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February 2018
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 Slen Keinho (Needs Approval)

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PostSubject: Slen Keinho (Needs Approval)   Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:53 pm

OOC Info
SL Username: - Harutoyoko
SL Display Name: - Medabots

Character Info

Name: – Slen Keinho
Age: – 20
Birthday: – August 29th, 1998
Gender: – He/him pronouns
Height: – 5’4
Weight: - 135
Race: - Yokai
Species: – Demon Doll
Origin: - America
Occupation: – Porn Shop Worker
Affiliation: – The Yokai and Kazoku-Kai

Character Story
Tell Us Your Story
Slen was put together by a Witch down in the Southern region of the United Stats. The Witch wanted her creation to experience life, to learn, and live as she could not bear children or maintain any lasting relationships. After many failed attempts she finally was able to create a living doll after finding a soul strong enough to withstand the process. Slen was raised to be like a child soon evolved into nothing but a house servant. He never understood why she started off caring and loving and soon evolved into an evil cold hearted woman. The witch soon involved herself into questionable deeds and magic in order to make the next buck, often causing Slen to dig his hands into questionable deeds as well. As the witch got older she started to travel around a lot soon creating a hand full of dolls to accompany her pushing Slen into the backburner. He found himself being less and less useful until one day they got separated in Hajime. Slen looked and tried to find his "Mother" and "Siblings" but could not, when trying to go to the authorities it seemed like his "Mother" never existed. Now without direction time went by Slen found himself homeless. With only his skills for building dolls and small knickknacks what will he do to survive on the streets of Hajime?



Positive Traits:

Negative Traits:
[*]Quick to Anger

[*]Working Indoors
[*]Hanging out with friends

[*]Playing Arcade Games
[*]Listening to new forms of Music

[*]Arrogant people
[*]Loud Noises

[*]Genderless in current State

Facts and Quirks:
[*]Has slight southern accent
[*]Afraid of Fire
[*]Wears the same outfits in different color schemes.
[*]Easily Amused
[*]Highly Gullible (Especially to those Attractive)
[*]Genderless due to being a doll (Goes by male pronouns However)


Personal Effects

Personal Inventory:
[*]BJD Parts in Backpack
[*]Pocket Watch
[*]A Map of the Land

Personal Property:
(What items do you have locked away at home or somewhere else?)

Specialized Equipment:





Racial Abilities:

T5 - Base Attack [Punches and Kicks] starts off as a Moderate per hit.

Non-Combat Abilities:

Combat Abilities:  

Skill Name: Shapeshifting
Affinity: Neutral
Damage Type: None
Damage: None
Extra: With Slen being a doll he is able to attach parts (( shapeshift )) into what he wishes or what others request him to be. ((This is mainly only for appearances, not anything combat related.)) He can attach weapons such as blades if he can find parts.

Skill Name: Doll Hands
Affinity: Physical
Damage Type: Blunt
Damage: Moderate
Extra: He uses two huge doll hands each are the size of an average human body and are used to do the physical fighting. They can guard against moves but the hands are slow and can only have so much range 10 meters at most if coming at you. They are predictable to see coming, as they twitch and glow before they strike. However, getting grabbed or punch by these hands can cause moderate damage.

Skill Name: Quad Hands
Affinity: Physical
Damage Type: Blunt
Damage: Moderate
Extra: (Can only do this once a day) Can summon Four huge doll hands for a minimum of 10 posts before they eventually drain the strength out of Slen and leave him Defenseless. These hands are pretty much the same strength as the normal Doll hands only more of them.

Skill Name: Puppet Strings
Affinity: Physical
Damage Type: Binding
Damage: Minor
Extra: Similar to Slen's doll hands only these have sharp fingertips on the end. These can usually grab hold of an enemy or try to slice and stab at them. They do have 2 hit moderate resistance to some physical and magical attacks but cannot take much damage. [1 Turn to summon and 2 turns to summon if destroyed. 25 Meter Range, 8/10 Speed, can lift to 400 Pounds singular and 800 Pounds if using both, Moderate Damage]

Skill Name: Bundled Strings
Affinity: Physical
Damage Type: Binding
Damage:  Minor
Extra:This is a thicker version of the puppet strings usually with strings so tangled up at the ends they weigh and hit a baseball. These strings can grab (With consent) and Toss (With consent) more effectively than the normal puppet strings. These strings more slowly, however, are more difficult to cut. However due to the thickness, they no longer can cut into flesh if they get a hold, but they can give a very nasty beating. (Can only summon two of these ropes like strings at a time.) These come from Slen’s backpack rather than the doll fingertips and are attached to him. Can lift 200 Pounds max and has an effective range of 10 meters. These Strings can be Grabbed.

