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February 2018
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 Ichiya Chigiri [WIP]

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PostSubject: Ichiya Chigiri [WIP]   Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:44 am

Ichiya Chigiri

SL Username: foxfirestorm
SL Display Name: Koti Winters
Character Name: Ichiya Chigiri
Age: 28
Race: Vampire
Origin: ???, Japan
Occupation: Yokai Hunter
Affiliation: N/A


Personality: If you were to have met Ichiya Chigiri before the change, he was a nice young man, with a warm smile, great laugh, and a wonderful outlook on life. He was a bit of a prankster and was never the rebellious sort. If anything, he was sometimes to nice, and while he had no problem defending himself or those close to him, he didn't like to actually fight. Everything he learned on fighting, was simply to make sure if he had to defend himself-- He would win.

However, this man is nearly a shadow of himself now. He is in constant war with a beast within that is trying to consume what he has become. Sometimes essence of who Ichiya was, will show up. Sometimes that smile or even that laugh, but he is now a creature of solitude... And an individual who doesn't mind starting a fight, with all the plans to kill if he does.

It is a struggle for him to figure out sometimes who he really is or who he was. The edges bleeding between the two, where honor holds his hand, but other times, he just wants to tear someone's face off. Where moral and ethical lines are crossed, but other times they are simply thoughts on the wind. A doctor could call him mentally unstable, but all of his anger, rage-- all the essence of the beast inside is aimed directly toward the Yokai people.

Toward humans, he shows restraint, places on a friendly mask, and while keeping them at distance, he may seem.... Normal. So long as that person doesn't start something and if they do, he'll give them a simple warning, before he lets the monster inside have some of its way on the poor soul; With no apology given.

There are times though, that Ichiya does wonder how long he can keep it all in check. Silent thoughts where he wonders if the creature that attacked him was once like himself, in a struggle, and that creature lost. He silently hopes that by doing what he is doing, he can continue to hold onto some thread of his humanity, and not be completely lost to the darkness inside.

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Personal Inventory:

  • 1x Katana Blade
  • 3x Throwing Daggers
  • 1x Concealed Knife In hidden arm gauntlets.
  • 1x Concealed Knife in Boot.
  • Kevlar Chest Protection under shirt.


Combat Abilities:
Passive Abilities -
Blood Pool: Many of Ichiya's abilities operate off a blood resource. This resource can be replenished by using "Sanguine Bite" on an individual or drink blood from other sources. The top value of Blood Pool is 100, the lowest value is 0. Each ability subtracts from Blood Pool, except for Sanguine Bite. For each pose round, he loses +1 point from his Blood Pool for each pose round. He loses an additional +1 (making it +2) for physical activities such as running, fighting, etc.  If he reaches 5 points remaining in his blood pool, he enters Frenzy (see Weaknesses).

Living Pulse: Ichiya Chigiri can see everyone's veins in their body within visual range, so long as they have a beating heart and are living. He can also sense the differences between blood types being if they are human or something else just by simple scent in the air within the same range.

Weapons Of Choice: Ichiya has been training in the art of Kendo since he was a young boy. He also practiced some other forms of sword fighting as well, but tend to remain loyal the Katana. He is extremely proficient when it comes to sword combat and also has a rather good eye with throwing daggers.

Cat-sight: Ichiya has perfect night vision. He can see in the dark if it was a bright, cloudless day. However, this means in bright light areas without his shades, he can be easily blinded, and any form of UV light, even with his shades on will temporarily blind him (longer with his shades off).

Playing Dead: Long as his heart remains in his body, even if it stops and is not damaged. It will beat again over time and start to heal him. This process is slow and takes a large amount of his Blood Pool; Naturally activates, unable to stop.

Active Abilities -
Controlled Healing: Able to use his own blood pool to heal his own wounds. Can also use on others but with risks.

Shadow Step: Can use the shadows to move from one location to another within visual range.

Sanguine Bite: The bite is paralyzing and can be used to replenish Blood Pool; Comes with risks.

Enhanced Strength: Slightly stronger than a human. Can draw on blood pool to increase strength.

Alluring Presence: Has an effect on the mind of others when active. Uses Blood Pool.

Combat weaknesses:

UV Light: Sunlight or any light that emits UV rays drains him of health and his blood pool. It also blinds him, even with his sunglasses on.

Bloodpool: Past points he can become more and more dangerous, until he goes into a flat out frenzy. He also loses points in his blood pool over time. Worse when around beating hearts.

Killable: While he does not age, he can still be killed. If his head is served from his body, his body burned, or heart pierced.

Frenzy: While in a state of frenzy, he will attack anyone and everyone. Has no memory of the event. Strength up. Speed Up. No conscious thought. Think like a rapid dog. Unable to use really any conscious thought powers.

Fire: It does extra damage to him.


Character Backstory: Ichiya Chigiri has a rough time remembering how it all happened. How it all started. He knows he was one just a normal, young man. University Student going between visits with his Family in Japan and the University in America. Learning Engineering and continuing his training in Kendo when he could. One skill that no longer served him really. The other he learned to now hone into a deadly art.

What he does remember is that he was visiting home or maybe with some friends. They ended up going to some strange city, a place where things were not said to be right. Somewhere, they all got separated and Ichiya found himself alone in the dark city of Hajime. Then he remembers movement, a pain, than unconscious.

When he woke up, he was unsure how much time had gone by, that is when it felt like his memory was trying to fade, where he was losing how own identity. He found blood on his hands and a dead woman alongside him. He realized in a short moment-- he killed her and it only be a bit longer that he realized he was no longer 'human', but something else. Something that desired blood.

First, he tried to fight it, but it only made it worse, and the worse it got, the more his mind became fogged over. He eventually had to give in, trying to find ways to obtain blood without hurting people, to hide what he was. What he was turned into. It was only when he ran into one of the Yokai did he not restrain himself. Attacking the creature and killing them as he fed on their blood. It was their fault he was this monster and it was in this, did he find out his new purpose in his growing twisted mind.

He would destroy the Yokai, he would find his salient, and he will do his best to make sure no man, woman, or child of the human race suffers as he has; Or die trying.
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Ichiya Chigiri [WIP]
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