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February 2018
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 A.L.I.S. - Aggro Tech's Artificial Learning and Information System {W.I.P.}

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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: A.L.I.S. - Aggro Tech's Artificial Learning and Information System {W.I.P.}   Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:42 am

OOC Info
SL Username: AmaiOkami Resident
SL Display Name: Amai Fade

Character Info

Name: A.L.I.S.
Age: 19 Years In Design
Birthday: March 25th
Gender: Female Frame
Height: -
Weight: -
Race: Droid
Species: Artificial Intelligence {A.I.}
Origin: Aggro Tech Labs within Hajime City
Occupation: Personal Secretary and Relations Unit
Affiliation: Hajime City


Character Story
Begin Log
Project A.L.I.S.:


Based entirely on the ideas of what would be ideal for a robotic assistant, ALIS was redesigned to show signs of empathy and to be able to recognize emotional changes based on body temperature, facial structure, and body language. Because of this she is a very kind and soothing creature. She doesn't know how to lie, it's not in her program so one should generally expect honesty and loyalty in this unit for that's the core of her existence.

Positive Traits:

  • ----Loyal
  • ----Dutiful
  • ----Empathetic [To a degree]
  • ----Honest

Negative Traits:

  • ----Blunt
  • ----Very Forward
  • ----Easily Confused
  • ----Ignorant Of The World


  • ----New Technology
  • ----Hajime City
  • ----Laboratories
  • ----Recharging Stations


  • ----Collecting Information
  • ----Downloading Languages
  • ----Learning About Organics
  • ----Teaching About Organics


  • ----Running Out of Charge
  • ----Wet Places
  • ----Hackers
  • ----Obsolete Technology

Facts and Quirks:

  • ----A.L.I.S. was designed, originally as an Artificial Linguistics and Infiltration System for war efforts
  • ----She Will Snack On Scrap Metal
  • ----Does Not Understand Non-Human Languages
  • ----Doesnt Believe Magic Exists, Science Has An Answer To Everything


Personal Effects

Personal Inventory:
(What items do you have on your character at all times?)

Personal Property:
(What items do you have locked away at home or somewhere else?)

Specialized Equipment:
(What special items do you have placed on you or locked away. Please specify which it is)



Racial Abilities:
Hardened Shell
Droids take -1 tier from piercing attacks

Non-Combat Abilities:
Systematic Harmony

Combat Abilities:  

Unlimited Connections

One With Wires

In With The New



Racial Weakness:
Shortage: Made of technology, Droids are very susceptible to electric attacks. Due to this, all electric based attacks cause a droid to be stunned for 1 round and take +1 Minor of damage.

Combat Weaknesses:
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A.L.I.S. - Aggro Tech's Artificial Learning and Information System {W.I.P.}
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