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November 2017
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 Felina C'Paw [waiting approval]

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Kibacoin Waffle

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PostSubject: Felina C'Paw [waiting approval]   Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:03 pm

OOC Info
SL Username: Kibacoin Waffle
SL Display Name: Felina C'Paw


Character Info

Name: Felina C'Paw
Age: 26
Birthday: 08.July
Gender: Female
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Classification: The Adapted
Race: Feline/Puma
Origin: Earth
Occupation: -Police Officer
Affiliation: -HCPD


Character Story

Felina wasn't always a she, before she gets to Hajime City she where a male Wolf, who served in the army.
On a simple Secret Mission she got caught, tortured and simply changed from a mad Scientist.
As she got free, and back to "Normal" life, Felina starts a new one as Female Feline.
Still loving weapons, Felina went to the HCPD.



Positive Traits:
-keen perception

Negative Traits:
-Shy in different sitiuations
-Simple hearted, starts fast to trust

-friendly people

-going to gym
-going to shooting range

-invasive People
-talking about her past

Facts and Quirks:


Personal Effects

Personal Inventory:
PDA Scanner
A Blessed necklace that should give some protection

Personal Property:

My Motorbike

Specialized Equipment:

An old Motorbike



Racial Abilities:

Flexibility, and a natural defence

Non-Combat Abilities:

Cooking and Fixing mechanical things, a better sight in darkness

Combat Abilities:  

Good shooting with weapons, but also using fighting skills, and claws.



Racial Weakness:

Be pulled on the tail: Causing an outburst of fury
Water: Can swim but also  hate it to get wet without warnings

Combat Weaknesses:

Nearly no defense upon magic.
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Felina C'Paw [waiting approval]
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