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February 2018
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 Ada Fujikawa [Awaiting Approval]

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PostSubject: Ada Fujikawa [Awaiting Approval]   Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:04 pm

[Ada Fujikawa]

SL Username: AkikoMiko
SL Display Name: Azumi Kawakami
Character Name: Ada Fujikawa
Age: 25
Race: Human
Origin: Detroit
Occupation: Police Officer/Law Enforcement
Affiliation: N/A


Personality: (this is the only part that NEEDS to be filled out in this entire section, the rest id there because we feel it would help with your development of the character.)
Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • ---- Caring
  • ---- Relaxed
  • ---- Comical
  • ---- High in Spirit
  • ---- Energized

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • ---- Worrisome
  • ---- Hyperactive
  • ---- Addicted to Peaches


  • ---- Peaches!
  • ---- Gaming
  • ---- Running
  • ---- Computers/Game Consoles
  • ---- Pistols/SMGs
  • ---- Gynoids


  • ---- Sexual Harassment
  • ---- Violators of the Law!
  • ---- Man-Eating Monsters
  • ---- Gynoids That Want to Kill HER!
  • ---- Getting Shot At!


  • ---- Drawing
  • ---- Playing Video Games! (Preferably MMOs)
  • ----  Watching Anime (Total Weeb)

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • ---- Related to Akiko and Aki Fujikawa (Or Gelsie).
  • ---- Her stomach is a bottomless pit! (Not really. She's always hungry though.)
  • ---- Hates Mobas! (Dota 2 and Smite specifically.)
  • ---- Really scared of being involved in any romance!

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Personal Inventory:

  • ---- PSP Vita
  • ---- Safety Peach (For those tough firefight moments!)
  • ---- Wallet/ID/CreditCards/Cash
  • ---- Firearm! - She will be trying to obtain a permit for personal use.

Specialized Equipment:

  • ---- Combat Knife
  • ---- Tech-3 Pistol/SMG
  • ---- Visor
  • ---- Radar
  • ---- Deacon Pad
  • ---- Combat Knife


Combat Abilities:

- Lightning Reflexes: She can easily avoid incoming attacks that she sees coming or is aware of. (Passive)

- Enhanced Speed: Ada is capable of running at extreme speed; similar to that of a fast moving vehicle. (Passive)

- Advanced Combat Training: After several consecutive years of training in different styles of fighting, Ada is capable of disarming opponents at close-range and delivering painful blows to their joints.

[Minor Bludgeoning Damage - OOC Consent to Disarm Targets]

- Combat Knife: Usually paired with her Tech-3 Pistol for close-quarters combat.

[Moderate Slashing/Piercing Damage]

- Tech-3 Pistol/SMG: New state of the art tech capable of forming into two different almost instantly at the press of a button; from a small firearm to a SMG. The pistol excels at longer ranges and the SMG is a lot more suited for up-close firefights. (Can Use Non-Lethal/Lethal Rounds)

[Tech-3 Pistol: Moderate Piercing Damage - 20 Meter Range - Laser Sights - Flashlight Attachment - (Can Be Silenced)]
[Tech-3 SMG: Moderate Piercing Damage - Fired 3 Round Bursts - 13 Meter Range - Scope Attachment - Laser Sights]

- Deacon Pad: Functions similar to a PD radio, but has access to WiFI/Internet as well!

- Visor: Shields her eyes from bright flashes of light! Particularly from her own flash bangs. Can be broken!

Combat weaknesses:

- Ice: She takes increased damage from ice-based attacks by one tier and they tend to freeze her in her tracks or slow down her initial movement.

- Lightweight: Ada is easily picked up and pushed around due to her initial size and weight.

- Squishy: Just because you're a cop, doesn't make you tough if you're a human! She has a reduced health pool by one tier.


[u][b]Character Backstory:

Ada is a distant cousin to Aki and Akiko Fujikawa. She comes from a long generation built around law enforcement, starting from her great, great, great grandfather. As a result of this, she immediately knew what career she wanted to pursue at a young age. Being the youngest of her siblings, Ada spent most of her time around her three older brothers and immediately developed a more tomboyish lifestyle after a few years. She had very little trouble during her school years and succeeded in most of her courses except for Math. 'Who in their right mind liked Math?' Fortunately, she was spared of most bullying problems thanks to her three older siblings and the many close childhood friends; however, she occasionally faced sexual harassment from a few of her peers which ultimately led up to a failed rape attempt which left her traumatized for a period of time. This dark experience only strengthened her motivation in becoming a cop to prevent things like this from ever occurring to anyone else.

Upon graduating high school, Ada went on to become what she been planning to be for some time; a police officer. Of course, she had a lot work to do before getting started. This consisted of vigorous training within her local police academy. Usually, this would have been completed within just 6 months, but she decided to extend it to an entire year to further prepare her for the reality of being an officer of the law. The training that Ada received allowed her to develop useful skills for her line of work which would eventually come to save her life during a mugging and a violent gang encounter. After a long period of consecutive training, she was now ready to be put in the line of duty where she would originally spend over 5 years as a cop in Detroit. Later on, Ada decided to move out of her home state into Hajime City, located somewhere within Japan where she would continue to pursue her career.

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PostSubject: Re: Ada Fujikawa [Awaiting Approval]   Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:39 pm

More weaknesses and descriptions, ZuZu... ;~;
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Ada Fujikawa [Awaiting Approval]
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