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February 2018
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 Anaya Carrick

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PostSubject: Anaya Carrick   Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:00 am

OOC Info
SL Username: - eseli Resident
SL Display Name: - Anaya Carrick


Character Info

Name: - Anaya Carrick
Age: - 26
Birthday: - Unknown
Gender: - F
Height: - 6'0"
Weight: - Body: 122 Lbs., Head: 11 Lbs. Total: 133 Lbs.
Classification: - Mythological
Race: - Dullahan
Origin: - U.S. (Vagrant)
Occupation: - N/a
Affiliation: - N/a


Character Story
Anaya comes from a vagrant family of Dullahans in the southwestern United States. Her family fled from the Dullahan ancestral homeland, Ireland, in the 4th century to avoid the Fae hunts and slaughter funded by Catholicism in their efforts to convert the populace there. As such, Dullahans are a rare species, she herself having only known a handful of others. Despite this, she has, in the past, attempted to mingle with the rare, more accepting parts of human society, in the corners of civilization where she has picked up some minor knowledge of magic. Despite the warnings of others, she is fascinated by human society and history almost as much as her own, and has established a curiosity toward their simpler machinery (though she still doesn't understand much about them). She has moved to Hajime city - a rare gem where humans and other beings mingle, regardless of how conflict ridden that may be - to attempt to sate this curiosity, as she has grown sick of the migratory lifestyle her kind has endured for the past millennium and a half.



Positive Traits:
- Anaya values honor. She will react adversely with people she sees as dishonorable.
- Anaya's trust is a very rare thing to receive, however she is very loyal to those deserving of it

Negative Traits:
- Antisocial behavior is a common trait of hers. She doesn't interact with people often.
- She is mute if her head is not present, she can overcome this using a phone or writing utensil if necessary/possible.
- Even as a mythological being, Dullahans are known for their affiliation, both symbolically and historically, with death. As such her mere presence would be unnerving to those who are not used to proximity to such concepts. She may even inspire fear in some particularly innocent people.

- Spicy food
- Music
- Privacy
- Vehicles

- Meditation
- Engines

- Being stared at
- The 'H' word (Headless)
- Gossip/Rumor spreading

Facts and Quirks:
- If someone offends Anaya, she carries a vial of blood (unknown origin) in her pocket which she will throw on them. This is typical Dullahan behavior, and marks the individual as having been socially out of order (though people unaware of this tradition may instead perceive Anaya as being the one out of line).
- Anaya is usually nocturnal. This may change over time.


Personal Effects

Personal Inventory:

- Cell phone
- A satchel of coins of various origin - though many vary, no coins made of gold, or similar substitute metals (I.E. brass or other lookalikes) are contained in it.

Personal Property:

- A set of aged, but maintained cavalry mail. This is traditional armor among her culture - every Dullahan assembles a set to suit them. This mail is not magical in any way, and protects from guard-weighted cutting weapons (I.E. sword/knife cuts, but will not protect from sword stabs, maces, axes, etc.). Despite this, the armor is of symbolic purposes, she rarely uses it due to humanity's proclivity for more advanced weaponry that it would not protect from.

Specialized Equipment:

- Anaya's head. See weaknesses for details.



Racial Abilities:

-T5 - Being of Myth normally has some natural affinity to it. Because of this Mythological beings will have an Elemental Augmentation to their base attacks, based on the most prominent type of the individual's skills. For example: An individual with fire affinity, adds the augmentation “Burn” to their base attacks.

Non-Combat Abilities:

- Unimpeded: Dullahans have the ability to unlock any non-automated/non-magic lock at their touch ((requires OOC permission to enter private property, or occupied rooms)). This ability fails to open magic locks of any kind, as their enchantments negate it. This ability also fails to open automated or computer-controlled locks, as the moment they are unlocked the computer would correct the problem and re-lock it. This ability WOULD work, however, if the computer monitoring it were to fail in some other way.

- Death affinity: Dullahans were ones predators of the soul, and, as such, have a sixth sense for them. They can sense the presence of death, and of spirits and ghosts, however cannot otherwise interact with them unless the spirit wishes it so.

- Shadow Imbuement: Anaya can imbue inanimate objects temporarily (3 turns) with shadow mana. The effect depends on the item, however no effects are 'directly' combat oriented in nature. This CAN, however, have an indirect combat application, depending on the circumstances. Effects of this ability would be negotiated OOCly upon its use.

