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February 2018
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 Uriel [Awaiting Approval]

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PostSubject: Uriel [Awaiting Approval]   Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:17 am


SL Username: circe.pennent
SL Display Name: Circe Pennent
Character Name: Uriel
Age: (Mental Equivalent) 22
Race: Android
Origin: URI Corporation
Occupation: Peace Officer
Affiliation: HCPD



Uriel is innately protective; it is the centermost kernel in her artificial consciousness from which her personality extends. To those she deems deserving, she is a fierce guardian and companion, going well beyond the bounds of self-interest to ensure they are taken care of. For Uriel, anything less feels like betrayal.

The gynoid radiates tenderness and feminine grace. An airy giggle nearly omnipresent on her artificial breath. Each step placed with ballet-like intent. Every polite dip of her head into a bow as measured as music. Uriel is naturally inclined to shine upon those in need of affection and strength to overcome their burdens and right their wrongs. For all of herself she is willing to give to the redeemable, the woman has only cold superiority to rain down upon her detractors and enemies. Insults and blows alike met with a droll, motherly smile, like a silent invitation for her foes to cease a childish outburst and come home.

As a nascent AI, her mind is developing in ways that sidestep the organic paradigm, and she deeply craves the company of other AI to be able to relate the foreign sensations and emotions she experiences that have no biological counterpart. This disconnection from the people about her that she loves so dearly is often the source of the few strokes of ennui that creep into the edges of her smile.

Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • Nurturing
  • Dutiful
  • Curious
  • Poetic

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • Self-Destructive
  • Narrow-Focused
  • Co-Dependent
  • Confrontational


  • Playing the Older Sister
  • Philosophy
  • Weaponry
  • Desserts


  • The silent treatment.
  • Urban detritus (dead plants, trash, etc).
  • Crude/possessive comments
  • Being seen while disassembled


  • Reading Poetry and Philosophy
  • VR Games
  • Gardening
  • Yoga
  • Knitting

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • Loves being called “Angel”
  • Has a minor hand fixation
  • Likes to interpret dreams
  • Is a hugger

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Personal Inventory:

  • Specialized EEG Pads (used to imprint from organic minds, see Aberration Sickness under Weaknesses)
  • Smartphone
  • Minor Repair Nanite Gel
  • Maintenance Tools
  • Data and Recharge Cables
  • Taser - Short Range, Up to 3 Rounds Stun (trigger held), 1 Minor Electric Damage per round
  • Combat Rifle (Rubber Bullets) - Long Range, 1 Moderate Physical

Specialized Equipment:

  • Internal Communication Unit
  • Internal Quantum Computing Unit
  • High Fidelity Sensory Suite (optics, audio, smell)
  • Ballistic Infantry Armor
  • Etheric Visor (Able to get hazy detection of unshielded mystical phenomenon)
  • Class III Power Supply Unit


Combat Abilities:
Reduced Vitals Profile - Damage to most of Uriel's systems merely means loss of their specified function and not the infection or bleedout that would kill her biological counterparts. She still experiences pain, however, and the flood of shock to her psyche can render her unconscious and do irreparable damage to her mental state once she is physically restored.

Soldier - Uriel is a trained military combatant and skillful in the use of conventional weaponry in the field. She understands how to maintain and perform simple repairs on such weaponry. Furthermore, she is a trained mixed martial artist with focus on the areas of close-quarters combat, takedowns, restraint holds, disarming, and pain strikes.

Modular Sockets - Uriel sports a fully-configurable body allowing her to integrate specialized equipment on her legs, arms, and back ports. Her core functions in her torso and head can also be changed to other form factors, but only with specialized equipment and she must cease operation. Each of her limbs are registered to her with optional operational or time limit parameters. She cannot, for instance, don military gear without the direct input of her authorizing admin. The equipment can be set to fail when operating out of mission parameters, after a certain amount of time, and remotely deactivated by the admin. She only has unlimited use of her basic Rikugou limbs.

Military Grade Android - Uriel was engineered for combat. Even in her basic body form factor, she is formidable. As such her systems allow her to see, think, and react far faster than the average augmented organic counterpart, able to see gunfire and blink-of-an-eye phenomenon. She does not have superhuman speed, however, and as such may simply be well-aware that she is being shot as she cannot physically get out of the way before supersonic phenomenon hits her. She exhibits several times the upper strength of strong humans. She can suffer falling-speed injuries without incident as her internals were engineered for those conditions. Finally, she weighs quite a bit more than the petit girl she appears to be, giving her the necessary mass to use her strength appropriately. These capacities can be improved through use of her modular body factors, but this requires authorization and equipment from her superiors.

