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February 2018
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 Jubei Kageyama [Awaiting Approval]

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PostSubject: Jubei Kageyama [Awaiting Approval]   Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:29 pm

[Enter Character Name Here]

SL Username:BoomSliver Coba
SL Display Name: Kurama Ishimaru
Character Name:Jubei Kageyama
Age: 19 (Must be 18 and older, or race equivalent of 18+)
Race: Incubus (If Applicable)
Origin:Demon Realm.(Currently in the human world.) (This can be where they are originally born or the first place in the realms they spawns. Yes this can be Hajime itself.)
Occupation: None needs a job (Your character’s job via backstory or even acquired in Hajime. Try to be semi-specific. Example: Don't put 'Business Man'. Try "Corporate member of [Enter company name]" or not just Scientist but "Bio-engineer")
Affiliation: None (Are they part of any faction? To join a faction before RPing in, please talk to a member of staff or the head of said faction! No, one does not need to join a faction! This can be left as "N/A")


Personality:Quiet , Glutton (this is the only part that NEEDS to be filled out in this entire section, the rest id there because we feel it would help with your development of the character.)
Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • Dire Induction - The ability to induce desires. Through hunger, sexual , love , nostalgia. The use of the ability is at random since the character has no knowledge of being an incubus. Requires ooc consent. The range would have to be up close. Just about 4 meters. The duration would have to be atleast 3 posts.

  • Pheromone Manipulation - Control over pheromones. Inducing attraction between species. Utilizing a chemical substance produced and released into the area around him. He can affect the behavior of others around him. Usually it tends to attract those affected to him. Usually resulting in those being attracted to him without knowing why. The use of the ability is at random since the character has no knowledge of being an incubus. This ability also requires ooc consent. The range would have to be up close. Just about 4 meters. The duration would have to be atleast 2 posts.

  • His body changes form with slight changes being horns showing, his ears either extending or changing shape, and his body sprouting a tail when his true traits begin to show. (Posts needed:2)

  • Uncontrollable shifting- Sometimes other's thoughts can affect his appearance. (Ex. Someone pictures him as a wolf boy. His ears would reshape to the top of his head and form the wolf ears and his tail would change shape into a fluffy tail) The one thinking the thoughts does not have to say it. The thoughts just have be there and the effect is in play.He does not gain enhanced abilities outside of his normal appearance.

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • Random shifting- if he is around to many people who are thinking thoughts about his appearance. It will overload him and cause him to pass out.

  • Hunger attacks - Often gets hungry to often when his abilities are used. Ends up craving food constantly most of the time over anything else.

  • Arachnophobia - As the name says fear of spiders. Often goes into a panic frenzy when he sees spiders.

  • Procrastination - Often delays other things to keep up to date with recent manga, anime, and other things to his liking. Usually affects his ability to function on tasks at hand.


  • Sweets
  • Food
  • Manga
  • Anime


  • Starving
  • Having his food stolen
  • Being woken up
  • ----


  • Reading Manga
  • Playing Video Games
  • ----
  • ----

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • ----
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----

Sexual Orientation: Bi (Homo, Hetero, Bi, Pan, Demi, A?)

Personal Inventory:

  • A duffle bag filled with sweet buns
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----


Combat Abilities: Refer to the strengths and weaknesses. (What special powers does your character have, if any?)

Combat weaknesses: Throwing sweets at him he will stop fighting temporarily. (What are the things that make them weak in battle? If your character has no weaknesses, we will take it that they have no powers either. Everyone weaknesses in battle, even characters meant to be Gods. No, none of this is known by anyone In Character unless found out through RP or told such. If there is a case where someone blatantly knows your character's weaknesses without ever interacting, please let staff know immediately and notecard the interaction.)


Character Backstory: Jubei is the younger brother of Shino Kageyama and unlike his history with fighting. He shared his brothers pervertedness but was rather peaceful and quiet about that, only taking up gaming. Gaming was his only escape from stressful things besides reading manga and watching anime. A few times when Shino would play the game with him, he was shown how to do perform certain moves in fighting games to get the upper hand. If they were to play first person shooters he was shown good vantage points and quick close combat techniques. As life progressed for him he eventually didn't have his big brother around to play games with for awhile and was left to figure out things on his on using what he did know.
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Jubei Kageyama [Awaiting Approval]   Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:56 pm

Simple Sweet and straight to the point! Welcome to Hajime!

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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Jubei Kageyama [Awaiting Approval]   Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:57 am

GUESS WHAT! There was an update! Go ahead and just change up your sheet according to the new format listed Here! Best of luck! Hope to approve soon! Just respond below to let us know you're ready to be checked!

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PostSubject: Re: Jubei Kageyama [Awaiting Approval]   

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Jubei Kageyama [Awaiting Approval]
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