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February 2018
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 Ashlei Mischevang [long term wip]

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PostSubject: Ashlei Mischevang [long term wip]   Thu Nov 17, 2016 3:45 am

[Enter Character Name Here]

SL Username: Megachao
SL Display Name: Megachao
Character Name: Ashlei Mischevang
Age: 159
Race: Barely human
Origin: Japanese Wilderness
Occupation: Scientist
Affiliation: Aggro Tech



Ashlei would be the first person to agree and even decide that brute force is always the way to get through to something. During a tactical meeting her initial decision would be to storm the front gates, storm the back gates, storm everything that looks like a gate and destroy it. If there are no gates, make gates to destroy! However she isn’t stupid enough to do that every time and knows when simply attacking isn’t enough. Ashlei’s command of stealth and interrogation is also greatly admired but also not that well known. Having people not realising just how violent and dangerous Ashlei can be is an advantage to those that openly underestimate her power.

Ashlei’s common behaviour is to act as though she knows nothing and isn’t capable of anything. This is how she sets off her manipulative side by pretending to be weak and unable to be contained. Just by doing this she makes men drop their guard but it also works on girls that are often taken in by cute things. Ashlei starts to act like her littlest sister Flea by doing things she wouldn’t or anybody would normally not do. An actual experience to this was from Diablo Cortar, a close friend of Ashlei's of whom watched her lazily fall out of a tree, acting perfectly natural as though nothing had even happened even though she was clearly hurt. In times of seriousness though it’s unlikely that she will use her charming and cute mode of address. However, even in battle against a weaker foe she may choose to play around and act stupid for her own amusement.

That is when she takes insults the wrong way. Ashlei cannot stand being insulted as she finds such a dishonour unfitting for a girl of her make-believe status. At times she used to be called ‘Little Shit’ just because she was so small. Nowthat she is much older, if anybody makes references to her being smaller than them, she will openly kill them without any care in the results. Nobody with such a tongue shall talk to the Queen in such a manner if they wish to keep their life. It’s a shame that some people don’t always follow that simple rule.

If you asked Ashlei what her most favourite thing is in the world, and hopefully without her sisters around to change her answer, she would say Books and novels. There's just something about sitting down in a silent room with a good book to read. Not that Ashlei ever has much time on her hands, but when she just wants to calm down she will flick on some reading glasses and stare at a book for hours. And by a book we obviously mean the entire library. Ashlei has read every single book in the Library at least three times and can recite them all without any sort of hints of help to what she needed to state next. Ashlei aims to know everything about the world and its history. This also includes fictional stories of worlds not even in existence in case she plans to hop dimensions one day. But then again, a book is just a book. To Ashlei, it’s a means of Escaping her life and also any work she had to do that day.

She also has no sense of shame and will willingly bite into peoples arms and limbs like a rabid dog and actually try to bite their limbs off from their torso. If she can't do that, she will openly bite chunks out of people, claw at them with her nails and even break parts of her own body to add to the pleasure of masochism. Something really is messed up about the girl so never get her excited to fight. She will stick to you like a blood sucking, man eating, fucked up crazy glue. Even if her clothes are torn to shreds and blown apart in the process, she will not care in the slightest. Her body is a weapon.

Ashlei has been noted as being cute. It’s wise to remember this as her appearance is actually a very powerful tool for seducing men and women alike. It’s not like she has a preference to what person she lusts for, but her sudden change into a timid girl with a shy disposition can make even the strongest will men turn for her. Would it be weird if we found out Ashlei likes to cuddle? You’d be amazed that this girl loves intimacy and uses that to her manipulative advantage, killing victims after having her way with them.

Has anybody noticed the girl sounds British? Even though she grew up in a village within Japan? The reason why she sounds British is because she simply likes the way it sounds. This is why some people don’t understand her but she also pushes her stuck up and posh nature above people from talking like this. Seeing as she dresses smart as well, she would be easily mistaken for a noble family member and likes it when people think of her in such a way.

Ashlei is related to an entire flock of other girls that exceed ten in number. Some are missing, some have yet to be found and some have been located. Ashlei cares for every one of her sisters deeply and stands up for them in any confrontation. Her lonely past to be reunited with the girls is a blessing to such a horrible woman and she embraces that blessing, protecting the girls from all harm. Ashlei loves them all.

Ever since her mother abandoned her, Ashlei has lost the more in depth list of likes she had in the world. This is probably why she wishes to embrace death on so many occasions but her body never lets her. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she will commit suicide because she now has people to love for. Her sisters keep her heart beating and she wont die just for that one reason. It’s also recommended that people refer to her favourite food. She adores Strawberry sundaes and anything red. In fact, she absolutely adores blood as well. Isn’t that a neat fact? Ashlei tends to bathe in blood instead of normal water which explains her soft pale skin tone.

