Same Exact crime twice.

  4. Clothing is to be worn in public spaces. Indecency will not be permitted and thus be met with an arrest on sight.

  5. Civilians are not to be found with excessive weaponry without a permit.

  6. Loud Noises which are complained about are considered to be disturbing the peace. An individual will get three warnings before being arrested.
    ((Excessive SL shouting may cross the line into being OOC spam, so use common sense.))

  7. Public Drunkenness is seen as rude and may lead to more problems for those involved, thus they will be taken into Holding until sobered up.

  8. Fighting done outside of a ring is considered hostile and dangerous. All members included are to be arrested.

  9. Suspects of Crimes are to be brought in for questioning. They are not convicted of crimes and thus treated with the respect of every other citizen. They can leave upon the end of questioning.

  10. Members of the Blue Skulls Syndicate are to be treated like every other member of society.

  11. Creatures which are not humanoid are to be treated with caution. These beings are not able to be treated in the hospital. If one is injured, please take them to the shrine within the forest.

  12. The Possession of the following substances will lead to being arrested:

    • Shift [Both 1.0 and 2.0]
    • Rave candies, such as but not exclusively E, K, M, etc.
    • Absinthe
    • Chloroform
    • Katamine
    • Heroin
    • Crack or Cocaine
    • Meth
    • Paradichloro

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!IC Rules!
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