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February 2018
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 Axel Prins [awaiting approval]

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PostSubject: Axel Prins [awaiting approval]    Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:11 pm

[Axel Prins]

SL Username: Liarino
SL Display Name: Spooky Boogie
Character Name: Axel Prins
Age: 23
Race: Sorcerer
Origin: Myut
Occupation: Looking for a Bartending Job
Affiliation: Eclipse Hunter??


Personality: Axel Prins has a dreams that touch the stars no matter how crazy they seem. A dreamer and a man with a taste for adventure, he loves the thrill of working with his hands and following through with plans towards unknown features. Growing up around the docks watching both pleasure and working ships in the harbors, he grew obsessed with the notion of owning one on his own and following after his dreams of flowing into the open sea.

Very much a man who is driven to success, he can’t keep himself still. Axel always needs to be doing something with his hands. Be it playing with a lighter, cleaning a glass, or running fingers through his hair he always needs to have something to do.

A true romantic at heart, Axel can’t help but hold his heart on his sleeve. As a dreamer, he spends a lot of time contemplating bringing someone along with him on his ship. As proof of such romantic notions, he has a long list of exes. Though he never was a bad boyfriend, very few could handle his eccentric nature and almost too far off dreams. Never one to be grounded, it drives people away from him because he tends to be larger than life. Axel is a man of many friends, but does crave closer connections. He is a very physical person due to the men who he was regularly exposed to – Sailors and barmen growing up. He learned that touch was a good way to communicate his feelings and in turn became a very physically affectionate person. That combined with his wistful nature leaves Axel as a heart breaker of sorts. Once Axel falls for a person, he falls hard and fast. His true desire is to mix a partner with his dreams of the future, and sharing his love of exploration.

Axel loves the water. Regularly known to be spending hours a day just playing and amusing himself in it. He loves the mysteries and the secrets that water holds, and usually finds any excuse to spend time in it.

One of Axel’s biggest Influences are the stories about Treasure Hunters. The idea of a man traveling to true magical places, meeting monsters and encountering great hardship brought out pure adoration In young Axel. These stories were read to him when he was a kid by his late mother, who nurtured his imagination and turned him into a true adventurous soul. She taught him to accept others, no matter how odd they were and look into the good of people. This led him to spend a lot of time learning about other people and their stories rather than judging at first glance. Axel loves a good story- be it happiness or heartbreak. He is the type to listen to others no matter how hard the story is to tell.

Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • Good Listener
  • Adventurous
  • Strong Willed
  • Eager

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • Hasty
  • Opinionated
  • Easily Swayed
  • Dense


  • Water
  • Ships
  • Guns
  • Booze


  • Frogs
  • Toe-socks
  • Nosy people
  • Rules


  • Carving wood
  • Bartending
  • Shooting targets
  • Talking to people

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • Collects beads
  • Dreams of being a pirate captain
  • loves ducks
  • Falls for people very easily

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Personal Inventory:

  • ---- Carving Knife
  • ---- Bead bag
  • ---- Shell Necklace
  • ---- Cellphone

Specialized Equipment:

  • ---- Catalyst Ring (What he channels his spells through)
  • ---- Tigers Eye Tattoos


Combat Abilities:
Axel is a Sorcerer specializing in water based Magic.
Water manipulation. Minor damage to moderate depending on manipulation.
(His favorite is forming a sword out of water. It hardens to a type of pressured sword. Anything else he isn't really proficient at)

Tiger Shifting. [moderate - Hes a tiger after all]
(Shifting is due to the enchanted tattoos on his body. These were tattooed on as a right of passing once he reached 18.  Unfortunately in this form - he cannot speak unless if you count tiger noises)

Combat weaknesses:
If his catalyst is removed it is almost impossible for him to cast spells. It takes 10x more energy to cast without something to channel through.
Easily distracted --  if he has to focus on a multitude of enemies he can get sidetracked easily and get caught off guard.

Conductive - using electrical energy against Axel when he is using us Water based sword can easily catch Axel and paralyze him.


Character Backstory: Axel grew up in the largest magical port just outside of the country of Myut’s  major city Vestin.He would spend most of his time watching the scenery with his mother. The two of them would spend hours sitting on the dock watching the boats leave in the morning, and return throughout the day bringing in their haul. The city always quiet, it was a very relaxed environment during the day. Once night hit and the boats were in for the night, the small town would awaken, taverns overflowing with sailors spilling their stories of the day about their catches, or the mystical creatures that would surface during their travels. His mother likewise groomed his interests in stories, regularly reading to him at night books about adventure.

He was trained in magic by his mother - a Water based Sorceress, and a potions master. His father- an Earth based Sorcerer specializing in carving enchanted items.

As a child he was usually left  to his own devices, wandering the beach near their flat.  Axel regularly ran into magical creatures and beings along the way. Always being adventurous, on occasion he’d wander out too far on the rock bay despite his father’s warning.

One day he slipped and fell deep into the rocky water below. Through a turn of events he was saved by a few siren who deemed him too small to eat. Though they were terrifying in both beauty and teeth- Axel befriended them after. Learning their names and their lives – becoming close friends with them. The siren in turn taught him a lot about the sea, and their legends passed down from their families about the pirates and exploration of old. From that connection, Axel gained a few trinkets. Most notably a necklace made of shells pulled from the depth of the sea.

One prone to adventuring Axel even in his younger years built a raft to sail to the other side of a small lake outside of his childhood home. Both land and sea were not safe from Axel’s explorations. Regular taking jaunts out into forests around his home, or finding mountains and trees to climb, he was always active and one to get into mischief. Regularly he’d find himself with scratches and bruises at the end of the day that before her death, his mother would treat. She never scolded him however for his adventurous nature, instead just warning him of the dangers, and teaching him that each scar is a life lesson that one must learn. Taking that lesson in as a mantra, Axel learned that opening up and listening to other people’s scars and stories made him a better person, and less likely to make mistakes of his own.

His father, a man of many talents through his childhood taught him to be good with his hands. Because of his love of the sea he learned how to craft ships in his free time and has been developing the hobby since. It also made Axel prone to collecting odds and ends whenever he found him. His bedroom at home tended to be a bit of a disaster zone, proving that hoarding was not a good trait to have; but because of his influx of supplies he became crafty.
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Axel Prins [awaiting approval]    Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:09 pm

Liarino! Im so glad you're deciding to join and throwing your pirate into the mix!

I just ask for a bit more detail!
How much water can he manipulate? What can he do with it to cause damage?

Maybe a water whip? Drown people? Suffocation? Just a few ideas
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Axel Prins [awaiting approval]    Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:24 am

Heya! Sorry for not getting to you for a while! The forum has been going through a lot of updates! Thus, before approving or checking your sheet, I just want to let you know of an update that was had. All ya gotta do is copy-paste your info into the new format! Super easy! The new format listed Here!

There was also the addition of "Races" which you can check out Here So be sure to do that in order to complete your sheet properly!
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PostSubject: Re: Axel Prins [awaiting approval]    

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Axel Prins [awaiting approval]
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