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February 2018
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 Scarecrow: The Stitched Nightmare {W.I.P}

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Amai Fade

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PostSubject: Scarecrow: The Stitched Nightmare {W.I.P}   Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:02 pm

OOC Info
SL Username: AmaiOkami Resident
SL Display Name: Amai Fade

Character Info

Name: Sage "Scarecrow" Abby
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Female?
Race: Mythological
Species: Tattered Spirit
Origin: Farmlands of England
Occupation: Farmer - Harvest
Affiliation: None


Character Story

Once upon a time, there was a simple village, deep in the countryside of England, lived a family of farmers. Jonathan and his wife, Sage along with their two sons, lived peacefully in their small home and working hard to assist others of their community. Happy times, simple times. Sage, one day, fell very ill. Medicine, at this time, wasn't very good nor helpful and eventually, Sage passed on silently and peacefully within her home one day while resting.

Jonathan had begged for the village to search for ways to save his wife, even asking neighboring villages miles and miles away if they had a way to save her. However, no one had such. It is said that Jonathan went mad with hatred for others not saving his wife. His sons soon stopped returning home, having said to flee from the home out of fear of their father who had grown so angry that he'd lash out at his sons. Without the company of his sons and the town soon treating Jonathan like a plague he made a scarecrow in the fields among his crops. Dressing it in his wife's clothing and leaving it with a sickle at its feet.

Everyday, Jonathan went to see the scarecrow who reminded him of better times, of his wife. He'd speak to it and talk to it, telling it of the past time he had spent with his wife. Eventually his madness became obvious as he called the scarecrow by his wife's name, Sage. Everyday he'd change the attire of clothing on the scarecrow to be another dress his wife owned. Everyday he'd remind her of events in the life they had once had. This continued for six years until one day, Jonathan had finally decided that all he desired was his wife back.

Jonathan made his way into the forest around his village, seeking out the one known as 'The Wise Woman'. Finally finding the old witch's hut, he spoke to her and pleaded to her for a way to bring back his wife, and she gave it to him. She told him of how to bring back his wife and that he'd need a replacement body for the spirit of his lover. Instantly, the man thought of the scarecrow and accepted the help of the witch, giving her what he could as payment before returning home in a rush.

What did Jonathan have to do? He had to prepare the body by coating it in lavender oil, which he bought from the witch. He had to drape the new body in the linens of his diseased loved one and coat it in the ashes of his loved one's remains. It had been six long years and his wife had been buried, so he had and did go dig up her grave. That night, he had been seen digging up his wife's grave by a man from the village, who quickly ran to tell his neighbors. They told their neighbors and within hours all was known.

Jonathan was not aware and went forth to do as he needed to raise his beloved. He burned the remains which he gathered, bone and decaying flesh, before coating the scarecrow in the lavender oil then coating it in the ashes of Sage's remains. There was an incantation left, and then he would have been done. However, magic is never so simple. There was a very fine point to it all. Jonathan had to have thought he wished to pass on to the body so that it called to the spirit and brought her back in the image of what she was. It was not a perfect Resurrection but it would assist greatly.

Unfortunately for Jonathan, as he began the incantation, a mob came to his home. Shouts and screams of a witch and a curse coming to their home. Jonathan's actions being deemed as unholy an terrified the neighbors of his village. Screams and shouts of damnation and hellfire raised from their voices and the flames of their pitchforks, causing Jonathan fear and anger. His growing hate for his villagers became is forethought as he finished the incantation and faced them with anger. He shouted at them for not understanding his love, for not saving Sage, for making his sons leave, and for damning him to solitude. The shouts continued back and forth between Jonathan and the villagers for a moment before a sharp wind danced through them all. Unsettling and dark winds brought forth silence over the crowd of individuals. Torches blown out and all was black besides the light of the moon.

All remained still as if death itself had approached. The Villagers watching Jonathan with fear that he may be up to something, but it was not him which brought forth such, not alone. Slowly the scarecrow behind Jonathan fell off of her pike with a loud "thud" much heavier than anticipated for a bunch of hay and rags. Jonathan jumped and faced the scarecrow, moving to bring it back up. All he did was speak the name of his wife, wondering if he had brought her back, before being silenced among the tall crops. Out of sight from most members of the village since they were on the ground, but Jonathan's sickle found itself through the man's abdomen before being ripped to the right, tearing the man open to bleed to death in moments.

The scarecrow stood up slowly, the lack of light making it hard to be seen as the scarecrow of Jonathan, until eyes of burning embers came into view. A wide smile of stitched black. Screams never left the village and news of what happened remained unknown. Those whom visited never returned home and the village was abandoned entirely by others. That night a new horror was born, Her name became exactly what she was, "Scarecrow".



Positive Traits:
- Determined
- Understanding
- Ambitious
- Courageous
- Honest

Negative Traits:
- Malicious
- Aggressive
- Mischievous
- Taunting

- Harvest Time
- Calm Nights
- Orange Lights
- People of all Kinds

- Night-Time Strolls
- Sewing and stitching
- Dancing
- Meeting New People

- People of all Kinds
- Rude Comments
- Insults
- Fire

Facts and Quirks:
- Scarecrow doesn't show her face until Harvest time
- She often won't respond to anything but being called 'Scarecrow'
- Interacting with people for more than an hour makes her twitchy
- Doesnt get Angry. Ever.


Personal Effects

Personal Inventory:
(What items do you have on your character at all times?)

Personal Property:
(What items do you have locked away at home or somewhere else?)

Specialized Equipment:
Item Name: Crow's Harvest (Sickle) {Personal Inventory}
Damage Type: Piercing and Slashing
Damage: Minor-Slashing, Moderate-Piercing
Extra: This Item is Hidden via dark magic by Scarecrow. Normally, it is kept within her shadow to be pulled out with ease, or it is within her coat/hood.

Item Name: Jack (Scythe) {Personal Inventory}
Damage Type: Piercing and Slashing
Damage: Moderate-Slashing, Heavy-Piercing
Extra: This Item is Hidden via dark magic by Scarecrow. Normally, it is kept within her shadow to be pulled out with ease.



Racial Abilities:
Tier 5 - Being of Myth normally has some natural affinity to it. Because of this Mythological beings will have an Elemental Augmentation to their base attacks, based on the most prominent type of the individual's skills. Scarecrow’s Affinity is

Non-Combat Abilities:
Call of Murder:

Stitched Up:

Combat Abilities:  



Racial Weakness:
Due to not being used to the worlds of Man nor Yokai, all Mythological creatures take +1 minor from all sources of Damage.

Combat Weaknesses:
Strings On Me:
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Scarecrow: The Stitched Nightmare {W.I.P}
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