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April 2018
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 --The Yūekina Report: June 2017 Edition--

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PostSubject: --The Yūekina Report: June 2017 Edition--    Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:24 pm

The Yūekina Report: June 2017 Edition

Yuekina Report Newsprint:

Radio-Waves Inbound

Article written by Yuki Watabe, Yuekina Editor and Chief.
Recently I was approached by Amai Tsukamoto, also known as DJ Siren-Song, about a Radio building in the works in Hajime City. The building will host the new local radio station 101 HCFM. Amai stated, "HCFM will be bringing in anything from talk shows, to late night radio broadcasts...it would be easy for us to get new writers over there for more variety."

Ms. Tsukamoto also mentioned that the HCFM Building will have available space for other business, such as a Photography and Recording studio--allowing more work to be available for local idols, bands, photographers, local media stars, and models! With this being said, the Yuekina Report has been given a chance to relocate to an area that will allow us to expand and be even more accessible to the public. Once this building is completed, we will be shifting our headquarters to the HCFM Building, and we will begin doing live reports. This means means more news, at a convenience. We hope you're just as excited for this new opportunity for those of this city as we are!

Month of June

June Weather

June weather report written by Yuekina Writer, Shiro Kuro.
Summer is just around the corner Hajime, with temperatures reaching up to 85F/30C. The city’s humidity is also starting to skyrocket, with fog in the earlier parts of the day, but clearing up towards the afternoon. There’s a strange feeling in the city, which can only be linked to a visible moon in the skies of Hajime City, as it’s been 200 years since Hajime has had a visible moon! Stargazers will sure to enjoy the sight.

June Facts

-June's birthstones are pearl, alexandrite and moonstone.
-Birth flowers are rose and honeysuckle.
-Zodiac signs for the month of June are Gemini (until June 20) and Cancer (June 21 onwards).
-National Rose Month
-National Candy Month

Holidays and Events

June 1 - Blooming Blossoms
June 9 - Kazoku-Kai Sponsored BBQ
June 16 - Bleeding Hearts @ Club Radium
June 17 - Masked Maidens Speed-Dating
June 21 - Summer Solstice
June 25 - Open Auditions with 101HCFM
June 24 - Job Fair #2

June Fashion

June fashion report given by Yuekina Writer, Idol Sugar.
June gonna wanna tune in for these fashion tips, Hajimites! It's time to bust out those Maxi dresses, ladies! Flowy skirts are super in right now. Not feeling skirts? Bleach spotted denim shorts with a silk blouse isn't a bad choice either. Gotta accessorize with a watch though, any kind is good! Same goes for males. The in color this month has gotta be bright! Yellow is super in right now unless it clashes, then I would suggest you go for teal. Wedge opened toed shoes are your go to footwear ladies cause the weather is nice and you'll be walking outside a lot. My dudes, it's time to mix it up. Romphims are super in right now and if you don't own one, you're missing the fashion train. Go for an orange color or a mint green, those are super popular. Not feeling the romphims? Just go for a short sleeve button up and some khaki shorts. Your fashion savvy footwear this month would definitely be some off-the-wall vans. Stay fashionable!

June Anonymous Gossip

“I saw a flyer about the Terrace teaching healing and martial arts classes! Maybe it would be a good idea to learn some self defense, with everything that's been going on.” - Optimistic Citizen

“What’s with all the cute guys at The Den lately?” - Swooned Citizen

“Is it me or is Club Radium a hot spot for non-humans?” - Scared Human

“DJ Siren-Song is super hot!” - HARDcore Fanboy

“What happened to that cute pink-haired nurse!? I miss her!” - Frequent Hospital Goer

“Who’s that deer working at The Terrace?” - Spiritually Interested

"Don't go into the subway at night! Don't travel the tunnels! She... those eyes... that smile..." - Subway Explorer

“What’s up with the sky lately? It looks so clear...I’ve never seen it like this!?” - Local Stargazer

“I heard there’s going to be some sort of no-limits show down at the underground club!” - Nose Knows

"I swear there are zombies in Hajime. There HAS to be! Back alleys where you hear groans? Come on now!" - Nervous Zombie Fanatic

"Are some of those cats yokai in the cat cafe...? They're still so cute." - Cat Enthusiast

The Yūekina Report: May and Early June Event Overview

May 10 - HCPD Interviews with Deputy Chief, Amina Callistan


May 13 - Cameron’s Birthday Bash at Masked Maidens

Cameron of the Terrace outside of Hajime City has his birthday party held at the popular Masked Maidens with the owner Sayuri Sabara. There was loud bumpin’ music, open bar all evening, and beautiful dancers streaming out. Surely a way to hold a Birthday Bash!

