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April 2018
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 Etheria (Rose character sheet)

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PostSubject: Etheria (Rose character sheet)   Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:57 am

OOC Info
SL Username: - Nobaday Resident
SL Display Name: - Rose


Character Info

Name: - Etheria
Age: - 333
Birthday: - ?!?!?!
Gender: - Female
Height: - 8 feet
Weight: - 410Ibs
Classification: - Mythological
Race: - Aetherian Shadowling
Origin: - Aether
Occupation: - Aetherian Riftmancer
Affiliation: - N/A


Character Story

(Tell Us Your Story)

The Aether, A place of permanent day , a land of sky. An area that almost takes the forms of the heavens above in a realm that looks like the day sky of the mortal "Earth" but with levels and plains of grasslands and bright plant life. The realm of ancient unknown mythology that most never even heard of.

Etheria, like other Shadowlings, were born from the depth of the Aether tombs, the tombs forming the creatures to birth in its pits with a strong magic. These tombs where sealed away by the powerful mages that roamed the Aether, in a fear they may of been blinded by a consuming darkness... Until the Aether had gotten too bright in the everlasting day to see anything in its domain. The magical shift of its brightness containing no shadows at all, causing a whiteness to blind the living inhabitants of the Aether for the rest of eternity, so it would of seemed. Until the mages used their magics to blindly open the tombs once more allowing a darkness to balance out with the light... Causing the magical area to cease its conditions. Though skeptical, the ancient mages had kept an eye on the behaving darkness and creatures that roamed about, at least being able  to see again. The darkened creatures always kept in check by an ever increasing amount of light the realm had never stopped trying to give off.

The Shadowlings gave no care for helping the mages after being imprisoned for such simple skepticism and have always tried a way to escape into the unknown abyss of other realms. Somewhere darker... Somewhere safer,away from the aches of always being beaten down by the light. A haven for the desiring darkend creatures. The Shadowlings pooled their magic into opening portals. Rips in the rift. Openings in the void itself able to rift in and out of other areas freely. Etheria, a younger Shadowling, was one of the first Shadowlings to fully master the rift magics.

Casting the spell to open the rift and fleeing. Though rumor had it only so little where able to escape the plains of brightness and day due to the mages harnessing the Shadowlings and barring them from escaping before any blinding light returned... Now having escaped as well, she had found her new home, a place where it seemed the total opposite of permanent day, but instead, permanent night!



Positive Traits:
- Loyal to those deemed friends
- Friendly enough...
- Thoughtful
- Respectful of others

Negative Traits:
- Mostly uncaring
- Sneaky
- Ignorant
- Rather non-trusting and quiet

- Shade/darkened areas
- coldness
- silence
- relaxing

- "Chilling"
- Chilling
- learning
- Practicing her magic

- Lights/anything bright
- Fire
- Heat
- strangers

Facts and Quirks:
- Usually floats, her reality of gravity still never caught up with her
- Is actually quiet shy at first!
- Likes sweets
- apparently has a fond liking of water...


Personal Effects

Personal Inventory:

(What items do you have on your character at all times?)

Personal Property:

Her garb.

(What items do you have locked away at home or somewhere else?)

Specialized Equipment:

Her shadow blade

(What special items do you have placed on you or locked away. Please specify which it is)



Racial Abilities:

Shadow walk: Able to become a literal shadow for 3 turns a day, able to spread those turns out whenever she pleases. Unable to hit anyone or be hit by anyone for that amount of time though blends into the darkness as well, but can be seen clearly as a black blotch on the ground in the light.

Rift walk. Able to jump rift to rift and portal to other areas through what seems to be an abyss of darkness and shadow itself. Out of combat its instantaneous

In combat: 1 turn to open the rift uninterrupted

skipped turn 2 as for she technically isn't there anymore

turn 3 she can pop out of anywhere any time (as long as it isn't inside of something/someone)  in a rift that can be opened literally almost anywhere though she is fully expelled once she is out and must wait another turn in combat to open another rift again as well as still be uninterrupted.

Illusion: Able to trick the mind, She can take the appearance of pretty much anything by bending the light and shadows around her to look like an inanimate object of proportionate size of herself. (this is instantaneous though she can only be one different item at a time as well as has to be visible to the human eye as well as her size...)

Illusion weaknesses:
- Bright lights shined at her will expose her.
- In combat it  takes 1 turn of uninterrupted focus to "turn" into something.

Non-Combat Abilities:

Weightlessness: Usually naturally able to float as if weightless

Combat Abilities:  

Frost affinity: "A cold gifted from the shadowy Abyss"
(Able to cause "Frost" damage to her base attacks)

Abyssal blade: A blade of shadow able to float around her like she floats as well (The sword is indeed able to be grabbed like a normal floating sword though will sting the hand of the wanna be thief for (1 minor damage)  . Though when drawn it is rifted. and immediately brought to her hand no "ifs, and's, or buts". The sword itself does a moderate damage plus 1 minor of cold damage if it makes a connection with you.

Frost touch: an instantanious touch in combat will do 1 moderate frost damage causing the opponent to be slowed significantly for 2 turns as well as extreamly cold for a while after!
Cooldown: 5 turns



Racial Weakness:

Outsiders: Due to not being used to the worlds of Man nor Yokai, all Mythological creatures take +1 minor from all sources of Damage.

Shadowling Weakness: Any damage to do with a source of light, as in laser, or light magic will do +1 minor damage stacked with the Outsider weakness

Combat Weaknesses:

Most magical abilities in combat must be uninterrupted for a turn before casting.
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Etheria (Rose character sheet)
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