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February 2018
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 R1-R1 "Riri" Character Design [Awaiting Approval]

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PostSubject: R1-R1 "Riri" Character Design [Awaiting Approval]   Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:51 pm

["Riri" Rikugou 1b/L - Riot Control Squad 1 (R1-R1)]

SL Username: Jonzi
SL Display Name: R1-R1
Character Name: Riri
Age: 22 Years
Race: Rikugou Gynoid
Origin: Riri was built and processed like many of her line, she has fought in countless engagements across various battlegrounds before being recommissioned and sold of to a firm specializing gynoid reconfiguration.
Occupation: Body guard and domestic servant for AS/FR Corp.
Affiliation: N/A


Personality: Saying Riri has a personality is like saying a vehicle has one, more or less she has quirks at the moment. As she has more and more experiences she has begun to develop what humans would define as a personality.

Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • ----Power to weight ratio is superior to the average Rikugou unit allowing for enhanced speed and strength.
  • ----Titanium alloyed frame designed for high impact projectiles and energy weapons resistance.
  • ----Advanced electrical surge protector breaker system.
  • ----Unlocked RAM in her software allowing her develop emotions and expand her intellect.

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • ----Near emotionless, unlocking of her RAM has only recently allowed her to develop and recognize them.
  • ----Very heavy, between her titanium frame and advanced systems she weighs close to a small vehicle.
  • ----Surge protector breaker system while protects her body from damage from electrical attacks also renders her powered down until manually rebooted.
  • ----Limited battery life, while the ACS BAT60-R has a powerful charge it is has a rather short span of use before it requires charging which can leave her powered down.
  • ----Near limitless curiosity, able to form and develop conscious thoughts she now is cursed with an ever growing list of questions she must answer.


  • ----The smell of lemons, her olfactory sensor finding it the most pleasing scent.
  • ----Working out, she finds it helps ease the growing strain and stiffness in her aging servos.
  • ----Reading, the downloading of information is to fast for her she would rather spend time examining text in its raw form.
  • ----Magic. after discovering the existence of arcane energies she has become engrossed in all tales mythical and true of he stuff.


  • ----Fighting, having seen years of it and filled with stored files from her time as a soldier she finds it to be a crude and almost useless form of conflict resolution.
  • ----Peanut Butter, it gets stuck in her oral cavities and then over stimulates her olfactory sensors.
  • ----Water activities, weighing some hundreds of pounds she finds that it is an antiquated form of amusement and travel.
  • ----Slavery, has recently discovered that being held against your will is a very dis-pleasurable state to live in.


  • ----Riding two wheeled vehicles in a very unsafe manner
  • ----Haiku writing in binary
  • ----Cooking delicious meals she is unable to enjoy fully
  • ----Painting P0-M0's nails

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • ----In her early days as a riot control unit confiscated illicit contraband intended to be sold off as knock offs of a popular holiday toy.
  • ----Has developed a curious fascination with sexual characteristics and activities of humans and does not understand personal boundaries.
  • ----Highly attracted to mannequins and finds a kinship in them.
  • ----Once single handedly took on an entire regiment of a force of opposing Rikugou units.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, she has not had enough experience to have had a decision

Personal Inventory:

  • ----Small notepad and pen for writing things down
  • ----Apartment keys
  • ----Sunglasses to "fit in" with humans and other things
  • ----At any given moment she may have a random trinket she has found and finds interesting

Specialized Equipment:

  • ----Rikugou "b" body with an enhanced CMFF endoskeletal frame
  • ----Broadband receiver and transmitter head gear
  • ----F.R. Hi-Resolution multi-spectrum Camera eyes
  • ----ACS BAT60-R


Combat Abilities: R1-R1 has a multitude of detailed files relating to advance combat techniques allowing her to adapt to various roles on the battle field. Whether they are historical, simulated, those from her own extensive field service she is able to draw upon them to access and approach most encounters from a tactical advantage. Her modified Rikugou body is her greatest asset with immense power and durability it will allow her to deal as well as endure immense amounts of physical amount of punishment. R1-R1 would be able to shrug off most small arms fire as well as larger caliber and energy shots not designed to penetrate. Even her dermal layer "skin" is an ablative armor that will flake off under stress from massive explosions to dissipate and redirect concussive force.

Combat weaknesses: Due to her processing of data to analyze combat R1-R1 can be very predictable falling into repetitive patterns of attack. As keen opponent can easily see these telegraphed and use them to counter her. While she is also very fast this is primarily locomotion speed and does not translate well into fighting movements. Her servos now aged do not allow for the high dexterity she once possessed in her days of prime performance. Her biggest weakness is well protected against yet still can be used against her in battle. R1-R1's body is protected by an advanced electrical surge protector breaker system that keep her from being destroyed by EMP based attacks it will shut her down to prevent this. Tripping her breaker will leave her shut down until she can be manually rebooted by an external manner.


Character Backstory: R1-R1 or Riri as her handlers and users have come to affectionately call her was for the majority of her existence just a simple Rikugou combat unit. In her career as a soldier she was successful in the way only a robotic one could be, she approached the engagements systematically and even in the face of overwhelming odds had always always come out victorious. Riri was  front line combatant originally commissioned as a command and control unit which put her in the thick of some of the most intense fighting. She became no stranger to damage seeing a fare share of rebuilds and repairs. With each she seen more modifications and upgrades, before to long R1-R1 would become the go to unit for her EFSF handlers. Yet she was a machine and machines do not last for ever. No matter how much maintenance she would receive eventually Riri's combat effectiveness began to wane ad she was downgraded to back up and finally decommissioned all together. This would have been the end of R1-R1's career as a soldier and her existence all together.

As fates would see it a company looking for Rikugou units to test and develop on approached the EFSF about units to be re-purposed. R1-R1 was sold to AS/FR Corp. and promptly redeveloped with their brand of operating system. Her RAM was unlocked to allow the advanced learning system she had been installed with to develop. As well as her CMFF chassis being modified to allow for greater  capadability in companionship. R1-R1 was then assigned by AS/FR Corp. to be the domestic servant and body guard to Dr. Pomona Applewhyte. There she would act as the doctors personal servant until the day of the accident that would claim the woman's life. Before the company could respond to the incident R1-R1 and the other Rikugou unit that acted as her assistant were quietly reassigned to Hijame City.
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PostSubject: Re: R1-R1 "Riri" Character Design [Awaiting Approval]   Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:23 am

Heya! Sorry for not getting to you for a while! The forum has been going through a lot of updates! Thus, before approving or checking your sheet, I just want to let you know of an update that was had. All ya gotta do is copy-paste your info into the new format! Super easy! The new format listed Here!

There was also the addition of "Races" which you can check out Here So be sure to do that in order to complete your sheet properly!
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R1-R1 "Riri" Character Design [Awaiting Approval]
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