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February 2018
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 Raid Boss: Felwen

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Ume Kawakami

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PostSubject: Raid Boss: Felwen   Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:14 pm

SL Username: Yulan Zsun
SL Display Name: Ume
Character Name: Felwen Gunsche
Age: 120 or so (Looks about 20)
Race: Shadow Dragon
Origin: Berlin
Occupation: Member of the Gunsche family (though not by blood) of assassins, bounty hunters, and mercenaries. Felwen is a freelance assassin who specialises in putting on macabre theatrical performances, which are essentially murder made into art.
Affiliation: Gunsche Family/Freelance


Personality: Sinister Artist
Positive Traits/Strengths:

Highly Intelligent, particularly when it comes to Tech, theater, artwork, and philosophy.

Highly cunning in terms of strategy.

Despite her preference in types of art, Felwen is very practiced in painting, singing, dancing, and many other theatrical genres.


Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

Extremely cruel.

Completely unforgiving of anything that delays or obstructs her performance.




Knives and Marksman Rifles

Fine Red Wine



Bright Lights


People who question her art.


Singing, dancing, and Theater

Working on Rifles

Play writing.

Inventing new ways to blend magic and technology

Fun Facts/Quirks:

About 60% Cybernetic.

Enjoys Classical music, particularly anything with a violin.


Enjoys high places such as roofs.

Hit (in conversation):





Miss (in conversation):



Art Critics

“Are you a Succubus?”

Possible Drops when Defeated:

Assorted mesh Rifles.

Assorted mesh knives.

Assorted clothing/armor.

Enchanted items. (1 in 100 chance)


Robotics and Cybernetics

Sexual Orientation: N/A, Felwen has little to no interest.

Personal Inventory:


A ton of knives.

Lotus Bombs.

Art Supplies.


Character Special Abilities:

Combat Knife/Bayonet/Claws:
Self explanatory. Note: When using powered tanto blades, she gets the same armor/parry/barrier/dr penetration as her rifle.
Range: Melee
Damage: Moderate
Damage Type: Slashing or piercing

Felwen is able to fly using her wings, however high impact weapons can knock her out of the sky, causing her to take fall damage.

Because of her chosen profession and species, she is very agile, surpassing even most human freerunners, allowing her to hop across roofs and quickly climb short walls/hop over barricades without slowing down. This also makes her very good at evasion, dodging, and quick movements. Her tail can also be used as a third arm almost, able to hold items such as a knife, can swing for moderate, or grapple… or do all those other things an arm would be able to do.

Semi automatic (or bolt action with some models) with high stopping power, Felwen uses this rifle to deadly effect. Her bullets are specialised rounds, they ignore 1 level of damage resistance, if the target has a resistance that is applicable, and in terms of hitting barriers or shields, the effectiveness of the shield is reduced by one level against them(this applies to parries, barriers, damage resistance, ect).
Range: 20 meters
Damage: Heavy
Damage Type: Piercing

Target Vitals:
Felwen’s visor helps her target the most likely vital areas of the target creature, allowing her to dramatically increase her damage for one lethal shot. This can be done with her knife, or with her rifle. If done with her rifle, it uses the same specialised bullets as her base attack. 5 times per combat. One round cooldown (usable every OTHER round). (If the shot misses, its charge is refunded)
Range: 20 meters (rifle), Melee (knife)
Damage: Major
Damage Type: Piercing

Master Blink:
Short range teleportation, requires direct line of sight. Can attack during the same round.
Range: 20 meters
Cast time: Instant
Cooldown: 1 round

Once per round, as her tail action (Meaning if she does this, she can not attack with her tail that round), she may place one black, metal lotus trap. The trap is made up of serrated metal petals, and explodes when someone gets within 3 meters of it (it has a 3 meter AOE). The serrated petals do heavy damage, and if the target is a magic user, prevent spell casting for one round. When she blinks she can chose to place one at the location she blinks out from, not at her arrival location, but if she does this it prevents her from using her tail to attack. (For clarity, she can place one of these, and still attack with her hands or hand held weaponry.)

Those within 20 meters of Felwen who attempt to use their radio, phone, or other electronic communication device are affected by this ability. Those who attempt to use a com device in her range, their message is completely scrambled, the only thing heard over the coms is static. (Over time people may figure out this means something is up, but won’t know who, or where, or what.) This also starts a 1 round countdown, the next round their com/radio/phone explodes violently, dealing moderate fire/electrical damage.

Usable with bolt actions only. The target must be further than 20 meters away, but closer than 60. (In short, not usable in combat proper). Felwen lines up a careful shot, and fires. She must have no distractions during this, or the shot fails. The shot uses her high penetration rounds. If the shot hits, it will inflict severe damage. (once per day)

Curtain Call:
Upon death Felwen pulls open her coat, revealing a wiring of numerous lotus bombs, and detonated them. This of course takes her out (though she respawns in 1d4+1 weeks, on her own power). However it also deals severe damage to those within 4 meters of her if they are not fast enough to escape the blast radius. (obviously once per spawn)

Character Special Weaknesses:

Damage inflicted with a silver weapon inflict +2 levels of damage on her. For example a silver sword swung for moderate would instead do major to her. A citizen with no powers who tries to stab her with a silver butter knife (assumed to do minor), would deal heavy to her right out.

Damage inflicted from Fire is increased by +1 level on her.

Shock effects block her Target Vitals ability from use for the duration of the combat.

Overconfident Artistic Babble:
Felwen loves her work, engaging her in discussion about her artwork distracts her as long as one can keep her occupied with it. Giving people time to escape or formulate a plan.

Bright Lights:
Bright lights such as LED’s can blind Felwen for one round. Once per combat.
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Raid Boss: Felwen
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