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The Important Stuff

February 2018
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 Queen Pudden

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PostSubject: Queen Pudden   Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:18 pm

SL Username: saeraphinadebevec
SL Display Name: Queen Pudden
Character Name: Pudden
Age: 19
Race: human
Origin: Hajime City west district
Occupation: work as a full time board part dealer
Affiliation: N/A



  • computers
  • ----skateboarding
  • ----Cooking
  • ----being Lazzy
  • ----Not very strong.
  • ----Has ADHD.
  • ----Goes with the flow.


  • ----Food
  • ----Anything with wheels.
  • ----Puppies


  • ----Gross things
  • ----Bugs
  • ----Slimy things


  • ----Skateboarding
  • ----Video-gaming
  • ----Watching movies
  • ---- Smoking weed.

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • ----Likes to hang out with people.
  • ---- Video games.
  • ----Smokes weed.

Sexual Orientation:

Personal Inventory:

  • ----Skateboard
  • ----Backpack
  • ----Phone
  • ----Headphones and music player.

Specialized Equipment:N/A

Combat Abilities:N/A

Combat Weaknesses: N/A

Character Backstory:
Pudden, is the youngest of the two, in her family.she is also the lest favored because she wont sell her body on the street. Pudden's Mom,was mean  and nasty whore that tried to make her kids like her. Pudden didn't want to whore herself out and sell drugs she wanted nothing to do with her family her sister by the age of 25 was emitted to a mental hospital for drug rehab and for being total pycho,and so Pudden decided that she had a enough,and would rather live on the streets then end up like her sister raped by her father and whore'd out by her mother.
Pudden now works at skate  shop were she tunes old school skateboards and new age tech boards. she loves her job helps her for get her past troubles.
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Queen Pudden   Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:45 am

Wows! Super straight to the point!
Welcome to Hajime and be safe out there!

Tier 5 - Health Pool: 1 Heavy
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Queen Pudden   Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:15 am

GUESS WHAT! There was an update! Go ahead and just change up your sheet according to the new format listed Here! Best of luck! Hope to approve soon! Just respond below to let us know you're ready to be checked!

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PostSubject: Re: Queen Pudden   

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Queen Pudden
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