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April 2018
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 Aldis Raskin - [Awaiting Approval]

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PostSubject: Aldis Raskin - [Awaiting Approval]   Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:09 am

OOC Info
SL Username: - ShinMakoto Resident
SL Display Name: - Shin


Character Info

Name: - Aldis Raskin
Age: -  (24 When turned)
Birthday: - December 9th
Gender: - Male
Height: - 6'3"
Weight: - 180lbs...ish?
Classification: -
Race: - Vampire
Origin: - Europe
Occupation: - Trader/Broker
Affiliation: -


Character Story

Aldis comes from a wealthy family of merchants from the late 1800's. Recently renewed relations with the east had only served to expound his family's fortunes and place him in a position to live a very spoiled and prosperous life. Everything came to a head however, on the evening that he had followed a particularly convincing gentleman to an establishment that was promised to have only the finest imported drinks and other frivolities. It was a ruse that caused Aldis to become turned by the gentleman vampire, a person that most would think he should loathe; but instead it became someone he aspired to be. Circumstances led to the loss of his mentor abruptly; driving Aldis into seclusion; operating the business he inherited quietly through servants and underlings. Eventually as things modernized, so did his business and he was able to hand off the dealings into more mundane hands so that he could once again roam the earth and look for something to fill the void.



Positive Traits:
- Well-Spoken
- Charismatic
- An eye for detail

Negative Traits:
- Can be incredibly self-serving.
- Can sometimes be flippant about the limitations of Humans (not his problem anymore)
- Protective of what he deems 'his'.

- Well-read and intelligent people (not just for eating)
- New and interesting ideas
- Feeding
- Living as obstinately in the 'open' as possible.

- Social Drinking
- Reading
- People watching
- Manipulation

- Dull, basic people
- Crudeness
- Cheap or bargain imitations
- Being misled

Facts and Quirks:
- Although nicotine has no effect on him, he enjoys the act of smoking as much as the smell and the taste.
- He maintains a select few possessions from his past life. Those items are like sacred relics to him.
- The idea of garlic being a deterrent for vampires amuses him a great deal.


Personal Effects

Personal Inventory:

Wallet with identification (somewhat forged due to his actual age), a generous amount of cash and several premium credit cards.

Personal Property:

A carved wooden box with a single pair of intricate eyeglasses inside.
Another smaller box filled with a small assortment of jewelry and personal memorabilia.
A few decaying first editions of his favourite books.
Various odds and ends needed to live a high-profile lifestyle.

Specialized Equipment:

Item Name: Knife with elaborate handle
Damage Type: Piercing or Slashing
Damage: Slashing - Minor, Piercing - Moderate
Extra: The knife's blade has an unsettling, almost otherworldly sheen to the metal. It never seems to dull, rust, or tarnish. The item seems to have an unsettling magnetism about it that draws people to want to hold or posses it. It has the ability to cause auditory hallucinations for most humans who hold it for great periods of time bordering on "possession". As to if the person is -actually- possessed remains to be seen. Normally is stored out of sight.



Racial Abilities:

Non-Combat Abilities:

Skill Name: Keen Eye
Affinity: N/A
Extra: The ability to discern genuine and high-scale items of value from common ones or even fabricated knock offs (aka: don't try to sell him some bootleg "Nikes" on a street corner).

Skill Name: No-Need
Affinity: N/A
Extra: Vampires commonly do not need to eat normal food, nor do they often require sleep. They may participate in these activities for the hell of it, however.

Combat Abilities:  

Skill Name: Long Lived
Affinity: N/A
Extra: Vampires are nearly immortal, unless slain by being pierced in the heart, lit on fire, decapitation, or a combination of any of these. They still pull from a normal health pool like usual (appropriate to their tier), that when depleted, renders them in a state of torpor. They must retire to a safe place out of sunlight to regenerate their health.

Skill Name: Hunter
Affinity: N/A
Extra: A Vampire has the ability to smell even the smallest traces of blood, and they can even hear a living being’s heartbeat from across a room.

Skill Name: Regeneration
Affinity: N/A
Extra: Vampires can recover minor injuries and surface flesh wounds, over a 24 hour period in character, if the Vampire rests in his/her “resting place.” Larger injuries such as deep cuts and being stabbed with a dagger, require more time and rest. Vampires are unable to regenerate limbs.
[The starting level of healing is limited to one Moderate a day.]

Skill Name: Pain Resistance
Affinity: N/A
Extra: In some cases, some Vampires do not feel pain due to being undead; unless in extreme cases of bodily harm like being set on fire, direct sunlight, left out to freeze in the frigid tundra, or if they are trying to be killed by those who know how to kill a Vampire.

Skill Name: Darkness Mist
Affinity: Dark
Damage Type: None
Extra: Casts a miasma of magical darkness in a 10 meter area around the caster. Cannot be seen through with night vision or spells. Mist lasts from two to three post rounds.

Skill Name: Shadow Manipulation
Affinity: Dark
Damage Type: None
Extra: Manipulating the shadows to elongate and twist, making them take desired forms. Limitations: Causes no physical harm.

Skill Name: Shadow Step
Affinity: Dark
Damage Type: None
Extra: Using any shadow cast that is large enough for the caster to 'slip' through, the caster may 'step' between two places. Limitations: Limited to a max of 15 meters within an urban environment (30 outside of it). Continued use of this spell drains the caster. Each step has a cooldown time of at least two post rounds before being used again.

Skill Name: Shadow Bolt
Affinity: Dark
Damage Type: Piercing
Damage: 1 Minor (0 Prep Post), 1 Moderate (1 Prep post)
Extra: Using the shadows to cause physical harm by forming bolts of arcane energy mixed with shadow. Limitations: One bolt per post, can only attack one enemy.



Racial Weakness:

Combat Weaknesses:
Scarecrow: Being undead, all Vampires are easy to set on fire and have an extra weakness to fire based attacks and magics. He has developed a terror of flames and fire because of it.

By Invitation Only: Vampires are unable to enter private establishments without invitation. This includes homes, rented rooms, anything that exists as a private living residence. Public places such as bars, shops, etc. are not part of this restriction.

Sun Weakness: Vampires cannot walk out in pure sunlight without protection such as a hooded jacket or other covering for their flesh. Without such, they will experience a painful burning sensation that leaves them with injuries similar to 3rd degree burns.

Blood Need: Vampires do not need to eat normal food, however they do need living blood to sustain themselves which can be found via feeding upon a being's blood directly or by blood-infused concoctions designed for this purpose. If not fed, they can become a crazed ravenous monster which might attack anything with a pulse.

AN: I saw in the notices that classification was not required....is that a thing right now or do I need to go back and still add that? Thanks! Very Happy
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Aldis Raskin - [Awaiting Approval]
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