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April 2018
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 Key [Awaiting Approval]

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PostSubject: Key [Awaiting Approval]   Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:57 am

OOC Info
SL Username: - Fluxa.core
SL Display Name: - Alushiaus Wainwright

Note: This character is part of Locke Smith's story (OOC consent to create was given)

Character Info

Name: Masayuki & Key
Age: Unknown
Birthday: August 24th
Gender:  Multigendered
Height:  6’3 ish
Weight:  180lbs ish
Classification:  Yokai
Race: - Tenome
Origin: – Ancient Japan. Aokigahara Region.
Occupation: – Fortune Teller, Thief, and Private EYE. Professional nag.
Affiliation: – Locke Smith (does that count?)


Character Story

Masayuki was once a being of traditional Japan. Having a typical life growing up outside of one thing. Masayuki was born blind and therefore could not see their own differences from the rest of the world around them. Masayuki was raised shamefully by their parents as a woman in order to hide the truth of the assumed curse upon Masayuki's body. Masayuki's parents went as far as to try to Mutilate them when puberty came about, but could not bring themselves to go through with it completely. Masayuki's family was not very well off and often they would go out into the city's streets to tell fortunes to people for money. When people started to spread the rumor that Masayuki's fortunes came true the money came much quicker to the family who would take full advantage of it.  

Masayuki met many people and often times they were travelers. Sometimes Masayuki would travel for miles to hotels at the edge of the cursed forest to provide fortunes to travelers who stayed at the inns before they went in to them, but Masayuki could not truly tell their fortunes. It was all a trick to get money from gullible souls. Masayuki's fate changed one night on his way out of the inn. A patron that was not as kindly or distraught saw the money that Masayuki had made that night and decided that Masayuki was undeserving of the wealth. He grabbed Masayuki and attacked them, taking their money, and running into the forest. Foolishly Masayuki ran after the sounds of their footsteps and soon became lost. There were no sounds outside of their own footsteps. No natural breezes, no water trickles, no animals scurrying. It was completely silent. The last thing Masayuki got to hear was the sound of tension and the gurgling of their own breaths being suffocated out of them. Masayuki's body was never found in that forest, but what did emerge from it was a Yokai that was both cursed and blessed in the same fate.  Their sightless eyes had found a new home in the palm of their hands, but no longer remained without vision.  Instead they became the eyes that Masayuki never had.  Masayuki became a legend as many graves in the area were dug up and bones were found missing. Many would speak of an evil spirit of a woman with hands wrapped in snakes and eyes that looked from their palms as they reached to steal the very bones out of your body. Yet the only time people truly saw Masayuki up close was when they would venture to those old inns to tell those fortunes to travelers in hopes of leading them to their deaths so that they could consume their bones.  

When the world changed Masayuki did not and this was what ultimately lead to Masayuki becoming known as Key. It began when a being of great power stumbled upon Masayuki at their favored inn. The rumors of the patrons that went missing and the Yokai that could see the future had drawn them in like a tourist trap. Masayuki used the new-found abilities they had acquired to tell the requested future of this being, but the being was not pleased with what they heard and threatened Masayuki that if this fate did not come to be that they would return for their revenge.  Masayuki did not take the threat seriously and many years later would pay the price for such a thing. The being wielded powerful magic that stripped the blessing of those eyes from Masayuki's palms and stripped away their physical form. Trapping Masayuki's very life essence within their own eyes. Masayuki was forced to follow those eyes as they could not manifest on their energy alone.

These eyes would see the world, but not be allowed to be part of it and this in itself was torture to Masayuki. There was a great storm, a fight, and one of Masayuki's eyes fell into darkness. Leaving only the one with sight remaining. Masayuki could not say what happened to the first, but the link made to their captor's mind told them that they did not know where the other eye had gone. In New Orleans, where they arrived sometime later Masayuki saw a whole new world of life up until that eye was denied even that. Locked away, protected, and kept alive. Keeping Masayuki forever imprisoned in a crate within a warehouse in some land that was unknown to Masayuki. The flesh slowly dying, slowly deteriorating, a painful reminder of the cruelty of the world.