May 18 - HCPD Gun Safety Class with Police Officer, Vanessa Tiānlán

Gun Safety Classes were a total hit with citizens of Hajime city, where they got to learn all about safety rules, guidelines, and proper storage of your weapon. Then they were able to go to the shooting range to receive their gun permit. The Police Officer, Vanessa Tiānlán also stated that HCPD is looking to hire capable hands to help protect the city.

May 27, 4pm - Splashing, not Smashing Pool Party at Kamiyama Suites with Hostess Amai Tsukamoto

Many people were able to come out and enjoy the lovely pool side that’s available at Kamiyama Suite with Hostess Amai Tsukamoto. It was a great evening for people to make connections with one another!

May 27, 8pm - Reverbed Bass Event at Club Radium, with DJ Siren-Song

DJ Siren-Song held a raving heck of a time at Club Radium with the Reverbed Bass Event! Everyone was filled with energy, the manager at Club Radium stated that business had taken a whole new high that night. Who would have thought that possible?

June 1 - Blooming Blossoms in the Park with the Kindred of Harmony, hosted by Thable Kanemoto

Early this month at Hajime City Central Park, there had been an event hosted by The Kindred’s Thable Kanemoto, and sponsored by flower shop, Petalphile. Many people were able to show up, and purchase beautiful flowers, and seeds to start their own garden.

The Yūekina Special Report: May Overview and Citizen Talk 2017

Prank Gone Wrong

Article written by Yuki Watabe, Yuekina Editor and Chief.
Mid-May there had been a small explosion at in front of the HC Medical Hospital. When approaching Dr. Rowan Morris about it, this is what he had to say, "...Ah...yes well.. it was..a prank I suppose you could say. There wasn't much damage." No one had been harmed by the prank thankfully.

Danger in the Alleys

Report written by Yuki Watabe, Yuekina Editor and Chief

There have been reports of nearly rabid-like individuals roaming the alleyways of Hajime City as of late. Though we were able to get ahold of leaked footage of one of a hornet-woman, a winged being, and a probable human engaging in combat. Towards the end of the video the woman holds up a sign detailing "THE RUMORS ARE TRUE. THE VIDEO WAS REAL. THERE IS MORE TO COME. - V" all of the text seems to be ordinary, except the letter ‘V’. What could this ‘V’ stand for?

Full Camera Footage:

Attack at Club Radium by Mysterious Fox-Woman

Article written by Yuki Watabe, Yuekina Editor and Chief.
Early May, End of April, there had been an attack on Club Radium by a Mysterious Fox-Woman. We were unable to get information until mid-May on the attack, no pictures were submitted, but people came forward to speak on such. Two people were taken to the hospital, another was taken to the Terrace for care. Luckily no one was killed! Since then, Club Radium has been searching for more muscle to protect the club, calling out HCPD to get a hold on criminals in the city.

Strange Illness in Hajime City

Article written by Yuki Watabe, Yuekina Editor and Chief.
Over the course of May, there had been citizens complaining of a strange illness in the city. With people being admitted into the hospital for flu-like symptoms, and then others who had the illness for much longer experiencing something similar to rabies. I, once again, had the chance to speak to Dr. Morris about the situation, and a cure for this strange illness. Dr. Morris & Dr. Mishima were able to create a vaccine for the illness, and will begin distributing to every infected citizens about sometime next week.

6/8/2017 Voice Recorded Interview with Dr. Rowan Morris:

This concludes the interview with Dr. Rowan Morris about the strange illness permeating our city.
Citizens, be sure that if you see any strange behaviour or someone attempts to attack you, call HCPD to the area immediately!

Public Ads

Dope Stoned
Stimulants? Relaxants? Dope Stoned is your one-stop-shop for all your smoking needs! Our produce is 100% organic, home-grown right in store. Not only can you purchase some high-quality weed, but you can get some goodie bags for anyone’s birthday, which includes hemp products, and edibles. But, wait! That’s not all. You can also get smoking equipment here too!
For more information please Sukutto Rayukaga (IM SL User: sukosuna resident) at 1984-2887

Kitten Coffee
For the month of June, we will be holding a 10% off adoption fees for all kittens, and a free coffee with every pastry purchase! Please stop buy and help support our cute critters!
Location is at Hajime City’s East Shopping District, in the corner between Trim &  Proper, and Bake Town Funk.
Contact the store for anymore information at 1233-44567.

Hajime City Handymen
Your right hand handyman.
Lights not working? Sink broken? Need help installing that new door? Or are you just trying to move things across the city? Why do the hard work yourself when you can hire yourself a handyman. Hajime City Handymen, when you need a job done, we're the guys to call.
Call or Text us @ 0426-663937
( IM "Krow" SL User: Krowbatellio )
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--The Yūekina Report: June 2017 Edition--
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