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February 2018
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 GORN! (Asta Rain Character sheet)

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PostSubject: GORN! (Asta Rain Character sheet)   Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:02 pm


SL Username: AstaRain
SL Display Name: Asta Rain
Character Name: Gorn
Age: (Must be 18 and older, or race equivalent of 18+) 30
Race: (If Applicable) Lazzit
Origin: (This can be where they are originally born or the first place in the realms they spawns. Yes this can be Hajime itself.) Lazzia!
Occupation: (Your character’s job via backstory or even acquired in Hajime. Try to be semi-specific. Example: Don't put 'Business Man'. Try "Corporate member of [Enter company name]" or not just Scientist but "Bio-engineer") Lazzian empire shield master
Affiliation: (Are they part of any faction? To join a faction before RPing in, please talk to a member of staff or the head of said faction! No, one does not need to join a faction! This can be left as "N/A") N/A


Personality: (this is the only part that NEEDS to be filled out in this entire section, the rest id there because we feel it would help with your development of the character.)
Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • ---- Extremely Loyal to friends
  • ---- Assertive
  • ---- team player/supportive
  • ---- protective of certain few

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • ---- suspicious of new people like... any new to her person
  • ---- holds her ground  (hard headed)
  • ---- ignorant
  • ---- gullible to some things


  • ---- Shields
  • ---- massages
  • ---- fighting
  • ---- ale


  • ---- over confidence
  • ---- The rich (nobility)
  • ---- cliques
  • ---- spies


  • ---- cleaning her shield
  • ---- walking (Strolling)
  • ---- working out
  • ---- working in general

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • ---- Has an almost two and a half foot tongue!
  • ---- can lick her elbow....
  • ---- eats things whole LIKE A SNAKE!
  • ---- is extremely fluffy

Sexual Orientation: (Homo, Hetero, Bi, Pan, Demi, A?) Pan

Personal Inventory:

  • ---- Light metal armor (able to take moderate slashing damages)
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----

Specialized Equipment:

  • ----
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----


Combat Abilities: (What special powers does your character have, if any?)

Military training and unnatural strength: Lazzit's bodies are pure muscle. Under all that fluff is a hardened warrior underneath. Despite her size, her strength is rather unmatched to human standards and can do most heavy lifting with ease (can carry up to 500 Pounds) her punches strong enough to do moderate damage

Heavy Lazzanite shield: The shield is as much an offensive as it is defensive tool. The shield contains spikes for many damaging blows, as well as covers her whole body when crouching, it can ignore frontal damages up to Moderate!

(the shield can do moderate damage normally due to her own strength, and the shield's spikes)

Heavy charge: Heavy damage
cool down: 3 turns
turns to set up a charge:(2) 1 turn to focus the shield in the direction of the charge the second to run at and impale what is there!

Supporting block: Can take her turn to intervene with damages to a player up to 10m away using her shield to help block others.

Combat weaknesses: (What are the things that make them weak in battle? If your character has no weaknesses, we will take it that they have no powers either. Everyone weaknesses in battle, even characters meant to be Gods. No, none of this is known by anyone In Character unless found out through RP or told such. If there is a case where someone blatantly knows your character's weaknesses without ever interacting, please let staff know immediately and notecard the interaction.)

- With the shield she isn't very nimble.

-The shield can only focus damages in one direction, and if something gets up behind her she won't be able to react against it.

-The  shield weighs up to two hundred pounds. Its slow cumbersome when attacking with it

- Hot headed, rather low patients with fools that insult her.


Character Backstory: (Tell Us Their Story) A warring race in a war torn land, close enough to end the battle with the evil master of magics that have been plaguing her species for generations, finally, after a long battle and about to commit the final blow the mage tricks her with an illusion that caught her and sent her off to the yokai realm Hajime has now! Confused she seemed to be at a loss as to what to do next!

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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: GORN! (Asta Rain Character sheet)   Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:54 pm

Before I look through this sheet I'd like to bring up that you already have two approved characters. We haven't seen you on sim and I rather not go through approving a third character when you havent even played the first two. Is there a reason at all? Lack of muse? I merely ask because I have brought up the same to another member of the community that has done the same. [Sorry for the inconvenience >w<]
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PostSubject: Re: GORN! (Asta Rain Character sheet)   Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:14 pm

Oh! I haven't been around a computer that often i tend to want a character for the yokai village just to see what its like! I'll be around today though!
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Amai Fade

Posts : 728
Join date : 2016-08-30
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: GORN! (Asta Rain Character sheet)   Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:19 pm

Okiis! So looking through this, is says for the shield "Up to Heavy" so is that including Heavy damage negated? Because that seems kinda to strong. if it can negate Minor and Moderate damage, I'm okay with that.

However, if you have this shield but still very agile with how heavy it is? that won't do.
So either:

The shield can negate Minor damage, does minor damage and you'r flexible
The shield Negates Minor and Moderate damage, does moderate damage but you aren't very nimble and that becomes a bit of a weakness. Thus making sense why you use a shield.
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PostSubject: Re: GORN! (Asta Rain Character sheet)   

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GORN! (Asta Rain Character sheet)
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