Or so Masayuki thought.

Along came Locke Smith, who took the eye and gave Masayuki breath when suffocation was all they had come to know. Immediately Masayuki connected to Locke's mind. Speaking through it into his mind and from that point onward he was stuck with the poor bastard. Even when the one that had ripped apart Masayuki's body and essence came back to retrieve it for his own personal reason.  Looks like they're stuck with each other now, but it can't be too bad can it? Through this person Masayuki would be able to see and live again, but damn was he reckless. Masayuki would have to whip him into shape and figure out how to get it across that their name is Masayuki not Key. Oh well, the name Key was starting to grow on Masayuki anyway and so was this Locke fellow. However strange the being was.


Positive Traits:
- Many-Sided
- Reliable
- Persuasive
- Reflective
- Generous (With other people’s things)
- Patient
- Well-Educated

Negative Traits:
- Self-serving
- Obsessive over details
- Controlling
- Manipulative
- Blunt
- Greedy
- Pushy

- Food, especially sweets
-  Milk
- Tying people up
- Watching Locke’s Porn
- Sleeping
- Verbal abuse (both verbally abusing others and being verbally abused)
- Traveling
- Harassing Locke
- Magic
- Fortune telling
- Making money
-  Uniforms
- Playing Instruments
- Hospital smells & climate
- Being right
- Winning
- Snakes

- Tormenting Locke any chance they get
- Robbing people blind
- Stealing tongue depressors and rubber gloves
- Eating people’s snacks
- Playing musical instruments in places where the sound echoes best
- Telling people’s fortunes and studying cults
- Nagging Locke
- Catching snakes

- Missing their eyes
- An extreme amount of loud noises
- Getting lost
- When Locke doesn’t listen
- When Locke doesn’t give good line of sight
- Being without a body
- Holy things and people
- Religious dribble
- People that get in their way
- When too much is expected of them
- Physical abuse / pain
- Bumping into things
-  People touching the plate covering their eyes
- Summer Heat

Facts and Quirks:
- Is blinded except for what they can see through Locke Smith’s perspective
- Their energy is bound to the very eyes that were stolen from them. The closest of which is the one that Locke has in his own head. Without Locke alive they cannot Manifest into a physical form.
- Bells ring out where they walk only when they want people to know that they are present
- Does not have a single true gender. They have multiple genitalia
- Cannot tell a single definite future as choice always changes them
- Takes pride in being an A-class moocher
- Missing all of their eyes
- Drags Locke around by a leash like a seeing-eye-dog
- Masayuki has two gashes on the palms of his hands that if inspected closely would be noticeably indented as if something used to sit inside of them, but the wounds have healed since the removal.


Personal Effects

Personal Inventory:
Small crystals
Pet snake
Coin purse with a little money in it
Personal Property:

Crystal Ball
Various herbs and spices
Various natural resources (willow branches, cotton, wool, ect)

Specialized Equipment:




Racial Abilities:
T5 - Base Attack [Punches and Kicks] starts off as a Moderate per hit.
Skill Name: The Essence of Sight
Affinity: N/A
Damage Type: N/A
Damage: N/A
Extra:  Masayuki (Key)’s true physical form was destroyed many years ago, due to such their essence was trapped inside of their own eyes as they were plucked out of their body, leaving them forced to possess the eyes themselves. As such, though blind in physical form, Masayuki can see whatever the physical eyes are able to see. Which in Masayuki’s current situation is anything that Locke Smith can see before him. (This is a discussed situation with Locke Smith’s player ooc).  If anyone were to ever take his eye from him or come into possession of the second eye he would instead see whatever that eye was seeing, or double the images if the other eye was found as well, but as far as Masayuki knows only one eye remains able to see. The other is in complete darkness.