Combat Abilities:  

- Shadow bolt: Anaya can condense mana into a small bolt of shadow energy, firing it up to 15m. The attack does 1 minor damage, and inflicts a 'Darkness' debuff if the conditions are met.

- Shadow ball: Anaya generates a ball of elemental shadow, lobbing it at an enemy (10m range). The attack has a 1 post cooldown, however does 1 moderate damage.

- Darkness: Darkness is a debuff that can be inflicted by one or more of Anaya's spells. An enemy afflicted by darkness will take +1 minor damage if hit by a shadow-element attack of any kind. Darkness ends after one full post rotation (I.E. Anaya inflicts it -> you post -> she posts -> then it's gone). Darkness cannot be re-inflicted for another 3 turns (this number will go down according to her tier, formula: turns = Tier/2 rounded up).

- Element affiliation: Anaya resists other shadow element attacks, absorbing some of their force and converting it into more usable shadow energy (-1 minor damage, -1 post from Darkness debuff's cooldown, if it is in effect.)



Racial Weakness:

Outsiders: Due to not being used to the worlds of Man nor Yokai, all Mythological creatures take +1 minor from all sources of Damage.

Combat Weaknesses:

Au: Dullahans have an intolerance of gold. Though gold posts no physical harm to them, they fear it like the plague, Anaya included. The presence of even a small gold pin would be enough to drive her away. This is because gold causes interference with her Sync. on physical contact (see below)

Synchronization: Anaya's body and head are synchronized through an apparent ethereal connection. Despite this, they can lose sync. with one another if they are displaced. If they do not make physical contact once every 24h., or if either come in contact with gold (see above) they will desync., causing her head and body to separate to individual personalities, acting independently of one another. Anaya's head will retain her mental desires (I.E. her emotions including shyness, paranoia, and inhibitions), while her body will retain her... well... bodily... desires (I.E. things such as food... comfort... sex '>.>). Upon making physical contact again, they will re-sync.

Gaseous blood: One of the few anatomical difference of mythological Dullahans (as opposed to say, undead ones), is that their blood is gaseous.This leads to numerous chemical and medical differences, especially when it comes to IV treatment (fluids in her veins could induce a heart attack, much like solids in the human blood stream can). One notable side effect of this is the way her body handles alcohol. Alcohol will evaporate at room temperature, and, in her body where it is even warmer, will be processed not as a liquid, but as a faster moving gas. Because of this her body processes it faster, she will get twice as wasted as a human will, but only for half as long. This also goes for other chemicals entering her body, be them illicit/medical drugs, food (I.E. she will get REALLY sugar-hyper), etc.

Element affiliation: As a being who is aligned with shadow magic, Anaya will take +1 minor damage from any light based attacks. This includes things such as holy-water tipped weapons and light elemental magic, however does NOT include material/metallurgy-based weaknesses (such as the werewolf being weak to silver).

Mana exhaustion: Being that the universe is one based on light, shadow magic is a very extrinsic element. Should her mana dip into the negatives for any reason (methods of this happening will be added later on), or if she is defeated in combat via light magic, she may be reduced to a shade. As a shade, Anaya will be BARELY visible to the naked eye, however will be mute, and deaf, effectively unable to interact with the world any further until her form is restored. Her form is regenerated over time while in areas of either high shadow affinity (I.E. cave systems, dark forests, nighttime, etc.), or in areas affiliated with death (I.E. a crime scene on the street, a hospital room, a graveyard, etc.). All regeneration progress is halted (though not reversed) while in direct sunlight.

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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Anaya Carrick   Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:07 pm

Another Dullahan! Excitement intensifies!
Tier 5 - Health Pool 1 Heavy
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Anaya Carrick   Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:31 am

GUESS WHAT! There was an update! Go ahead and just change up your sheet according to the new format listed Here! Best of luck! Hope to approve soon! Just respond below to let us know you're ready to be checked!

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PostSubject: Re: Anaya Carrick   Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:16 am


Well, it took 10 weeks, but I finally got around to it. I stopped playing for several reasons, not least of which included the fact that my old laptop couldn't even run the sim in double-digit FPS pale

Other reasons included general RP boredom.

Either way, I'd also like to add down here that I'd like to scrap previous RP's I had on-sim with this character (there were only like, 2 anyway), and completely start again. I am no-longer considering this character to be the same one as my HH character, and am instead considering her to be a sort of 'alternate universe' version. As such I also no-longer consider any of my old RPs with her at HH to be canon in Hajime (if that is OK with you guys).
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PostSubject: Re: Anaya Carrick   

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Anaya Carrick
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