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April 2018
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 The Mythological

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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: The Mythological   Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:27 pm


Thought to be nothing but fiction and bedtime stories, these creatures prove to be everything and more than what the old legends have told of them. “Mythological” is the generalized name for all creatures which stem from old human stories yet they’re not from an alternate realm, like the Yokai. More often than not, mythological beings have existed among humans for a very long, extended amount of time without being noticed. This includes beings such as Elves, Orcs, Fae of all origins, creatures of old Myth and many more are all labeled as “Mythological”.

Racial Weakness:
Outsiders: Due to not being used to the worlds of Man nor Yokai, all Mythological creatures take +1 minor from all sources of Damage.

Possible Perks:
(You Do Not HAVE to take on any of these perks)

T5 - Being of Myth normally has some natural affinity to it. Because of this Mythological beings will have an Elemental Augmentation to their base attacks, based on the most prominent type of the individual's skills. For example: An individual with fire affinity, adds the augmentation “Burn” to their base attacks.

T4 - Magical Affinity makes Mythological creatures using magic to hit for +1 minor than anticipated.

T3 - Gain The Skill "A Story To Be Told"
Information on "A Story To Be Told:

T2 - Gain The Skill "Tenacity"
Information on "Tenacity:

T1 - Gain The Skill "Call of the Gods" and is no longer affected by " "
Information on "Call of the Gods:
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The Mythological
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