Skill Name: Sock-em-Boppers
Affinity: Physical
Damage Type: Blunt
Damage: Moderate
Extra: These are armored doll hands, they are slightly slower than the normal doll hands and have fewer range 5meters. They look like Hands with brass knuckles either dulled or spiked. These hands while slower are mainly used for throwing punches and are permanently fixed in a fist position so they cannot grab. (Can summon four of these at a time, however, these have less range 3 meters).

Skill Name: Finger Blaster
Affinity: Demonic
Damage Type: Burn
Damage: Moderate
Extra: The tips of the Doll hands can shoot out a beam that can take away energy while also leaving a small burn. This attack has a build up the charge before it released this takes 2 turns to charge however if hit it causes moderate damage and can zap a substantial portion of energy. The visual cue for this is that you see a small orb form in the palm of the hands before it fires. physical body, doing 1 moderate can cause them shatter but beware of the flying fragments. [Takes 2 Turns to summon, 5 to each blade individually if broken, Speed 8/10, Moderate Damage]

Skill Name: Enrage
Affinity: Demonic
Damage Type: Blunt
Damage: Moderate
Extra: The only time where Frodus can use the frail body they current possess. While under this they gain in strength and speed for 5 posts. Though his attacks are untrained and sloppy in this state they make up for it in being a powerhouse. They won't use any other powers other than his fists or his blade. However, after this, They will be open to damage for 4 posts without any way for them to defend themselves. [Can Do Moderate, Takes 1 turn to enrage, has to have probable cause to get enraged, Speed 10/10, can lift 3x his body weight. Can only use his physical attacks like arms, legs, and his sword]

Skill Name: The Puppeteer
Affinity: Physical/Demonic
Damage Type: Blunt (Normally), (Sharp or Piercing depending on equipped weapon)
Damage: Moderate
Extra: Slen can make a doll that he can have do his bidding, as long as he is given the supplies to make the doll he can use the strings from his backpack to control it for at least 100feet, however, he must be around to use it as the connection will be lost if the strings get tangled, severed, or pulled too hard.

Skill Name: Hands of the Abyss
Affinity: Demonic
Damage Type: Physical
Damage: Heavy
Extra: Form a circular symbol on the ground before hundreds of human hand-sized doll hands appear out of the circle. If hit by this, some of the hands grab the feet ((With consent)) while the other will release a flurry of punches, however, these attacks damage the soul rather than the physical element of a person body. This is one of Slen's Ultimate attacks that causes heavy damage when attacking ((Damage does not stack as the grab does no damage, damage comes from the punches themselves)), the circle can form in the air or on the ground and takes 3 turns to form. However, if this move doesn't finish off an opponent it leaves Slen in a vulnerable in which he grows weak and cannot defend himself. The visual cue for this is the circle that follows and tries to go underneath or above the other character. ((Circle is 5 meters big so won't be hard to miss.))



Racial Weakness:
Warded Against: Yokai are mainly spiritual creatures and thus they are susceptible to Holy or Purifying magics, even those considered to be “Holy” or “Pure” in affinity. Thus, all Yokai take +1 Moderate damage from Holy or Purifying damage.

Combat Weaknesses:
Physical combat: Don't expect Slen to do some wild bruce lee punches or wrestling grabs. He doesn't throw any trained punches or kicks. If he weren't a doll he'd more than likely break his wrist with his own punches.

Magical Attacks: He is weak to this especially elemental attacks. If he has to use the doll hands to defend himself the doll hands will grow weaker and more damaged with each hit. Hitting him with this without the defense of the hands would be like hitting an old man with an with a kamehameha.

Easily Fooled: Using illusions on him will work 95% of the time if the illusion lasts a while he would more than likely be stuck in it until it's over.

Physically Weak: He only weighs about 135 pounds. Most individuals that get close can throw him around the room like a rag doll. Despite him being a doll he does feel similar human-like pain, so hitting towards the nose or stomach can cause him to fall over in pain.

Easily Angered: Talking trash to him can throw him off of his game and cause him to make a mistake. He doesn't like being taunted and doing so will be an opportunity for him to make a huge mistake.

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PostSubject: Re: Slen Keinho (Needs Approval)   Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:08 pm

Have I mentioned I love Puppets? Welcome to Hajime!
Tier 5 - Health pool: 1 Heavy
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Slen Keinho (Needs Approval)   Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:23 am

GUESS WHAT! There was an update! Go ahead and just change up your sheet according to the new format listed Here! Best of luck! Hope to approve soon! Just respond below to let us know you're ready to be checked!

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PostSubject: Re: Slen Keinho (Needs Approval)   Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Slen Keinho (Needs Approval)   

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Slen Keinho (Needs Approval)
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