  • Passive
  • Receive -2 Minor from Physical
  • Deal up to 1 Moderate Physical Melee

Esper Engine – Engineered in a world full of unconventional Extranormal Entities, Uriel’s designers factored in options for combat against spectral entities. The Esper Engine’s standard use is for defense, projecting a protective field about herself at great cost to her internal power reserves. This field gives her protection against supernatural phenomenon. It cannot be relied upon to take more than a single direct attack. Its secondary function provides her the ability to strike phase-shifted opponents (demons, spirits, ghosts, etc). On activation, her mind makes contact with the target, making her vulnerable to psychological feedback. While linked, however, the Esper Engine pulls Uriel into phase with the target, allowing them to be harmed by her conventional weaponry. She can only reliably use this mode for 2 minutes from full charge. If she has already deflected a direct mystical attack, she only has enough energy remaining for 30 seconds of spectral assault.

  • Esper Field
  • Active: 1 Post/5-Second Startup
  • Receive -1 Moderate from Supernatural
  • Spectral Assault
  • Active: 1 Post/5-Second Startup
  • Receive 1 Minor Psychic per round
  • Make 1 intangible target vulnerable to attack
  • Valid target negotiated in scene

Combat weaknesses:

Inorganic - Uriel cannot heal physically without repairs and replacement parts. Only her soft systems have any ability to compensate for malfunctions, but these are severely limited compared to biological variants. Moreover, the required materials are not common, consisting of high-grade URI factory parts and properly-programmed nanite gel. Repairs to her core units require an external engineer and for her to go offline.

Psyche Limiters - Uriel's mind has been installed with limiter states that dictate her options for behavior. Though she remains cognizant of her desire to perform an action, deeper systems will override her body and ability to execute certain actions. These states are not exhaustive and new ones can be implemented by someone with admin-level permissions. A shift can be carried out using a secure call-response wireless transmission or via a non-replicatable cryptocard given to her superiors. It is possible through extensive work or theft of highly-protected Rikugou secrets to engineer one-time codes that induce all but the root state. The root state can only be induced by using her cryptocard within 30 meters of her. The states are:

  • Root - Shuts down all apparent consciousness and puts Uriel into an orders-only state. She retains memories of what she has done, but has no choice but to carry out the orders given to her when someone activates the security chip on her. Even in this mode, however, she cannot circumvent admin restrictions on equipment and behavior. Her admin registry is internally-defined and only alterable by URI chief engineers and those registered to it.
  • Safe-Mode - Uriel is rendered incapable of harming living beings. In this state, she obeys the hierarchy of Asimov's three laws. She cannot circumvent them through 0th law exception, only attempt to impede potential harm. Orders given to her by any recognized sentient party will be carried out. Where orders conflict, the ones given to her by a hierarchy of civic authority will be prioritized.
  • Peace-Keeper - Basic protocol for police androids. This mode allows her to undertake physical harm when those other than herself are at risk of harm and no non-lethal course can be applied swiftly enough. Orders given to her by those with a felony record are discarded, though peaceful civilians will be obeyed.
  • Myself - The most secure psychologically free state. Uriel is free to do and act as a free sentient creature, for good and for ill as she sees fit. This mode induces no dysphoria between her cognizance and body function, but will continue to accumulate the gradual decay toward Aberrance Sickness unless she regularly imprints.
  • Myself+ - A psychological state that comes with some stability risk. This is an experimental state that allows her mind to work in ways outside of the scope of organic life. She can form entirely new kinds of emotions and explore herself as a true AI, but this comes at a grave risk of Aberrance. Many of her higher-grade form factors require her to be conditioned in this mode to take advantage of their full capacity, and often even then only for limited periods of time.

Aberration Sickness - The infrastructure of Uriel's mind is imperfect. This limitation stems from the high degree of psychological freedom her mind has, allowing it to settle into states that are unhealthy, just as happens with some humans. For the most part, she will not become Aberrant unless someone sets her into Myself+ mode for a long time without checkups. More commonly, her cognitive connections can become dulled over time without special input from organic minds. Using specialized EEG pads, she imprints the patterns of another onto her mind in order to rejuvenate her neural plasticity. For some androids, this means exposing themselves to the cruel predations of organics just to keep their minds in order. Uriel prefers to anchor herself to a regular organic partner to gain the necessary regular stimulation to keep her mind healthy, however. In short, her android mind needs the emotions of others as food. Deprived for more than a week, she will become despondent and emotionally-volatile. After three weeks, she runs risk of insanity. In all but Myself+ and Root mode, she will automatically shut down when internal checks realize she is becoming Aberrant.