Skill Name: Manifestation of a Vision
Affinity: N/A
Damage Type: N/A
Damage: N/A
Extra: Masayuki is able to manifest his essence into a physical form as long as he can draw enough energy to do so. This means that his host, Locke Smith, has to be in good health. If Locke Smith is injured above 50 % of his HP then Masayuki must sacrifice his own physical form in order to protect his host.  (See the Skill Self-Serving Sacrifice)

Non-Combat Abilities:

Skill Name: Telepathic Link
Affinity: Psychic
Damage Type: N/A
Damage: N/A
Extra:  The ability to Telepathically attach to a person’s mind to communicate with them through telepathic thought.  There is a limit of two people that Key can telepathically link to at any given time.  In order to create a new telepathic link one of the two active links must be severed entirely.  These links can be cut off by the people they are attached to at any time except in the case of Locke smith. Due to the fact that Locke Smith’s body houses Key’s essence within one eye, Key is able to maintain a telepathic link to him for as long as he remains in possession of Key’s eye.  This link to Lock Smith cannot be terminated by Masayuki or Locke without the return of his eye.

Skill Name: Probability Manipulation
Affinity: Psychic
Damage Type: N/A
Damage: N/A
Extra:  Mind over matter, if you believe hard enough many things are possible, and with this skill the chances of success  are increased. That lock picking attempt is more successful, that use of a weapon you’ve never aimed with may actually hit the broad side of a barn, you could even get lucky and dig up an uncommon treasure! For two posts, the chance of being successful at an attempted feat will increase.  (Please note that OOC consent is necessary for this skill.  Particularly when dealing with breaking into places / ect.)

Skill Name: Future sight
Affinity: Psychic
Damage Type: N/A
Damage: N/A
Extra:  With this ability Key is able to look into the future of one target at a time. This gives key images and places without sound or understanding true understanding of their meaning.  Key can see various paths a person can take in their future and the outcomes of each, but is unable to determine which one is the true path that they will take. Making Key seem more of a false prophet.

Combat Abilities:  
Skill Name: Self-Serving Sacrifice
Affinity: N/A
Damage Type: Healing & Self-Harming
Damage: Moderate
Extra: In the event that Locke Smith is damaged above 50 % of his base health pool Masayuki is compelled to self-sacrifice their physical manifestation of self in order to absorb the damage themselves. Using this ability will make it so that their physical form disappears entirely and they are once more forced to exist only in Locke Smith’s mind for a period of two to three days depending on how much damage Locke has taken in the absence of their physical form.  The self-sacrifice has a maximum healing ability of +1 moderate to Locke Smith only at T5.



Racial Weakness:
Warded Against: Yokai are mainly spiritual creatures and thus they are susceptible to Holy or Purifying magics, even those considered to be “Holy” or “Pure” in affinity. Thus, all Yokai take +1 Moderate damage from Holy or Purifying damage.

Sightless:  Key’s species holds eyes within their hands that they use to see with, but since key’s eyes are removed Key is only able to see what those in possession of the eyes see.  This means that currently Key can only see through one eye and that eye is in Locke Smith’s possession.  Without seeing through Locke, Key is completely blind.

Bound: Key is bound in essence to the eye inside of Locke Smith’s skull. Without Locke smith’s energy, Key cannot manifest into a physical form and must resort to remaining in Locke’s skull.  Once manifested, Key is free to move as they please, but must return to Locke often in order to restore their energy otherwise they will start to fade out and once again have to wait three days to manifest again.

Combat Weaknesses:
Magical Weakness: Key is weak to most magic and as such will take +1 Minor per magic-based attack.  

Blind: Key is unable to see and therefore is at a disadvantage when it comes to not being able to hear or feel the movements of opponents. +1 Minor to any surprise attacks

Self-Sacrificing:  If Locke and Key are in a situation where combat is involved then Key will receive +1 Minor for every hit that Locke receives beyond +1 moderate damage. Meaning that if Locke has taken 1 moderate damage, anything he takes after that will also damage key + 1 minor per hit Locke receives.
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Key [Awaiting Approval]
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