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April 2018
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 What to Expect When Your Character is Arrested?

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PostSubject: What to Expect When Your Character is Arrested?   Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:05 pm

What can you expect if your character is arrested?

It may be daunting to allow your character to become arrested when you’re unsure of what that means both for your character, and your ability to pay OOCly. This thread will hopefully answer some questions and make you comfortable with adding an arrest to your character’s story line!

Let me preface a little by telling you what the HCPD is and is not about. A helpful thread for more information can be found here.
The police faction is here on the sim to give antagonistic characters something to react to, as well as give them a faction that will react to them! The HCPD are NOT given OOC ability to control you or your character. OOC consent still matters! With that said, there are some limitations, and we’ll get into that.

Now, for the meat of the matter!

What you could possibly expect when your character is arrested.

Being arrested in real life can be scary, and in general the roughness or the manner in which the police handle you depends entirely on how severe the crime is and your own behavior/cooperation. Stole a loaf of bread because you’re hungry? Don’t worry, you won’t be getting a 5 guard Aladin chase!
That said, the severity of the punishment depends entirely on the severity of the crime. Some such punishments can include (after arrest):

  • Subject to a lengthy interview/interrogation by arresting officer
  • A fine of an amount chosen by the officer on a case by case basis
  • Cell time (explained moreso below)
  • Community Service
  • Parole with conditions
  • Time in The Tower (WIP)

Of course, these are some main examples, the most important thing to keep in mind is your RP is going to be handled uniquely. And that if you have questions or concerns, IM the officer(s) handling the scene and let them know where you’d like to go with it.
Now, I did mention before that there were some limitations to this kind of thing, and I’ll go over that now.

IC Consequences

An important thing to be aware of, is that getting your character arrested isn’t an OOC punishment! In fact, having an arrest RP can actually supply you with RP and story, and is rewarding in it’s own way. Your character will never be thrown into a cell and then left there, leaving you unable to play them. While there may be some hold over time, if you’re being arrested you should have the arresting officer there to RP with until the scene ends, or one or both of you go to bed or do something else.
But, what if you’re a murderer or a terrorist? Surely you wouldn’t be held for a few hours and released? Well, you’re right, and that’s what The Tower will be for. If your character commits a great crime, they will be sent to The Tower to dole out their years and reforment, while ICly time passes faster inside than it does outside (day or more). This will allow you to not be stuck with a character you cannot play (more information on this Tower is pending).

So, that must mean there’s no OOC punishment to be had? Well, you’re kind of right, but there is a point where staff would need to get involved-

Avoiding IC Consequences

What does avoiding IC Consequences mean? Well, by definition, it’s pretty self explanatory… playing your character as always getting away with their misdeeds without paying for it. An example would be your character being a drug dealer that gets caught selling repeatedly, but you always avoids getting caught no matter what (usually this is also coupled by people gloating about it in my personal experience). Why then, is that such a big deal if OOC consent to your character’s path is such a big deal?
Well, keep in mind that you’re playing with other people, real people, that also want to feel like they’re having fun. And there is nothing more frustrating than a person not being considerate of their enjoyment as well.

Also, avoiding IC Consequences not only hurts RP for other people, it hurts you, too. You are effectively stunting your own character’s growth when you play as the Protagonist that Always Wins! The domino effect of that is quite real and can taint the RP experience of others on sim, so if you consistently avoid either arrests, or avoid RPing out community service or other punishments, you will be spoken to.
Staff are always willing to be helpful first, but keep in mind repeat offences may result in actual OOC punishment- like an IC arrest, it’s case by case basis.
We care about the environment being fair and fun for all!

Arrest: The Process

So, your character was caught doing the crime, and will have to do the time. But what happens during arrest?

Once those cuffs are on you, there is a process you can expect to RP (or if you need to go, IC information you will need to give). This is called Processing, and it happens in real life.
You will be taken to the station, searched, and personal effects will be taken and stored. Your finger prints will be scanned, and if it’s your first arrest, your information taken and put in the system. This means Name, Age, Sex, Race, etc- all the information that comes with identification. This is also the point where you would want to tell your RP partner (the cop) if your character would have a record of criminal activity in any databases in their back story.

You’ll then have your mugshot taken or updated, and then you will be questioned on the situation. And yes, all of this happens even if your character would turn out to be innocent! Arrest and control the situation to maintain public saftey, THEN you’re questioned. And of course, this isn’t set in stone, you may be questioned on the street depending on the officer! Case by case.

So, your character is guilty, and processed, what next?

This is where we’ve come full circle. Depending on the crime, affects the severity of the time!
Keep in mind, we’re all here to have fun and have attempted to decide on IC punishments that would still allow you to RP as your character, and possibly even open you up to RP with new people you wouldn’t have run into otherwise (think community service, maybe you work at the coffee shop for a few days and meet some of the regulars)!

On behalf of HCPD, we look forward to Role-Playing with you!
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What to Expect When Your Character is Arrested?
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