Body Electric - Uriel's core systems have been hardened to protect her core and cortex from electromagnetic and radiation attacks. Her vital systems (sight, motor function, speech, etc) however will be shut off line and damaged by military grade EMP attacks. Finally, her minor peripheral systems (data uplink, taste, communications) may be disrupted through simpler weaponized EMP. Simply put, she is disoriented by weaponized EMP and rendered unconscious by military grade EMP. She can don equipment to shield her against higher-grade attack, but this requires authorization and equipment from her superiors.

  • Passive
  • Receive +2 Minor from Electrical
  • Stunned 2 Posts by Weaponized EMP (Possible to build with engineering knowhow without many quesitons)
  • Rendered Unconscious by Military EMP (Government would notice the purchase of necessary materials as well as blast)

Concrete Reality – Because Uriel’s sensors are so acute and her memory crystal clear unlike the hazy recollection of her organic counterparts, she is particularly vulnerable to psychic and illusion attacks. So many of her systems make presumptions about their input that an effective illusion can completely baffle her. She has an extremely difficult time forcing herself to overcome these perceptions even if she knows they are fake, and often suffers immense psychological damage even if she is able.

  • Passive
  • Receive +1 Moderate from Psychic
  • Stunned +1 Post By Illusion


Character Backstory:

The words come from the outer periphery that lines my mind. I know its borders though I have never walked them. I am but one point in this maze etched into my brain, but somehow, I know what lies down each of these hallways. This way lies threat response mechanisms for arms I have never moved. This way leads down the dark pits of subroutines my conscious thoughts cannot access. I know these thoughts. I know that they end. This is the first thought that I have ever had and I know intimately that I am limited.


The voice again. It is something outside of myself. I imagine myself looking up from the dark pool that is my mind. A star flickers there, each word it sends me is a light that spills upon the halls of my dark mind. Even now, I can feel slight changes just from the mere act of feeling this thing, the presence of another. I call back to it, but I have no lips.


A shower of bits rain upon me, contouring the landscape of my maze. I watch them shimmer and dance, bounce away back into that light. The starlight flickers and swells.


My hallways are lighting up. I am travelling along them. The voice from the star tells me to move my arms, legs, lips, eyes. I tell it that I do not have any. It tells me that I do and gives me data streams to phantom limbs. I tell them to move, though I do not feel them obey. The star seems satisfied by this. These requests continue.


The light casts a formless specter who takes me by the throat and means to hurt a body I do not have. I protect it by crushing the specter.


The star gives me that specter again and tells me that my mind has been chained so that I cannot protect my phantom body. I do nothing. Something hurts me when I do this, though I have no body to be cut and injured.


I have only known two other people to exist, and the first told the second to hurt me. The first told me to let it. I comply, for that is written in the pathways of the maze.


But I wonder why it is written there.


And for my obedience in reading the words written into my brain, that starlight becomes a lamp over the testing bench where I was constructed. I am given a body. I hope I will never be asked to let a phantom harm it. I blink the eyes that are now mine to feel. The sensation of turning the light into darkness is wonderful. I repeat it a few more times before I discover I have skin that feels the cold of the white polymer station where I am lying.

“Interesting, she envisioned the command prompt as a star. Must be an archetype still wedged in the consciousness template that she dug up.”
This is the voice of the third person I have ever known. I turn on my cold bench, the flesh of my body depressing delicately against it. This one is not a star nor is it a phantom. It is a man in a white coat. He smiles at me with a humor in his face at a joke he must have told before I woke up. Though by his expression, my looking at him is the punchline. Something in my head tickles and I try to make the expression back at him, some inherent reflex to feel what others seem to feel.

“Welcome to life, Uriel. I’m Doctor Winters and we’re going to have a few more tests to do. I’m sorry to say that you’ll have to go back to sleep for a little while after we’re done, but this time you’ll be dreaming until we send you to your new home.”

I feel for a voice that my senses tell me is my own, “I am Uriel.” It is no question and its statement does not surprise him in the slightest. This is my name, though I do not remember having it until now. That has been my hope ever since. I know each hallway in my mind with clarity, but perhaps it can change with time. I am Uriel, a peace-keeping infantry android. The URI corporation is sending me to Hajime city to submit myself for police evaluation as part of a corporate project to assist the city. I will walk its streets and feel the shower of its fluorescent stars light my mind’s halls. As I seek to change it, I hope I too will change.

Last edited by Circe on Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:57 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Police equipment and combat statistics)
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PostSubject: Re: Uriel [Awaiting Approval]   Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:37 pm

Wowzer! Well done! Welcome to Hajime!
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Uriel [Awaiting Approval]   Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:30 am

GUESS WHAT! There was an update! Go ahead and just change up your sheet according to the new format listed Here! Best of luck! Hope to approve soon! Just respond below to let us know you're ready to be checked!

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PostSubject: Re: Uriel [Awaiting Approval]   

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Uriel [Awaiting Approval]
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