However, there is a long list of everything Ashlei hates. She cannot stand any references made about her mother as they just make her reflect on the horrible loneliness she has been left with. She hates being looked down upon as she is better than everyone else and will make sure everyone knows it. She hates being ignored because she believes every word she says has certain meaning and should never be discerned. The list goes on.
Theres one other thing to take into account and that is Ashleis time spent awake to asleep ratio. A day is in 24 hours where Ashlei will only actively be awake for 6 where most humans are awake for at least 12. Ashlei’s body tends to shut down even after low activity and she falls asleep after 6 hours of being awake and then sleeps the remaining 18 until she will wake up again and do the same thing. It’s best to catch Ashlei when she is awake because she tends to wake up in a damn foul mood if she got less than exactly 6 hours sleep. If she accidentally or was deliberately woken up, she will fall asleep and refresh the timer so she sleeps for an entire 6 hours, even if she woke up after 5 hours.

Ashlei does have somewhat of an issue when she gets too excited. By making Ashlei incredibly happy but not in a way that's simple pleasure happiness like hugging someone or getting a present, Ashlei shifts her personality completely. This causes Ashlei to suddenly burst into laughter and she just cannot stop laughing. This is very dangerous though because if she starts to laugh, its likely she will enter her stronger states just because she can't keep herself from feeling so good. In short and as a very helpful tip, never make Ashlei happy in Combat. She will just become more and more hard to predict.

Ashlei could be seen as somebody with a long list of personal issues. This does make her very odd and confusing to understand but she has one feature that just scares people to death. Ashlei derives pleasure both happiness and sexual from pain. meaning if she is ever injured in combat she will not let it get to her and would probably groan before striking back twice as hard. There have been times when Ashlei was so happy she took out her sword and repeatedly stabbed her hand until it was so red it couldn't be called a hand anymore. Soon after she killed more people to regeneration her hand just to do it again with a different object and repeat the process. Something truly is wrong about Ashlei, but she will never cut anything deep above her neck.

Ashlei isn't one to simply let something go. if she was ever insulted or blamed for something she never did, she wouldn't hold back until she proved them wrong. Either that, or she would kill the person in question rather painfully. In combat Ashlei is no different. She tends to kill without them being able to tell her to stop and when conversations break out, she tries to keep their length to a minimum rather than just wearily grinding the day away with little action. It's not like Ashlei to let people survive even if they fought respectively or were a good match. It just means she won't have to fight that tricky person again and saves her the trouble.

Ashleis attitude tends to alter depending on what form she has taken. When she is in her True form she likes to simply destroy and be done with it. Things tend to end quickly when she is pumping this amount of power. Her regal form takes a different approach as she appears much more stubborn and stuck up towards nearly everyone. This is understandable however. Her knight form acts more brave and much wiser as she thinks of things better tactically rather than using her destroy it all strategies. her sorceress form is her more silent form as she keeps her mind to herself and doesn't bother talking much. She also pretends to act stupid more in this form because she looks much more innocent. Her turn back form however has a different personality to this as she acts how she used to: A freaky little girl that has little sisters to look after. All the different appearances of Ashlei know that their changing their attitude and Ashlei does it all in the aid of getting a good laugh out of it. After all, she is nuts.

Ashlei's diabolic personality has gotten her a lot of reputation. A lot of the time she see's very little action and there's one cause of that: Ashlei is very frightening. People have even told her that she is too scary to be considered viable to attack. Maybe that is why her seat in the Espada has been boring her. Nobody is brave enough to walk into her throne and take her on. This does however, give her a sort of exaggerated opinion of herself. She thinks she is scary, sexy and very over the top. That's probably another reason to be afraid of her: She thinks she is better than you...

Ashlei has shown that she can be very philosophical when it comes to her life in times of crisis. She will often calm down and speculate simple things such as 'why is the sky blue?' and 'why do spiders need eight legs when we are fine with two?'. It is wise to try and break Ashlei out of this mode as she starts to genuinely forget things and doesn't seem as smart as she usually is.

Positive Traits/Strengths:

  • ----
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----

Negative Traits/Weaknesses:

  • ----
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----


  • ----
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----


  • ----
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----


  • ----
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----

Fun Facts/Quirks:

  • ----
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----

Sexual Orientation: (Homo, Hetero, Bi, Pan, Demi, A?)

Personal Inventory:

  • ----
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----


Combat Abilities:

Ashleis eating habits tend to get a bit out of hand to what is plausibly realistic. Ashlei can’t eat anything otherwise she instantly throws up but her bodily system can’t produce bile and vomit, but hurls up gallons of blood. Where this appears to be coming from makes little sense. When she goes to eat something, it is converted into blood through her powers and she can’t take it in because it’s not from a living substance. She then throws it up and amazingly, uses it in her attacks if she wants. What she can eat however, are parts of living creatures and people which is why she likes to capture straggling humans and eat them in abandoned alleyways and houses. Seeing as food disagrees with her body, all she can eat and drink are liquids and meat. This is when you see her drinking glasses of blood to replenish her supplies almost ever few hours and also why she only ever eats ice cream and strawberry jam. Weird?

Combat weaknesses: (What are the things that make them weak in battle? If your character has no weaknesses, we will take it that they have no powers either. Everyone weaknesses in battle, even characters meant to be Gods. No, none of this is known by anyone In Character unless found out through RP or told such. If there is a case where someone blatantly knows your character's weaknesses without ever interacting, please let staff know immediately and notecard the interaction.)


Character Backstory: (Tell Us Their Story)
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Ashlei Mischevang [long term wip]
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