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April 2018
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 Nagiyaka - City of the Yokai

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PostSubject: Nagiyaka - City of the Yokai   Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:16 pm


Summary: After the opening of the rift off in the distant ocean, the realms of Life and Death became even thinner than normal, allowing classic Yokai which had been hidden in their peaceful civilization to finally be able to cross into the land of the living. This caused a class of both good Yokai, which had been able to move on to the next world, and malicious Yokai, who have been trapped on earth, to interact and begin butting heads. Both can now live among humans though they are all treated rather negatively from what had happened to Hajime City in the past as well as people's general fear for the current powers and the people among them.

What is a Yokai? Click Here

Laws of the Land:

  1. The Head Yokai looks out for all. Heed their words closely and follow their law.

  2. Young ones which are attached to the realm Realm Spawn and Realm Yokai are to be supervised as often as possible.

  3. Our community blossoms according to its people. The more you assist around the village, the better a place you make it. We may each have our clans and our families, but here in Nigiyaka we are as one people and one community, please remember this.

  4. All combat is to be held within the dojo or tournament arena. Fighting anywhere else will be punished swiftly. This applies to dueling and sparring, as a part of a contest or otherwise. The streets of Nigiyaka should be a safe place for all Yokai, young and old to walk. Those who seek honorable duels should also seek an observer, to ensure that no foul play occurs.

  5. Shine land is sacred. Respect it better than you would respect even the Head Yokai. Our younger brothers and sisters rely on free passage between realms from the Kindred. Respect them, and respect their presence, even in our own realm.

  6. Attacking of humans is forbidden without a just cause, as of word of the Head Yokai. Those whom attack a human needlessly will be banished from our realm until decided otherwise.

  7. Willing mortals may be brought into the Yokai realm only under the supervision of Young Yokai, Matured Yokai or the Head Yokai themselves. Unaccompanied humans will be considered to be unsupervised, and dealt with accordingly.

  8. All feasible attempts can and should be made to make the Yokai people appear friendly and approachable in the eyes of the mortal beings we live beside. Our realm is adjoined to theirs, therefore we should bear in mind that our visible actions represent those of our people as a whole.

  9. Local public entities shall have the right to manage their property, affairs and administration and to enact their own regulations within law.

Tier 1: Head Yokai
Summary and Obligations:
Leader and Chief. Normally placed after winning the Divinity Tournament.

Tier 2: Matured Yokai
Summary and Obligations:
Older and much more knowledgeable of themselves and their realms

Tier 3: Young Yokai
Summary and Obligations:
Still learning their way but have lived for at least a century. Learning to greatly control themselves, Young Youkai can travel between the realms with the assistance of a Matura Yokai, making it much easier for them to move without the portal from the Kinship of Harmony.

Tier 4: Realm Yokai
Summary and Obligations:
Young and barely able to pass between worlds. Still too weak to travel back and forth alone, these Yokai need the portal to travel successfully to the mortal plane from Nagiyaka. They must still use the portal.

Tier 5: Realm Spawn
Summary and Obligations:
Freshly born yokai, knowing nothing of themselves just yet. Unfortunately these creatures cannot teleport in and out of the realm of Nagiyaka due to the fact that they are new to this realm. Thus they need to use the portal bestowed upon them by the Kinship of Harmony to move back and forth. These beings couldnt even travel alongside a higher ability Yokai [In a personally Made Portal] due to the them not being strong enough to hold themselves through the rift. If a Realm Spawn tried to travel with a Mature Yokai it will result in death.

Tier "6": Banish Yokai
Summary and Obligations:

The Yokai Festival

Kitsune no Yomeiri (The Fox Wedding)

Kitsunebi Festival

Hyakki Yagyō (Parade of A Hundred Demons)

The Change of Time Tournament
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Nagiyaka - City of the Yokai
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