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March 2018
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 How It Began

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PostSubject: How It Began   Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:38 am

How It All Came To Be

Before we begin, please take note of everything typed in Blue. Anything typed in Blue is important  knowledge and information that is known through the city. Meaning, what is in blue can be used for making a character. Yes, you can have a character begin knowing absolutely NOTHING. This is just in case of anyone wishing to have characters which grew up in Hajime or have gone through something here in Hajime. Please also keep in mind that Hajime City takes place in an Alternate Reality of Modern Day! Now let's get to it!
The TL;DR [Please click the word "Spoiler"]

Few people remember the glowing bustling city now known as Hajime as what it used to be. Previously, it was known as Kakegawa of the Shizuoka Prefecture. A small village which was barely touched by man. People working together in order to survive the conditions of their home and doing so rather well. Food was never a problem, discipline was high. Everyone pitched in for the sake of the happiness of their village and safety of their own family. This Village, slightly falling behind on the times, did well for what it could and continue to well enough for a stable population.

Unfortunately, these times quickly came to a change. Far off the coast of South Eastern Japan, in the distant oceans of the northern Pacific ocean, there were signs of major weather oddities. The oceans never calm, occasional whirlpools without the shifting of tectonic plates. Such abnormalities were too dangerous to investigate at the time, but all could see what formed in the distance. As the skies turned to blacks and purples, off in the distance, people were able to see what appeared to be a rift in the sky. A large one. Existences of other realms had never been so obviously observed before. To the humans watching, such a sight brought shock and awe; as many believed the world as they knew it had begun to fall apart. However, due to being so far in-land, the people of Kakegawa did not share this experience.

Instead, what brought horror to the people of Kakegawa was when the shifting of the tectonic plates finally occurred. It started a chain reaction, causing the rise of an island off in the northern Pacific, and thus forcing large tidal waves and hurricanes to hit Japan. Many villages were hit, cities flooded, casualties were had. Kakegawa's incident was a just as catastrophic for the people. Fields of food completely wiped away, the soil left without minerals due to the salt of the crashing in waves. Flooding which lasted for weeks, wiping away almost the entirety of the old civilization and battering its inhabitants to scatter to either stone rooftops where they waited for the seas to recede or lost their life to malnutrition and dehydration.

From the rift which opened out in the Pacific, not many knew what to think. It soon was gone, according to the leading men and women who sent entire research companies and even soldiers to check the newly formed island for any signs of life or disturbance. In the mean time, cities were helped and searched for survivors as the waters receded and exposed nothing but rubble, death and destruction. A land of every-day light had been destroyed before the people's eyes, leaving them with a new barren wasteland to call their home. At this point, the people had two choices... Adapt or Leave. Most people of Kakegawa chose to leave to major cities where they knew people were getting more help and surviving. Those who stayed soon found their lives to be much different from what they were used to.

When traveling through the rubble of their old village, many of the people found that the forest and shrine to the north had been untouched entirely. As thought a divine being had placed their guard here, the entirety of the temple was untouched which also included a small amount of forest around it. When beginning to look around the forest, new creatures could be found rather quickly. Beings which were known as Yokai, seen easily by the people who had finally crossed into the threshold of the shrine's land. These Yokai began helping the people to rebuild their old village. However, as the people already knew, not all Yokai are kind.

From towards the sea, there had been tales of Yokai which traveled and conquered lands, fought people and caused disturbance. Vicious creatures which caused destruction, plague and misery. The people of Kakegawa did not seem to fear this, since they had Yokai who had been protecting and helping them. However, this soon became a reality that they dealt with as Yokai from the rift began drifting into their village, bringing forth chaos, death and more destruction.  As though another wave from The Calamity had hit them, the village found itself in a state of constant terror. It soon became rather often that other Yokai were found within the village from other locations. An old sage from the Shrine's temple explained that the land of the living and the realm of the Yokai had become blended. Death became less potent within the city due to there not being a place for them to pass on to without extreme situations.

As the spread of fear took over the people, they began banishing Yokai from the village, installing laws where Yokai were kept in the forest of the Shrine and no where else. Yokai seen on city streets caused panic for the people and quickly ensued hysteria, even if they meant well. Yokai became entrusted creatures and quickly shown ill to by many of the individuals within the town.

After years decades had passed and technology beginning to rise, the old village had become a town. Within this town, though there was less of a problem with Yokai, there were groups of vigilantes and gangs. The most well known being the Blue Skulls Gang. Most of what they did was written off, but their numbers were high enough to warrant them getting noticed, especially with how often their tag could be found just traveling through the town of Kakegawa. What caused the people to take note of these individuals wasnt just their reckless ways, but that some of their members were not entirely human and how organized their leader was. Eventually Alex Dawnstrider, the leader of the Blue Skulls Gang, left his old life of crime with the intent of making his home town better. Inspiring some of his fellow gang members, Tristan, a wolven male among them, also took a stand to become something more, and began using his interest in technology to help his city as well.

After many years of leaving their lives of vigilante crime, both males began building companies which brought much more to Kakegawa. However, just because they stepped away from their way of life did not mean that the Blue Skulls had just fallen apart. The Blue Skulls quickly became more organized and powerful, soon being known as The Blue Skulls Syndicate as they began opening businesses to help their home. This along with Alex Dawnstrider's company, The Blue United Trust: Trade Services, as well as Tristan's Aggro Tech. brought forth a wave of new technology, opportunity and civilization to their old village. The Blue Skulls Syndicate was quickly seen as the salvation of the city, even after all of the hell brought through their old ways. They assisted in the establishment of a proper police station, new housing units, a better hospital and even locations of culture and peace.

Through the efforts of these individuals, Kakegawa became so much more than it had been and soon was renamed to Hajime as a way to show pride from all those that built it and lived within the city which stood. This was their home, through all the bad and good. Hajime City now stands as one of the most technologically advanced cities in all of Japan, if not the entire world. Other global companies have come to place their foot into the city's prosperity, including Dispeller Pharmaceuticals which supplies the hospital thanks to Takashi Nomya, as well as Kamiyama Vacations & Resorts which has placed a large hotel to support the city as the tourist attraction it had become.

Truly, everything seemed to be becoming perfection within the city as crime rates were becoming lower. However, with every good thing there is a hint of bad. Corruption became known in the city as people began paying off police to look the other way. Prejudice again Yokai and those where were not fully human was obvious, especially within locations like the hospital. While these came from issues in the past, this does not mean that it is all gone. There's plenty of shadows within the lime light.
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How It Began
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