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February 2018
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 Chase Helsing [Awaiting Approval]

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PostSubject: Chase Helsing [Awaiting Approval]   Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:38 am

[Chase Helsing]

IMPORTANT NOTE- Character's personality/views/etc based on the player behind the screen...

SL Username: ChaseHellsing Resident
SL Display Name: Tsuki
Character Name: Chase Helsing
Age: 25
Race: Inu-Ōkami [Half Dog and Half Wolf Mix]
Origin: The Youkai Realm - Spawned In England
Occupation: Wayward Helsing Heir
Affiliation: Yokai


Personality: Kind, Curious, Intelligent, Naive, Open Minded, Hopeful, Wishful Of Good Or Light In All, funny, quirky, animated with tone expressions and body language so much so one may confuse his intentions considering the silly tone of voice he sometimes uses even when he is serious about something he's saying.
Positive Traits/Strengths:

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:




Fun Facts/Quirks:

Sexual Orientation: Hetero/Straight

Personal Inventory:

  • ---- Cellphone
  • ---- Wallet
  • ---- Personal effects [Clothes]
  • ----

Specialized Equipment:

  • ---- Helsing Family Medallion
    Made of Silver
    Effect: Repels Dark or Evil aligned beings, doing 1 minor to them upon touch.


Combat Abilities:
Still A Youkai:
Like any other youkai, Chase is able to hit harder than a human due to his claws. Thus, with his claws, Chase can hurt someone for a moderate per hit.

When Dogs Fly:
Like the known Okami, Chase is able to fly. He can due such in his Bipedal form and Youkai form, but not his Daiyoukai form because he's too big.

Transformations: Able to shift between his three forms at will.

  1. Base Bipedal form
  2. Inu-Ōkami DaiYoukai Form(Giant Wolf/Dog Demon Quadroped),
  3. Inu-Ōkami Youkai Form(More proportionate but still larger than normal quadroped)

Body Slam:
Though he can't fly when he's n his Daiyoukai form, chase sure can jump! Thus he can jump and land oontop of an opponent for moderate damage. He's not all muscle yet, so this can get stronger over time.

Martial Arts Knowledge: Due to his own personal training, Chase is able to strike for a moderate amount of damage without his claws.

Make-shift combat: Since Chase is good with martial arts, he tends to use most weapons pretty effectively in a sudden moment. Items which he uses in combat which are grabbed and swing do 1 minor of damage. [This would include tables, stools, chairs, poles, bottles. Pretty much anything in a bar fight which you can pick up, he can use in these situations.]

Helsing's Blessing: Growing up in the Helsing family raised him to have an understanding of Holy and Light magics. Because of this he can perform a few tricks and even to an exorcism!

  • Binding Light: Chase is able to send out a ball of light towards someone which will emit a bright glow around their form. The light will hold them still, not doing any damage to them if they are not Dark or Evil based. If they are, it'll do minor damage per turn that it is around them. [Lasts 3 turns]

  • Benevolent Wrath: Chase and encompass his fist with light energy to add a light infinity to his hit, making it do just 1 moderate, still.

  • Dark-Be-Gone: Chase's only sealing technique. After the capture of a dark aligned individual, it is possible to go through a ritual to bind their darkness powers away, making them neutral or even good aligned for some time. This will last for until the being finds a way back to being dark [OOC Consent]

  • Exorcist's Rights: It is possible for Chase to cleanse darkness from someone entirely, however the process is quite painful. Thus, the individual would take 2 moderates of damage during the ceremony and proceedings of the exorcism. If complete, they will be stripped of all darkness. If not, Chase takes 1 moderate damage due to fatigue, stress and being overpowered. [OOC Consent]

Special Moves:

Howling Agony [For 1 minor damage]- Extensive and intensely loud Wolf howl to blow away or disorient enemies.

Random Comedy Gag- From sudden stupid faces and noises to throw enemies off guard or a dog toy squeaker in the pocket to do the same, well you get the idea. If he saw a pie nearby tho you can only imagine...

Combat weaknesses:
Surprise Attacks or being surrounded can cause him to lash out violently and potentially harm ally and enemy alike.

Rancid and strong smells can overpower him causing a need to back off or an ineffective fighting stance considering the holding of nose or other.

Loud noises on sensitive ears make for a horrible time and thus leave him stunned for one extra turn if there is a stun effect.

Dislikes overly warm, or humid environments, moving away from such in combat if he finds himself in such a situation

Fire based magics will cause +1 tier damage to him

Dark based magics will cause +1 tier damage to him


Character Backstory: Chase Helsing, the heir to the Helsing Family and Family Business, the Helsing Organization whom gives non humans and supernaturals a place of sanctuary so long as they are not ones of dark or evil hearts or openly waging war nor committing crimes or violence upon humans or others of any given entity co-existing within the universe or multiverse or other. Chase however felt that the family's big and complicated responsibilities such as coordinating teams, squads, or armies to combat things he knows are out there felt overwhelming and is trying to get away from it all...However a lot of it has inspired him but still a big and dominant male or alpha male leader isn't his style. He likes to be an Omega, a fun lover, a slacker, or goofball. Or in other words he'd like to be able to at the very least opt out of big complex responsibilities vs a 24/7 year long job of balancing the forces of good and evil in the universe or at least on Earth.
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Chase Helsing [Awaiting Approval]   Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:33 am

Well done, Chase! Working with you on this was fun!

Welcome to Hajime!
Tier 5 - Health Pool: 1 Heavy
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Chase Helsing [Awaiting Approval]   Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:21 am

GUESS WHAT! There was an update! Go ahead and just change up your sheet according to the new format listed Here! Best of luck! Hope to approve soon! Just respond below to let us know you're ready to be checked!

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PostSubject: Re: Chase Helsing [Awaiting Approval]   

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Chase Helsing [Awaiting Approval]
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