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The Important Stuff

February 2018
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 Fuyu the Ice Apparition

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PostSubject: Fuyu the Ice Apparition   Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:24 pm

[Enter Character Name Here]

SL Username:Gabigaile
SL Display Name:Kissaie
Character Name: Yuki
Age: 826
Race:Ice Spirit (If Applicable)
Origin: Ice realm
Occupation:Ice Elemental
Affiliation:None (Are they part of any faction? To join a faction before RPing in, please talk to a member of staff or the head of said faction! No, one does not need to join a faction! This can be left as "N/A")


Personality: (this is the only part that NEEDS to be filled out in this entire section, the rest id there because we feel it would help with your development of the character.)
Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • Strong connection with the cold.
  • Her age has given her a natural calm.
  • Has a natural connection to the spirits.
  • Intelligent

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • Does not to well in warm areas.
  • Everything around her tends to get colder.
  • Sometimes water freezes to her touch
  • Wear a jacket


  • Winter time
  • Animals
  • Water
  • Working with the spirits


  • Heat
  • Confrontation (She has been known to completely ice entire areas just to avoid it.)
  • Being around too many other people or things. (She has spent much of her life alone.)
  • Modern Technology. (A belief it has destroyed mans connection with the spirits)


  • Making pretty much any area she inhabbits like winter
  • ice sculptures (She cheats, uses magic.)
  • Walking
  • Reading

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • Has been known to freeze entire lakes just to play on the ice
  • Gets jumpy
  • Sometimes wonders if she would actually melt.

Sexual Orientation: No specific orientation. At least not that has shown.

Personal Inventory: She rarely carries anything with her. Often forming things she needs from ice.

Specialized Equipment: Again, makes anything she needs from ice. Often from the water molecules in the air.


Combat Abilities:Ice, water, snow, pretty much anything cold

Combat weaknesses:Heat, fire.


Character Backstory: Yuki Traveled to this realm from her own, interested to learn beyond her own world of ice and snow. Though she seems to have some trouble adjusting she has had some luck, and found a way. Sheer curiosity is all that brings her here.
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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Re: Fuyu the Ice Apparition   Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:20 am

Heya! Before approving or checking your sheet, I just want to let you know of an update that was had. All ya gotta do is copy-paste your info into the new format! Super easy! The new format listed Here!

There was also the addition of "Races" which you can check out Here So be sure to do that in order to complete your sheet properly!
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Fuyu the Ice Apparition
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